Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Pexers Write-Ups] Kim Hyun Joong’s Celebrity Life: A Life Of Stopovers

Author:  AprilStarr  (Pexers Write-Ups on FB)


It used to be we encounter the word stopovers when we refer to airlines’ splitting the long haul trips to two or even three or more to refuel, unload/load passengers, or change crew and for other reasons (being hijacked?). It is acceptable (sometimes not) respite from the airplane’s minimum spaces and to be able to stretch one’s legs and breathe fresher air.

Come to think of it, our lives had been nothing but stopovers particularly now with incessant changes around us be they events, people, our own needs and requirements. Some people detest changes -the momentary stops we meet along the way. Others welcome them as they come with opportunities though others are resigned to their occurrences. Yet some mark stopovers as milestones. Some rush towards them or slowly approach them with caution until they reach their final destinations.

Kim Hyun Joong, a veteran of stopovers, must be right when he says one needs timing. That is of course preferred but in many instances their inevitability happen. Not all of his own stopovers were of his own accord and not all bright and cheery. He by his own admission felt “helpless and useless” by events and circumstances but he was able to get over them to move on and be steadfast in that ‘stopover’. He has had several stopovers ever since, learning what went wrong, accepting its temporariness and improving from life’s lessons.

As a celebrity he lived in fishbowl existence that is why we saw where he had been (boyband leader, actor/model, businessman, solo artist, philanthropist, producer of concert and albums,etc), see where he is at the moment as he is heading for the big ocean with his world tour.

He has shared with us his plans and schedules (part of his timing), some are unavoidable only postponed to a certain extent like military service. Some can be forever withheld if he decides so like marriage.

The ocean of celebrities is vast, unwieldy, uncontrolled. Who knows when scandals can come up and destroy painstakingly built images and reputation. When wealth are invested wrongly and gone, bad economy (money spent on supporting celebrities are are considered extra income), domestic and international disasters and many more can wreck havoc.

On the other hand, the ocean is full of possibilities -it is up to the celebrities to keep themselves afloat. Somehow there will be terra firma, the solid earth somewhere out there to turn possibilities to opportunities.Or they can wait for someone to throw them lifesavers.

Not Kim Hyun Joong who has now his stopovers planned on his own time. In his new album he dons a bright orange-peach jacket with his blond mane while staring out the open rusting,rotting window.He looks pensive, is now the time to fly out once again and leave the old structures and setting behind?

Will you be there for him?


4 responses

  1. Cagome


    Friday, July 4, 2014 at 3:51 pm

  2. aprilstarr

    Yes my dear friends it is such a pleasure to be able to write about him. Been so busy with family affairs lately and travels with them but I managed to take peeks here and there on his latest activities.

    We just see the end products as if they were full stops not only stopovers.We cannot imagine the complexity of the behind the scenes works involved (i’d loved to be there!).

    He has always delivered beyond our expectations . You are right,Cindy he is there for the fans in good health, in sickness even in pain. How can we not be there for him physically or virtually?

    The MS is said to be the male Korean rite of passage. Changes are inevitable. The experience is of another level . Kyu is not yet out of MS I think. But time flies.

    I also think same way as you Jazu-when he sing and dances he completely put aside Shin Jung Tae. He was back to the KHJ form that I know. How I wish somebody will make a video of the street fighter and the singer/dancer side by side. That could be a real treat!

    Friday, July 4, 2014 at 2:15 pm

  3. cindy stock

    really enjoyed this Write up…. Yes.. I guess I will be there.. but the reason is that as mush as he can be Kim Hyun Joong has tried to be there for his fans. The Limelight looks glamorous to those on the outside but the lack of freedom, and almost shark like atmosphere of the media, especially in the Kpop industry, seems cruel to the performer at times. We.. (metaphorically, I would never.. 🙂 all want a piece of him, so it’s amazing that he is still able to stand and smile and seems to still have his soul. I’m glad he’s going to get a few years in the military and I hope he can find himself and come back even more whole. I’m really looking forward to hearing his new songs. Oh.. just remembered.. Kyu is out of the military now isn’t he? I sure hope we see him soon.. I think he’s such a sweetheart.. and a great emotional actor.

    Friday, July 4, 2014 at 1:05 pm

  4. JAZU

    what a good reflexion, one thing that I admire on him is his way of thinking, down on Earth, hope that he is prepared to face his next steps in the militar service and after that, when I was watching his work acting in IG, I forgot that he is always cooking new surprises. His songs writers, musicians and his dancing team seem to be working hard while waiting for him to come back as a singer. I felt him full of energy at dancing and singing, surely he will enjoy his world tour interacting with his fans. Congratulations to KHJL and God bless you.

    Friday, July 4, 2014 at 12:09 pm

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