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[Pexers Write-Ups] Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Concert?

Author:  AprilStarr  Pexers Write-sUps on FB

Photo Credit:  LJ+marylee13@weibo


Putting aside the emotional involvement of the artist and his/her audience, a concert or live performance for all intents and purposes is an enterprise. It is a kind of a show put up by the music industry,by an independent artist and his company or who ever hired him/her, promoters and sponsors to provide entertainment to paying customers. The concert producers aim to satisfy them if they want repeat business.

The most important aspect of a concert is how to hold the attention, better the rapt attention, of the audience in so many minutes of presentation. It goes without saying for the audience to also have FUN. Sounds simple,isn’t it? Even if the potential or target audience consist of loyal fans who bought tickets immediately, concert producers owe it to them to give a show worthy of their money and time..

Behind the scene preparations assuming here there is an artist already in mind most probably already booked, the concept and content of the show (songs,dance, other numbers ) is most paramount.

The rest are the technical aspect of putting up a show on stage or other arrangements , live musical background and other sounds, venue (capacity), stage design (include movements of performer, backdrop, lighting effects, use of LCD and other dramatic effects),security, emergency measures, crowd control, layout of the entire concert area including parking and access to public transportation, cleaning crew and many more..

Promotion can affect the success or failure of any concert which covers . press release on TV,magazines,newspapers,social media, posters, appearances of the artist to promote. Ideally selling of tickets occur when all the above are in place. The seasoned event manager have a gantt chart to show preparation and progress. A team works to do all these way in advance and by season..

Concerts if in a series particularly if they take several months to years to complete are given names to differentiate them from each one.Concert are called tours when they involve moving the concerts to several countries and cities like KHJ’S 2014 Phantasm. Each part is called a leg. The performance per day is a set.

How long should a good concert take? Should they include the hits of the performers? Usually the length depends on how a set has been arranged enough to showcase the artist’s music genre without exhausting them to the point of becoming ineffective. Some concerts last 1.5 hours. In the KHJ Seoul leg of the World Tour-it lasted for 2 hours with 20 songs of his hits as well as the newly released ones.Audience most of the time expect the artists to sing their hits of which they became famous and to add new ones like what KHJ does in his concerts..

It is not a joke, this business of putting up a concert. Of course having all the necessary elements attended to still does not assure 100% perfect concert. Paul McCartney had to pull out of his concert for health reason. Michael Jackson’s most anticipated one did not materialize for obviously. Political instability, weather disturbances and national disasters (sinking of Sewol Ferry,earthquakes in Japan) can all affect concerts.

Did you just chuckle, tough luck?


2 responses

  1. Cagome

    Every concert is bery special work of art.Is chance of artist to express in many ways his artistic skills and talents and give to artist chance to do alchemy with souls, time and emotins.Is beautiful bcs artist have this chance to make wonders to inspire generations, to be man of time ,to be near people in happy moments.True artist give special mark and hapiness in people’s life.

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    • cagome


      Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 1:36 pm

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