Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) INSPIRING GENERATION Fanmeeting in OSAKA – 2014.08.05

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  • Inside venue

  • Outside Osaka Venue

  • FM starting – showing video of IG
  • Martial arts performance

  • HJ just appeared!
  • Hair light than Yokohama Im Soo young HJ in grey suit. .Black the shirt ISY in white short dress with a white train. .
  • Walking among the audience
  • Sang Your Story
  • Ended HJ sang twice your story. Once on japanese once in Korean
  • Besides the usual q & a with hj and ISY, they played the true or false game to pick out fans using that blue and pink paper given to fans. Those who remained standing had a playoff with HJ and ISY using scissors paper stone.Then ISY sang an English song that was in IG

    There was a 2nd talk session with HJ (no Gaya) only
    HJ had to roll a dice. 1st was a no. 5. HJ draw a cartoon character ( I think he just invented one!).It looked like a pocupine :p. Hj picked a seat no. to give this drawing away. He signed it. .In chinese charcters too.
    Next game was to feed cotton candy to a fan. Same method to draw from seat no.
    Hj fed cotton candy to fan. Fan fed same to HJ

    Account credit:   Jacq


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Q:  Did you have to take note of anything specially for the action scenes?

A:  When we got the timetable for the second day, if there were topless scenes, then I’d take a look at my body at bath time, and think,”would it be better if I didn’t eat today?” – thus adjusting as I went along. Everyone looks at their bodies, right? No? (Laughs)

Translated by @爱贤21度C:
#金贤重# 14.08.05感激时代FM in 大阪 Q;为了出演动作场面有什么特别注意的事么? A:拿到第二天的时间表,如果有要脱衣服的场景,洗澡时看着自己的身体,心想着‘今天不吃饭更好吧?’那样调整身材。大家也会看自己的身体吧?不看吗? (笑)[汗]脑补着@金贤重 对着镜子看自己的身体,也是醉了[拜拜]

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[IG FM] When Hyun Joong was aced what’s his ‘future plans’, he answered, ‘I will be holding a concert this evening’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Well it’s not wrong since that’s indeed his ‘future plan’ hahaha!

RT @soso_life_: 앞으로의 계획을 알려달라는 말에
“이따가 저녁에 콘서트가 있을 예정이구요~”
눼~눼~ 그것도 앞으로의 계획 맞습니다ㅋㅋㅋ


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HJ when seeing kiss scene with OR on bed,”It doesnt feel strange seeing this at night, but at daytime feels a bit strange..Hehe”



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Asked if he had long conversations with Gaya, said he’s not the type normally to have long conversations. But when they were rehearsing the script sometimes the conversations would extend to 10 mins…

Credit soso_life via Korean to Chinese translation by Betty_henecia
#金贤重##感激时代大阪FM# 被问到有和伽耶长时间的通话过吗?偶吧说自己本来不是会长时间通话的性格,但是要和伽耶一起对台词,有过长达十几分钟的通话 fr soso_life_








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Photos Credit: chocolatdaleKHJ



Photo Credit: @ki@akihyunjoong


Photos Credit:  Ning_Nina也是草莓




INCHEON Departure

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