Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[2014 World Tour – Seoul Part 3] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 World Tour “Seoul”Updates – 2014.06.28

 *** Updating ***

628 賢重步入會場 KHJ arrives @ World Tour @ Seoul

Fancam Credit:    Ice Wong

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KHJ World Tour @Seoul – HJ’s parents and relatives have arrived at venue! [good][鼓掌][爱你]


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HJ will sing the new song for his comeback in Korea tonightcr:

Tweet Updates”    

  • Concert seems to be late… Doors not open yet
  • Doors finally open!

  • Announcement apologizing for unexpected delay of concert
  • Amazingly announcements in Japanese, Korean and Englishazingly
  • Starting !
  • Breakdown at extension stage with stage raised
  • Now talking at extension stage Looks real good in sleevelss leather top and leather pants Hair gelled up.
  • Some futuristic clips now…with laser & firework
  • Yes I will! With dancers dancing with lights strip on their clothings ^^
  • Let’s Party! Now gentleman!
  • He removed white jacket for gentleman… hot! ^^
  • Fan service left and right
  • Lights on hj clothing too! he is covering all areas ^^ Video time.
  • The new video With the Caucasian model Girl caught in rain
  • Video ended Hj back in stage With ballad… CC song?
  • It was IG OST – when Today passes
  • I’m your man… remixed ^^
  • Hj in black jacket. .gold trimmed collar
  • New song! Don’t know title. Has Korean words at background
  • Lighted white tree This song sounds like a song that encourages his fans
  • I have no idea what the name is. A warm mid tempo song.
  • Another clip… of a party in process
  • HJ singing. Holding a diamond mic. Like a bad playboy. Dancers around him.
  • Another song More girl dancers I think this upcoming song could be the next Korean album title song. Rock and roll song.
  • At least 20 beautiful dancers girls He’s changed mic. HJ talking. Asking fans which 2 new songs they like?
  • Do u like that!
  • Lucky Guy
  • Dancing the extend ed dance for lucky guy Video Hj in bed Dreaming Saw the model in white clothes 😀
  • Hj back on stage Your story Solo ballerina dancing
  • Took off jacket In black shirt
  • Please!
  • He takes off shirt!! Woo hoo!
  • Fans go wild!!Took off at extension stage singing last part of Please
  • Puts his jacket back on. Talking Chairs and tables out on stage. Like Before!
  • If You’re Like Me!
  • I’m Yours
  • Fan pics being shown
  • He sounds so sweet speaking to fans.. even when I don’t understand anything lol!

  • Last song kiss kiss

  • Fans asking for encore
  • Your Story


Ending bow


Tweet Update:   

  • Inside lining up

  • It’s 6:43, they still haven’t let people in, every one is standing in hallway, no air conditioning, very very hot
  • Half of the people still outside can’t get in. It’s past 7 already and the doors are still not open

  • Finally inside

  • Hyun joong’s parents are sitting on 3rd floor in the middle, 3rd row

  • Light stick

  • Just finished gentleman. Show ing some clips with a girl, from mv?
  • Someone with camera just got caught
  • I am your man
  • He is asking us do you like it? Really like it?
  • Omg, 20 female dancers on stage
  • Beauty beauty, title song. dance quite provocative, like Las Vegas show girls
  • Do you like it now
  • Lucky guy
  • Showing clips with the girl, this time both in white. My story now
  • Sorry your story
  • Topless
  • Everyone screaming, after the song he quickly put clothes back on.:(
  • Omg, hyunjoong is sitting on a chair, the girl is kneeling in front of him. Then the girl is sitting on him,
  • Showing fans photos on screen

  • I am yours, another guy playing the guitar on stage
  • Nothing on you. New song?
  • Giant balloon s throwing to fans
  • Kiss kiss, hyunjoong ‘ s mom seems to enjoy the concert , nodding her head without the rhythm and smiled a lot
  • He said thank you in korean, Chinese and Japanese
  • En core time, your story. Beauty beauty

  • Mic problem

  • Concert ended, we rush outside to catch him leave

Getting his car ready


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 2014.06.28 김현중~♡

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Photos Credit:@Swedream妃



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Leaving the Venue



Tweet Updates:    501왕자 @501wangja



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Photos Credit:   米然_青豆嘎嘣脆



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