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[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “2014 Phantasm World Tour” – Taipei – 2014.07.05

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  • Phantasm will happen tonight in Taiwan! ^^

 대만 콘서트 준비중


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  • [News] Kim Hyun Joong busy with rehearsal in Formosa (Taiwan), to sing at Wugu tonightSelf-claimed [God of Universe (Uzoosin)]’s Korean pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong will be performing at New Taipei City Exhibition Hall at 7pm tonight, the 28 year old will be entering army soon, this is his last tour performance before enlistment into army, he who hasn’t visited Taiwan for 2 years, also chose Taiwan as his first stop for his world tour performance, he regard this performance with great importance, after he arrived at Taoyuan Airport at 6pm, immediately headed to the concert hall and rehearsed for 1.5hrs, ate a Korean bento to fill his tummy, there’s also 10 over fans outside the venue ‘chasing stars’. He’s expected to sing some new songs in Taiwan, after the concert will Hi-5 with all fans, entrance tickets had already sold 60%, can purchase tickets on the spot.*Note: HJ will only Hi-5 with 1000 selected fans and not all fans at the concert.Non-related parts omitted.Source: + (trans) kelemama




Tweet Updates: 

  • HJ leaving hotel today

  • Fan support goods at venue

  • Outside venue

Our forum’s support flower stand at venue. Together – Always with HJ

Support flowers

Inside venue

Uzoosin to be flashed after break down while he talks. Uzoogirl during kiss kiss

  • Concert started! Let me go Unbreakable Now Breakdown
  • HJ greeted fans in chinese and said how are you? Long time no see ^^
  • Yes I will, let’s party & gentleman… smiling & leaning forward, making eye contact, giving fan service ^^
  • If today passes, then I’m Your Man sweet & warm version HJ: Taiwan is my second stop Perhaps cos it’s 2nd stop, I feel more relaxed

  • HJ: I came to taiwan for first time 5 years ago. Now we’re all 5 years older… so sad (lol).
  • HJ: What r the changes these 5 years. Fans said ‘more handsome’ HJ: we’re more mature Fans seem more mature too lol!
  • HJ: Last time fans wore t shirt and shorts. Now dresses & make up!
  • HJ: Last time, the fans not as orderly (stretch hands to touch him, etc.)… now different.
  • New song ‘Words I Want To Say’… with lyrics in chinese on screen ^^
  • His Habit & Beauty Beauty
  • HJ asked if hot… fans agreed ^^ then he took 2 bottles from stage and pass to fans on both sides of stage ^^ Lucky!
  • Do You Like That & Lucky Guy
  • Credit: Coriibean

  • Singing I’m Yours perched on stool in mid stage.
  • He claimed now that time flies… and it’s coming to an end of the concert.
  • He said… 谢谢你们来看我。今天开心吗?下次再来。谢谢 (Trans by ) thank u 4 coming to see me. are u happy today? nx time, come again. thank u
  • Ended Same encore songs..

  • Thanking fans & saying goodbye

  • All from section A plus 40 from section B to get hi5 Calling those lucky 40 being drawn now from B
  • Getting ready for Hi5

Tweet Updates:

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – concert venue

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – concert venue layout

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – one of the fanclubs’ freebies! ^^

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – instructions sheet and support tools for tonite’s concert! ^^

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – merchandise queue for the penlight! Queue is so long!

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – long queue for merchandise as fans arrived at the venue

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – fans queuing for Section B, C and D. Gate opens at 6pm

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – penlight sold out!

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – long queue for entrance to Section A

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – inside the concert venue

  • KHJ Phantasm World Tour @ Taipei – the stage!

  • I will update on TW concert when possible as long as my phone battery is not flat. If I suddenly stopped there’s becos my battery is dead!
  • Concert starts!
  • Screening Video
  • Let it go!
  • Unbreakable
  • After breakdown HJ greeted fans in Chinese. Fans rushed to the front of the extended stage!
  • Yes I will
  • Let’s party
  • Gentleman
  • Screening another video with Russian model
  • HJ singing IG IST – when today passes
  • I’m your man
  • HJ speaking on stage – second concert so he is more relaxed. He first came to TW 5 years old
  • He is sad he is 5 years older but happier than 5 years ago. Fans had really matured
  • Previously fans dressed in Tshirt and jeans but now all dressed up in skirts!
  • HJ intro his new song – ballad called words he wanted to say
  • HJ singing his new song – His Habit
  • Now is beauty beauty
  • HJ sang Do you like that and Lucky guy with extended dance segment
  • Second video clip
  • Your story now
  • Please!!!
  • HJ said must button up or he will get a cold!

  • He said TW fans like Seoul fans! Sing 100 songs can’t beat taking off his top
  • Like before
  • He said TW fans do matured! Next time must he wear swimming trunk or something !
  • If you are like me
  • Showing clip made up by the photos sent in by fans. Very touching
  • All the photos formed together a portrait of HJ
  • HJ singing an acoustic version of I’m Yours!
  • HJ said today time passes very fast. We are nearing the end of the concert
  • He said next time he comes back to TW he wants to sing a few more songs to fans
  • HJ spoke good Chinese – saying thank you and that he will come back again
  • New song – nothing on you
  • Kiss kiss
  • Encore time – your story
  • Lady song was Lucky guy
  • HJ said he felt the warmth from the TW fans today and he will remember it when he goes back to Seoul
  • 40 fans to be chosen from section B, C and D. Their numbers are being read out now
  • Fans in section A are now being organized to go on stage for the hi-5
  • That’s it from me. Sorry i may have left out one or two parts as I was too high! ^^

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  • 2014.07.05 pretty fan girls in Taiwan ^^ cr:With501times


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  • 140705 김현중 월드투어 인 대만 [몽환] … 수고했어..Only one 김현중!!♡

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  • [김현중PhantasmInTW] dancers backstage pic after concert ended

  • [김현중PhantasmInnTW] by vinnayeh


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[Clips by Lian哩哩安] Kim Hyun Joong World Tour in Taiwan [14.07.05]
Beauty Beauty
Kiss Kiss
If You Are Like Me
Lucky Guy
Do You Like That
I’m Your Man
Break Down


 Fancam Credit:    illu blue





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    Overwhelming and very beautiful moments!Amazing stage!Wonderful performances!Very happy to see him and support him with all love and all soul!Thank Global Star Kim Hyun Joong for amazing music!!!Love much every detail!Wonderful!

    Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 2:29 am

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