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[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in GUANGZHOU – 2014.08.30


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Kim Hyun Joong’s Concert World Tour in Peru – Golden Zone (front row) is officially “SOLD OUT” ^^


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  • Hi5 starts!!
  • He was wearing green shirt today, looks like timing shirt – and hair! Tho not blonde. Looked good.
  • Fans started cheering his name when he came in. And intermittently throughout the hi5. Hi5 was over in half an hour.
  • Fans at venue

  • Inside venue.

  • Inside venue. Stage is quite high.

  • Chinese staff going around to inform those in front rows to keep cameras and hp. No photo and video taking. This warning frm Korean staff.
  • After rehearsals,fans waved at HJ as he got into the car. Maybe cos they were quite strict with cameras. So he waved and nodded back
  • Concert about to start!
  • Concert starts!

  • HJ said he’s very very happy to come to GZ

  • HJ said he had a good time in Shanghai, asked if those in Shanghai were also here… crowd responded with emphatic yes!

  • many people told him ‘stay strong’ during hi5 today… fans responded by shouting ‘fighting’ he said don’t worry, he’ll continue working hard on stage.

  • he said this felt like the first concert in Seoul… like first time or felt at home? either way, it’s a good feeling

  • when fans chanted ‘KHJ I love you’, he responded with ‘me too’ in korean, then ‘I love you’ in Chinese

  • Concert has ended. 3 encore songs. Do you like that, lucky guy, UNBREAKABLE
  • he said after this GZ concert, he’s even more determined now to stay on stage… then he followed softly but firmly ‘perservere..persevere’

  • There were many touching moments tonight. And I’m sure he gained some strength from fans. They cheered loud tonight.

  • during encore, he said this GZ has given him strength.
  • some fans started crying when he said what he said and concluded with ‘see you in BJ’

  • The Chinese fans did a lot of support today. They held up banners in Korean saying they will not leave HJ.
  • They held up the banner during the song _ Words I want to say
  • They started the starry touch light during If u r like me.
    They sang a Chinese song – “the moon represent my heart” during the video of the fan pictures collages.
    HJ said it felt like him watching the fans perform rather than him performing. ❤️

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  • Very hyun-awesome night tonight with Hyun Joong! Thankful to be here with ever so fantastic Chinese fans for their VERY VERY GREAT support!!
  • Tears nearly dropped at some point but gained strength from fans around me to cheer even LOUDER for him!! 金贤重 金贤重!!!
  • Can’t remember anything again..was most moved by the phone’s LED light support during ‘If You’re Like Me’ ㅠㅠ felt our support, right?


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  • Everyone shouted ‘Fighting’, oppa said he got it and also know what fans wanted to say and thank you everyone.

  • Glad that he know fans are always there for him. Thank you all fans who went to support him physically. You are da best! Muacks

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Photos Credit:     Henecia-贤心贤德

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[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) I.G. Official Photo Guide Book Collection Pics

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[Airport Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Arrival at Guangzhou Baiyun AP – 2014.08.29

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  • According to concert organiser in Guangzhou, they said that Phantasm concert sales has increased after the recent issue broke out as fans realised Hyun Joong needs a lot of support now, hence gathering more enthusiasm towards the concert. There are more than 100 flower bouquets sent from different parts of the world! Organiser added that this rarely happen if it was other K-pop artist’s concert.Source:上 周殴打事件爆出后,杜辉/t=iphone/l=3/tc?ref=www_iphone&lid=8463140527645905212& amp;order=1&vit=osres&tj=www_normal_1_0_10&m=8&srd=1&cltj=cloud_title&dict=20&sec=41072&di=1abf34d20711c97b&bdenc=1&nsrc=IlPT2AEptyoA_yixCFOxXnANedT62v3IIQzPLChV0D85nk_qva02HN6oZS072Sm5J5DhxWeCjhsFwXDI079z7qR2t0dmpWcn88fbbPyXgwfBVNBEsq

    김현중팬분들위해 박수~~~!!!

  • HJ arrived and exit thru VIP gate at Guangzhou airport ^^

Fancam Credit:  khjcmf


Fancam Credit:    HENECIA_Mika_F


Photos Credit:   @florahu_0606_蒪溝喺鄱


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KHJ at Wanda Hilton Hotel

Photos Credit:  白雪賢重   via    店小二Jax

HJ arrived to Hotel cr: @白雪賢重 (相片已問準了原博加上註名)



 Photos Credit:  我是姚尧


[Pexers Write-Ups] The Saga of a Kpop Idol

Author:  AprilStarr

The entertainment industry is used to making up stories,fables and legends to attract buyers of the dream. It will go to any extent to create images and illusions enough to package people for showbiz . Money is not a problem. For as long as they can find moldable and pliant youngsters who believe they are the chosen ones to shine in stages and behind the cameras.

Nothing wrong with the young ambitions and the willingness to undergo whatever it takes to attain stardom.That includes a great deal of makeover from head to foot, punishing training of many years even sacrificing going to school. Ways by which these wannabes were discovered were almost identical : school grounds,school activities, malls, auditions, excursions and field trips,places of work,fast food joints. Public arenas where adolescents converge.

Some idols-to-be have unusual backgrounds which what make them stand out.Like runaways, school dropouts in spite of good early start.  Some came from the rural areas and travelled to Seoul to gain foothold on the entertainment capital. Some were able to do shortcuts like having connections or are children of former celebrities. Almost no one had an easy time rather underwent a rough terrain just to be accepted and to belong.

The price of fame and fortune is steep. It wasn’t all about getting there.  It was as much as staying there.

Then there were the accumulating points and awards, getting popular and most of all gaining fans.  Preferred were solid fanbase, organized and with dependable members.  What is an idol without his fans ?   The fans choose their idol from the many courting their attention and support.  It cannot be denied the fans are needed to buy their records, watch their dramas, buy tickets to watch their films, attend concerts, buy DVD’s and merchandise.

But beyond the fans’ being consumers of entertainment is the special relationship between fans and Kpop idol. No saga or the narratives of an artist’s life is complete without mentioning the fandom now expanded through transnational communities and ties through the social media. Though somewhat unwieldy this part needs to be written down.

What turns a mere story into a saga is its uniqueness. There were twist and turns, rise and temporary fall, the lucky breaks and losing them. Past these seemingly cyclical developments are early detection that there is that one having the potential like a raw stone just needing polishing to turn into a brilliant jewel. Then there are those whose hardworking ways paved the way to making it.

A Kpop idol’s pre-showbiz phase were reconstructed from recollections given by parents, friends, classmates, neighbors, former teachers. Did they notice any early predisposition in the child if it was destined to be there on a stage? Or being precocious or displaying special talent or skills at an early age? Or even unusually quiet and out of character of what he/she eventually will turn out.

Fans came to support their idols during the different phases of their showbiz career. Some came during the significant turning points for the Kpop idol. Debut days, early works and exposures, awards,crisis. A Kpop idol may have been an early sensation, favorite and most of all well watched. Was he/she considered most likely to succeed, has had a steady climb towards the pinnacle of success? Kpop idols depending on the generation were launched alone, as duo, with a group from three to over ten members.The Kpop idol factories are continuously busy churning out its latest editions.

An important factor in a Kpop idol’s career is the talent management agency whose resources and connections spell either victory in its various forms-long lasting, protracted or early exit. They see to it that their protegees are not only into dancing and singing but also in related fields such as emceeing, modeling, acting, being spokesperson, regulars in variety shows,talk shows and others.
In the course of a Kpop idol’s life may come disagreements over contracts leading to legal battles or non renewal of contracts of either parties or mutual consent.

Then there is the media relationship, how TV/radio stations and its practitioners and advertisers look with favor or not at the Kpop idol. These links are significant to launching their careers outside the domestic market into the Hallyu scene.

-To be continued-

[Airport Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Departs for Guangzhou – 2014.08.29

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Credit:     米然_青豆嘎嘣脆

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  • Hyun Joong went into the airport today looking handsome & confidently. Bodyguards told fans not to take any photos & fans obediently listened to them ^^ even did some little stretching once he got down from the car. He gave a little nod to fans & went thru the normal immigration BeautyBeautyHenecia_SaSa @ weibo

    Good luck and all the best for your Guangzhou concert! See you there!!! ^^


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  • 2014.08.29 fans waiting for HJ @ Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Cr: 金贤重吧官方微博












[Article] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) HEALING HEARTS by Lazer Kim

A MUST READ …… Thanks Lazer Kim for this article <# <# ❤






By: LazerKim             After I have written my recent article  Simply Defending that contains my personal written outburst, I thought I’ll be in peace after airing what I have felt that time. It helped me though because I was able to released whatever was heavy inside me. But when I came back home to this blog I felt as if my own house was burning done by the haters! I cried at first thinking this is the only place where I can pour out my own feelings and thoughts freely, I thought I won’t be able to come back home anymore.

But hang in there, this is my personal property no one can write or touch this space except me. While the comment boxes…

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[TweetBits] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Various Updates – 2014.08.29

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  • Synnara Records real-time chart (2014.08.29 09:30) no. 1: KHJ – TIMING (LIMITED EDITION) RT:


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  • 한터 실시간차트 (발표시간 : 2014.08.28 18:00) 2위 김현중 – Timing: Limited ED.


Tweets Credit:    ·Aug 28

  • Realtime album chart#2@catgojump: 한터차트 실시간 차트(pm 5:20) 2위 김현중 – Timing: Limited ED.

  • Sinnara Daily ranking#1@jamkkuleogihj: 신나라레코드 일간차트 (2014.08.28) 1위 김현중 – TIMING (LIMITED EDITION)



Phantasm Guangzhou

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Organiser announces Hi5 for fans who buy tickets (CNY 580, 880 or 1280) NOW for Phantasm Guangzhou @星乐寰球娱乐集团 fr 微博


Video Credit:  TheRukubebe8877


It’s Indeed not easy to be KHJ  Must Watch!!!

Video Credit:  Sirikorn Klinfoong


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Through the years as your fan, I believed what I heard, saw and understood of you. We’ll walk this through together.

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Supporting Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t necessarily mean fans condone his mistakes. It doesn’t mean we think he is entirely right. We are waiting for the pragmatic truth to be told so as to judge accordingly. Again, by means of judging accordingly, it doesn’t mean we accept for what he has done.

That said, hopefully we even get the truth because all of us are reading from the same source – the medias. And medias are not to be trusted entirely.

By supporting him would naturally means we will stand by him and wish for he turn for the better, rehabilitate him, or whatever you call it.

It doesn’t mean we are more superior. What makes you think you are superior then, by judging only one side of the story?

If this happens to your friend, his so-called girlfriend sends in picture and allegedly claimed your friend was the one that did it – would you conclude as that?

Or would you clarify with your friend?

If your answer was the former, then I pity your friend. For that single sided, irrational judgment. Then I forgive you for calling the fans uncouth names because why would I want to take offence with someone of a lower caliber right?

If your answer was the latter, look, you think we won’t clarify with him, if we have the means to?


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