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#KHJinYokohama [Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 PHANTASM World Tour in YOKOHAMA Day 2 – 2014.07.30

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  • HJ just arrived at venue. Sleeveless black top with cap 🙂 he turned and waved to fans before going in
  • Inside arena today

  •  HJ tripped while leaving stage… Fortunately didn’t actually fall
  • HJ energizing fans today to cheer 🙂
  • Gentleman just ended

  • Video playing at moment

(Photos Credit:  @coriibean )

  • Serenading birthday girl with I’m your man

  • Gave birthday girl bunch of flowers and a hug on stage after singing Im Your Man
  • Think HJ’s sister in law is here

  • Drinking red bull again!

  • Your Story

  1. Please

  • No jjitjoong tonight!

  • Jitjoong happened during As Before this time! Which means it was twice as sexy :p

  • I’m Yours

  • Nothing on You and Kiss Kiss

  • HEAT

Beauty Beauty

  • HJ took a little cam of the audience with his hand phone during encore 🙂
  • Have not seen HJ so happy for a long time – the audience was great as was the performance!
  • Concert end.


  • HJ left the venue. He was so nice 2day. He wind down the windows on both sides. He shifted seats 2 wave 2 fans on both sides.(Credit: Coriibean)
  • HJ actually took a video of fans during encore.

HJ at end of encore talking

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Love how synchronized the Japanese fans are!


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  • HJ said he thinks of his fans like a family & wants to preserve the image of the fans at that moment in his own cellphone. RT
  • HJ is now already an uncle with a months-old baby nephew^^ I’m sure d family’s good genes is also passed to d baby! :). RT



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Fancam Credit:  飯島艶子


Fanmade Video Credit:  Лена Воробьёва

#KHJinYokohama [Late Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in Yokohama Day 1 – 2014.07.29

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  • Yokohama Arena by night

  • Yokohama Arena by day 🙂

  • Merchandise at the venue

  • Boxes for gifts

  • Yokohama Arena today

  • Bracelets given out at venue. Lovingkimhyunjoong is part of this project 🙂

  • Flowers at venue

  • Seating arrangement

  • There’s a T stage at today’s venue too

  • HJ performing Your Story with lyrical jazz dancer.  Credit:  


If You’re Like Me

Put his shirt back on after Please

The smile that we all love!

  • Can’t believe the street vendors are already selling pictures from today’s concert!

  • More pics out on sale by street vendors!

  • Starling shared his car window wasn’t wound much @ 1st but HJ asked 4 it 2 be wound down further as it’s leaving. So cute & nice!
  • HJ threw his cap into audience during the encore!
  • Guess the Red Bull really did work wonders for HJ today!

After finishing ‘Please’ (jjitjoong) performance HJ asked fans, “Do u all wish I’d just sing ‘Please’ only for 18 songs?” Lol! RT

  • Hyun Joong made many fans happy by wandering around the arena today.. When coming out for My Habit and during the encore. Also shook hands..
  • Tweet Credit:     Fancam Credit:   tomonatu1

    20140729 KHJ 夢幻 in Yokohama Talk cr: tomonatu1

    Nice compilation 20140729 KHJ 夢幻 in Yokohama Digest

Lifted from weibo

Translation Credit:   jwong283

  • during concert, HJ noticed that the screams were not as loud, HJ asked if there is any unhappy matters? HJ said that I m in Japan, what is there to be unhappy.  HJ asked every one to scream louder.   Then everyone did scream louder.   HJ said from the start everyone should be like that.

Translation Credit:   June

  • HJ:   actually, I kept my fringe down today specially for this LIVE event. cos fans said they would like my fringe down, so I kept it down
    chinese fans’ reaction: oppa, many fans would like you to keep your complexion fair too!



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  • Kim Hyun Joong to participate in 「AOMORI SHOCK ON 2014」Music Festival on September 27, 2014


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  • キム・ヒョンジュン(リダ)、コンサートの最後に「愛してくださってありがとうございます!」「どんなに辛くても皆さんのことを思い出してがんばります」とコメント。胸キュンですね~

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‘s words; thank u 4 lovin me! At difficult times, i will remember u + do my best RT :


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Flowers stand from Maknae to Leader today^^


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 김현중 월드투어인 재팬, Yokohama Arena.

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The fire has been extinguished…


Photos Credit: 發福的窈窕俗女


Photos Credit:  Missouri Hashimura  via

 Photo Credit:  Kikico via  

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Photos Credit: 韓国ドラマ・韓流ドラマのWoWKorea

Photos Credit: アジアンエンタメ情報サイト アジアンハナ(asian

Credit:  ·  Jul 29


 KHJ’s signature in a South Korea 噗 restaurant that he had eaten rice in Japan ^^ (Credit:  DeannaDsc)

Photos Credit:  倩倩 onFB

KHJ Merchandise, magazines,DVDs, etc being sold out of the venue[good]  (via DeannaDsc on FB)

 Let Me Go
Break Down
Yes I will
Let’s Party
When today passes
I’m Your Man
Want to say
His Habit
Beauty Beauty
Do You Like That
Lucky Guy
Your Story
As Before
If You’re Like Me
I’m Yours
Nothing on You

Your Story
Beauty Beauty
Do You Like That
Lucky Guy



[News]Kim Hyun Joong Makes 20,000 Fans Cheer for Yokohama Concert


Kim Hyun Joong successfully wrapped up his world tour Japanese concert in Yokohama.

The two day concert that took place on July 29 and 30 in Yokohama Arena titled 204 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour: Fantasy in Japan gathered over 20,000 fans.

Kim Hyun Joong performed 20 songs during the concert, including the title song from the 4th mini albumBeauty Beauty and His Habit as well as hits Break Down, Lucky Guy and more.

Kim Hyun Joong also held a surprise birthday event for a fan, inviting her up to the stage and singing the ballad song I’m Your Man as she received congratulations from him and all the fans gathered at the concert hall.

Kim Hyun Joong Makes 20,000 Fans Cheer for Yokohama Concert

Towards the end of the concert, the fans expressed their sadness by requesting encore songs and Kim Hyun Joong responded by singing Heat and Your Story as the encore songs.

Kim Hyun Joong then stepped off the stage to shake hands and meet eyes with the fans and even took pictures with his own cellphone to keep his memories with the Japanese fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is currently on his world tour, performing in seven countries, including Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Mexico and Peru.

Photo credit: Keyeast

[News]Kim Hyun Joong’s Successful ‘2014 World Tour: Phantom In Japan’

Kim Hyun Joong

(Photo : )





Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong successfully held two back to back concerts in Yokohama, Japan as part of his ‘2014 World Tour: Phantom In Japan’.

Held last July 29th and 30th, the Yokohama Arena was filled with 20,000 supportive Kim Hyun Joong fans.

Kim Hyun Joong interacted with fans during the concert by directly going down to shake hands with fans and shooting photos from his mobile phone, much to the delight of his passionate supporters who have stayed with him since his early days as the leader of the popular idol group SS501 all the way till now that he has established himself as a successful solo artist.

Kim Hyun Joong’s success in Japan is no joke. He is one of the most well loved Hallyu artists in Japan with a tremendous amount of followers. All of his Japanese singles and albums have all been very successful in terms of sales, with his latest Japanese single “Hot Sun” topping Oricon’s daily and weekly charts. He established new records in Oricon Charts.

Kim Hyun Joong started his World Tour in Seoul last June 28th. Other cities included are Taiwan, 3 big cities in China, 3 cities in Japan, Thailand, Mexico and Peru for a total of 7 countries.


Kim Hyun Joong

(Photo : )
Kim Hyun Joong

(Photo : )
Kim Hyun Joong

(Photo : )



[TweetBits] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 ::Non-fan account

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[Kim Hyun Joong :: non-fan account 김현중 목격담]

Last weekend, Kim Hyun Joong has been seen when he rode a bike around Paldang area with his managers and dancers.
One bike rider saw Kim Hyun Joong on his way back and posted that to his blog.

“He was really outstanding, made me and my friend feel like squid. He was tall, had a nice body and moreover what a small face! Overall he looked so handsome even from a man’s point of view.”

the blog’s posting

sadly, there’s no photo ^^;;

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The Korean sentence ‘turn into a squid’ means ‘he/she is not as attractive as soon as someone else who’s more handsome comes into pic’ ㅎㅎ

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(fan-art) so fast ^^ ~~ HJ today @ AP Cr: 阿鸟SisterBird

[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) @ GIMPO & HANEDA AP’s 2014.07.28


Fancam Credit:  Ilovehyun Triples

Photos Credit:  ILoveHyun


Fancam Credit:  Uzoosin0606


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Fancam Credit: hyunjoong sweet




Fancam Credit:   うずたろう


Fancam Credit: masamika106k さんのチャンネル


Fancam Credit:marumi914


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Henecia Japan website Update – 2014.07.28


[HD Photos – mijya0606] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) at GIMPO Airport Departing for JAPAN


[Media Photos + Video – Korepo] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Arrival at HANEDA Airport – 2014.07.28



Credit: Deanna Dsc

looks like HyunJoong has “wounds”on his left arm


[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Haneda Arrival – 2014.07.28

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Crowd at Haneda airport with security already present


HJ at Haneda today

Posing for photographers

Waving to fans as he came out. Walked slowly and collected many gifts and letters today


Security took down some of the barriers today just before HJ came out

HJ collecting gifts and letters at Haneda


Photos Credit: あや☆(아야☆) @ayass501



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Photos Credit:      chiki☆2 @chikiyumi



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{Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) GIMPO Airport Departure to JAPAN – 2014.07.28


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[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong, ‘looking chic with all-black airport fashion’

[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong, ‘bronze-tanned skin that captures the women’s hearts’

[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong, ‘the Asia Prince’s unchanged popularity’

[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong, ‘just went back from vacation? Noticeable tanned skin’

[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong, ‘tightly holding the gift given by fans in his hand’

[Media Pic] ‘I am really Kim Hyun Joong~’

[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong, ‘the Asia Prince also needs to verify identification’



Photos Credit:   BeautyBeautyHenecia_SaSa

Photos Credit:   YSuching

Photos Credit: 牙牙__YaYa

Photos Credit:  KimHyunJoongThailand @khjthailand  


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Photos  Credit:   Hyun宝


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[LDFS] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) August 2014 Wallpaper


[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Inspiring Generation Fanmeet in BEIJING – 2014.07.29 – Set 5

Fancams Credit: merrybaby10

 DOWNLOAd link:  IG Fanmeet by hyunbar66


hotos Credit:  FOREVERMINO@七七Forevermino(谢谢分享^^)【禁二改禁商用】收图戳 [羞嗒嗒]


Kim Hyun Joong [article]… GREATER LOVE


140628_hj_(10) (1)

By: LazerKim               Any update about Kim Hyun Joong?? NONE! Fine, so this only mean he’s again cooking something inside the kitchen, then let’s leave him be on his own busy days behind the scene. Let’s just keep each other’s company for the mean time, entertain ourselves with thoughts about the guy. And in no time he’ll be out there before we know it he’ll be at the airport boarding his flight for his WT concert series on his next stop to shake his stage with his music.

But before I go any further with the article topic which is just bits and pieces to pick up, may I just remind that Thailand concert had been postpone to August 24 and that ticket selling are now opened for those who may have not purchase it yet. At the same thought Bangkok is cordially inviting…

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[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) PHANTASM World Tour in Seoul & Taipei

2014.06.28 SEOUL

Fancams Credit:  merrybaby10@yt

Beauty Beauty


Kiss Kiss

Let’s Party

Your Story


2014.07.05 TAIPEI

Photos/Credit: Jaksa via flysophiehope









[Fangirl’s Diary] Kim Hyun Joong – Lotte Duty Free Facebook Site Update – 2014.07.24

Source/Credit:  Lotte Duty Free

KIM HYUN JOONG scratched his head bashfully during the shoot.

And the photographer took a picture of that moment!
We all admire his quick move and professionalism.

[Album Review] Kim Hyun-Joong Comes To An End In “Timing”


Written by On July 23, 2014

The rare, ever-moving Kim Hyun-joong has been spotted again! Last seen in Japan with the single Hot Sun. Prior to that, he could be spotted in the period drama Inspiring Generation. However, it appears that Hyun-joong has migrated back to his native territory of the K-pop scene with his fourth mini-album, Timing


Kim Hyun-joong’s last Korean foray, Round 3, had an aggressive hip-hop bent. This is best evidenced by “Unbreakable”, done with K-pop’s favorite bad boy, Jay Park. Timing is the antithesis of Round 3. It’s happy, upbeat, and full of love. Literally. Every song is 100% about a relationship. Clearly, Hyun-joong has realized that he is love’s bitch, and he is man enough to admit it.

Of course, being love’s bitch does not automatically make a relationship run smooth. “His Habit” is a fun, peppy number about Hyun-joong begging his girlfriend to let him out of the doghouse. His girl, personified by Two Months’ Lim Kim, has taken umbrage to his constant wandering eye, and Hyun-joong doesn’t deny this. Instead, he says that while he’s faithful, he looks at other girls out of habit. The light, early-seventies dance music meshes oddly well with the lyrics, as Hyun-joong is taking the issue lightly. He’s brushing off his girlfriends’ concerns, because, in his mind, there’s no problem if there’s no cheating, and there has been no cheating. Lim Kim turns in a stellar performance as his frustrated girlfriend, though it’s really the two side by side that make “His Habit” really work. Kim Hyun-joong is turning up the charm, while Lim Kim is adamantly not impressed. You can hear the glare.

“Beauty Beauty” is very obviously cut from the same musical cloth as “His Habit”. They’re so similar that I missed the transition on the first listen. Of course, when one fun song that makes you want dance is followed by another, it’s not much of a negative. There are differences between the two, though. While much of the charm of “His Habit” comes from the dueling vocal performances and the differing perspectives, “Beauty Beauty” is charming in the typical pop way: a really catchy hook. The chorus of “Beauty Beauty! Beauty Beauty!” is laid over a guitar riff that brings to mind sipping drinks on a beach, checking out those who are checking you out. It’s impossible to not dance to, regardless of where you are.

After the Timing’s dance-fueled, lighthearted first half, things get more serious with “Nothing on You”, which features Phantom’s Hanhae. It slows down to a mid-tempo, which is fitting for a more emotional song. Unlike the more shallow nature of the album so far, this is a genuine love song. This is Kim Hyun-joong making sure his special lady friend knows that he does appreciate and respect her. While a more than a bit on the dull side, Hyun-joong’s performance more than makes up for it. He might not be a powerhouse, but he has a skill for emoting through his voice that really shines here. Hanhae’s verse doesn’t really add much, but it breaks the otherwise monotonous flow, and that gets it many points.

The last track is “What I Wanted To Say”, a straight-up heartbreak ballad. It has more energy than the typical break-up number, something owed mostly to the excellent use of piano, and Hyun-joong’s performance capabilities. The end of a relationship is sad, but not usually paralyzing. The regret over things left unsaid provides its own kind of fuel; bitter, but still useable. Here, Hyun-joong is pushed by the destruction of this relationship to finally fight for it, to cop to the feelings and little things he let slide. It’s a pretty good ballad, driven by actual emotion made tangible instead of the usual blank “I’m sad, I swear” act On first listen, I came to the conclusion that Timing was well-produced, but lacked the spark needed to  really make it pop. I had placed as 3/5– pleasant, but not special or noteworthy. And then the realization hit: Timing is a story. There is one consecutive narrative linking all four songs, and that is what makes it stand out.

“His Habit” is Kim Hyun-joong and girlfriend having a fight over his wandering eye, but instead of just being angry, his girlfriend dumps him. “Beauty Beauty” and “Nothing on You” are his attempts to win her back. The former being a light-hearted number because he still doesn’t take her anger seriously. The more emotional “Nothing on You” shows that he’s finally understood that his habit makes her feel like he doesn’t really care about her and is attempting to persuade her otherwise. When he finally accepts the fact that his girlfriend has thoroughly dumped his ass, he gives in to the feelings that he never expressed in “What I Wanted to Say”.

In this time of shuffle modes, personal playlists, and digital singles, the art of the album is often lost. We pick and choose what w like, ignoring the context created by the other songs. Of course, because of this, most albums no longer bother to provide any context based on song order. Why put effort into something that no one cares about? Yet Timing gives us something long forgotten. When listening to the last track, it carries the weight of the previous tracks. The break-up has a reason, and the previous attempts to win her back show us exactly what he didn’t say. It allows the emotions of the various songs to build on each other, instead of starting from scratch each time. It adds so much to the album despite appearing to be an inconsequential thing. Timing is not perfect, but it comes pretty close.


(YouTube [1], [2], Images via KeyEast Entertainment)




LDFS (No Logo)

Credit:  Cheong情晴

[Official Update] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) WORLD TOUR Schedule


July 29
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘梦幻’ (Phantom) in Yokohama
July 30
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘梦幻’ (Phantom) in Yokohama
August 5
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘梦幻’ (Phantom) in Osaka
August 9
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘梦幻’ (Phantom) in Hiroshima
August 16
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘梦幻’ (Phantom) in Shanghai
August 24th
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘夢幻'(Phantom) in Bangkok
August 30
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘梦幻’ (Phantom) in Guangzhou
September 19th
2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR ‘梦幻’ (Phantomn) in Beijing



[HD Scans – murdererq] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) City Conquest Making DVD

MEDIAFIRE LINK:  (김현중)_City_Conquest_Making_DVD_-_murdererq.rar



[HD Scans – murdererq] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 4th Mini-Album “TIMING”

Download Link:




Credit:  DSCS-KHJ



[Pexers Write-Ups] Another Time, A Different Kind of Charm

Author:  AprilStarr


There are Kim Hyun Joong pictures and videos uploaded recently or kind of pop out somewhere once in a while. It is not a reason to complain though . They came from different periods of his show biz career of an almost a decade long by 2015. Isn’t it something those pictures and videos bring us to a journey back in time like a time machine? Before we know it we lose ourselves and get transported there. Some can even remember the sounds and smells of bygone days.Some fans seeing old pictures vividly recall standing close to him and shaking his hands during fanmeets and sitting close to the stage during concerts.

Perhaps some of us are only seeing some of them for the first time.. And wonder where they came from. Fans kept them in their cache who came to know him during certain stages of being a Kpop idol and are unselfishly sharing them now. Some pictures were even during his pre-celebrity days.

These reminders of Hyun Joong when he was younger certainly bring back nostalgic memories. Pictures when his hair was long in another style and color circulate. Not only his haircut was eye catching but also still had baby fat in his face.To fans seeing his old pictures his smiles looked both beguiling and mysterious. Some of his pictures tell charming stories only those who knew can relate to.From the young tough but playful guy to the gentle flower boy to the manly image he cultivated today.

The visuals trigger sentiments (sad,happy, full excitement) as accompanying events and situations like when he cried during the SS501 concert and his solo concert. They certainly bring back the times uniquely only between the fans then and Kim Hyun Joong.

That is why fans don’t have the same feelings of attachment and may even be defensive if not offended when more recent fans make comments.

The old timers would say “you don’t know ..”.or “you don’t know enough, you weren’t there.”

A community of fans had also been formed at certain times,and they also changed through time,some groups experiencing fall outs along the way. Some stayed on through thick and thin or even regrouped and reorganized.

Kim Hyun Joong came into our lives in various periods of his entertainment career. Without a knock, without a warning and stole our hearts.

Someday the next wave of fans will wonder about the time and the charms of Kim Hyun Joong we know today.

[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중): CITY CONQUEST Making Film