Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 PHANTASM World Tour in OSAKA – 2014.08.05

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  • 20140805 Concert Start


Tweet Updates: 

  • Concert starting !
  • Unbreakable
  • Breakdown
  • Video time..
  • Yes I Will
  • Let’s Party
  • Gentleman
  • When today passes. Wrong tweet earlier
  • HJ looking for birthday girl
  • Why does HJ always ask the age when he should know women are sensitive about it?! :p
  • HJ asked for birthday girl’s hand phone … ?maybe to take a pic later
  • Singing I’m your man
  • Flowers for birthday girl. Also took pic with her
  • Word I want to say. .The tree is out Same japanese lyrics on screen Video. .back stage bts His habit
  • Beauty Beauty
  • Do You Like That
  • Lucky Guy
  • Extended dance for Lucky Guy
  • Bridge Video.
  • Hj dreaming Walking in the maze
  • Your Story
  • There’s a ballerina while he sings Your Story.
  • PLEASE. Strips with dancers. – kept his promise to do the strip here! :p
  • HJ said he noted fans didn’t like him stripping in As Before.
  • As Before
  • Appears to be standard version 😀
  • If You’re Like Me
  • Photo collage video of fans
  • I’m Yours
  • Nothing on You
  • Kiss kiss
  • Nearing encore…
  • Heat!
  •  Fans singing along with him !
  • Beauty Beauty
  • HJ among the crowd!
  • Back on stage now 😦
  • HJ threw his cap to the left today
  • HJ up on 2nd floor 🙂
  • Do You Like That!
  • Walking around the top floor
  • Lucky Guy
  • HJ at the top

  • HJ as seen on 2nd floor

  • Saying thank you to the fans
  • Concert ended!
  • Many thanks to for the updates today!


20140805 Ocean of green lights..

Fancam Credit: Up2KHJ at Osaka-jō Hall

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RT: OMG~This’s HJ power!!!   Photo Credit:aaron9999KHJ


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  • HJ celebrate today’s birthday fan. Only one of them. Kkkk. One of them is on the stage. Maybe get the present. How nice!!!
  • HJ said…. Fan are so looking forward to seeing my body. Fans said *That’s true* kukuku~
  • HJ came to second floor. So excited.

  • Finally HJ ran around the venue. He said ” I’m exhausted” almost die. Kkk Fantastic concert was end.

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  • When he first started the concerts it seemed really hard going .. But now that he’s at the 5th concert, his body has gotten used to it; it isn’t difficult anymore and time passes so much more quickly, reaching the end of the concert before he knows it.(doesn’t need the red bull anymore since his body has gotten used to it)
    Credit to @aaron9999KHJ from weibo:
    大致 贤重 :一开始 觉得 公演是很辛苦的事情 可是公演到了第五场 身体已经习惯 不觉得辛苦了 而是越来越觉得时间过的很快 感觉公演很快就到结束的时候 (因为习惯了 所以没喝红牛)


  •  Since he became a singer he’d performed in the nearby venue in Osaka, but had always wanted to perform in this big venue. Thanks to everyone he’s finally been able to fulfill that wish.
    Cr 爱贤21度C
    #金贤重# 14.08.05‘梦幻’世巡—大阪场[爱你]偶吧:我从成为歌手开始就在大阪城hall隔壁的场馆举办过演唱会,但是无论何时,都想在大阪城hall举办演唱会。多亏了大家,这个愿望得到了早日实现。[泪]
    Translated from Japanese (@chocolatdaleKHJ‘s tweet)


  • After stripping off in Please,   HJ was commenting,” Even if I do say it every time, it seems that as opposed to me acting, or singing, fans really do seem to like me best stripping.   Right ? (Laughs)”.   Fans shouted their agreement.   He laughed again and said,” Osaka fans are really honest !”Translated from @爱贤21度C weibo:#金贤重# 14.08.05‘梦幻’世巡—大阪场 @金贤重 在Please脱完后说:尽管每次都说,但是大家好像真的是比起我演戏的时候、唱歌的时候、果然最喜欢的是我脱衣服的时候呢。是吧?(笑)会场一片应答 声。听后偶吧笑着说:大阪的饭还真诚实呢。[拜拜]

    In turn translated from @luv_khj‘s tweet

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OMG!! Especially prepared for Osaka!! HJ did encore in 感激時代FM.. sang both Korean and jpese version of Yr Story.. super cool!! ありがどう<3

 Photos Credit:  aaron9999KHJ via

Photos Credit:  Cyc Henecia via

Fancams Credit:  tomonatu1

Fancam Credit:  fumi]

 MEDIA PHOTOS/Translation Credit  


Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong heated up Osaka in Japan! 한류스타 김현중, 日 오사카 뜨겁게 달궜다!


Kim Hyun Joong heated up Osaka in Japan on 5th… Event & concert ended with success

Source/Credit: 뉴스엔

Kim Hyun Joong heated up Osaka with 13,000 passionate fans


Source/Credit:  연합뉴스 뉴스 홈

Tweets/Translation  Credit:     

  1.  HJ:”I feel the happiest when showing the stage that I prepare while perspiring for long time & sharing stories with fans at close distance.”
  • HJ: “I will work hard to prepare for the remaining concert in Hiroshima as well and try my best to create wonderful memories.”









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