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[Media Photos + Translations] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) IG Fanmeet in OSAKA – 2014.08.05

[Translation] 取材Report No.1:  Kim Hyun Joong, ‘Tough guy’s muscles act too?’ – Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting in Osaka


From the popular Korean idol group SS501 to making his solo artist debut both in singing and acting, Kim Hyun Joong had seized Asia with his popularity. Kim After four years, Kim Hyun Joong now returned as the lead cast in the drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ which will be broadcast in DATV, starting from August 9th 2014.

In tribute to its first broadcast in Japan, ‘On-Air Special Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting 2014’ have been launched in Pacifico Yokohama on 31st May 2014, followed by ‘Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting’ in Osaka-jo Hall on 5th August 2014. In this daytime event, there was a special footage and talk session with the lead casts in the drama, Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang. Behind-the-scenes footage and interesting plot of the drama were also promoted during the event.

Kim Hyun Joong also held his world tour live concert in the same venue that night. MC Yumi made her appearance after the highlights of the drama was played on screen with four men performing martial arts on stage. While the ambience was reaching its height, she introduced ‘He who can wash away the heat, the handsome man who played Shin Jung Tae, Kim Hyun Joong!’.

With great applause and cheer from the audience, Kim Hyun Joong made his appearance in grey suit with black-grey striped T-shirt, ‘Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong’, smilingly greeting the audience in Japanese. He joked, ‘I’m not fully awake yet since I’m spending the time with fans this early morning. If I’m sleepy, please wake me up.’ The MC replied, ‘Yes, I will try my best.’ bringing laughter to the audience.

When he was asked how he is doing recently, he answered, ‘I’m busy with my world tour currently. I will be holding my concert in the same hall today. The title and concept is Phantasm which means bringing fans a dream-liked performance stage.’

Additionally, Im Soo Hyang who portrayed Gaya entered the stage in a long, white silk dress, receiving ‘Cute~!’ responses from the audience. She introduced herself with a warm smile, ‘Hello, I’m Im Soo Hyang. I’m glad to meet all of you today’. When the MC asked what is the concept behind the sexy dress she wore, she joked ‘Today I feel looking like a goddess.’ and answered ‘Because I want to be in my most beautiful appearance to meet everyone’.

In regards to Im Soo Hyang’s remark, Kim Hyun Joong commented ‘You look as if you’ve grown taller than last time’, initiating everyone’s laughter.

MC said, ‘I have watched Im Soo Hyang-ssi in both monitor and real life. I was thinking would there be any difference after the drama ended, or if you have become thin? But you look just as great as before. A pretty lady, a handsome man like Hyun Joong-ssi’.

Im Soo Hyang confessed that after the fan meeting in May, she have went to Tokyo recently.

MC asked, ‘You’re such a beautiful person..but single…were there anyone who confessed to you?’ Im Soo Hyang replied, ‘I’m still waiting for my destined one to appear, but it is a pity he has yet to appear.’ The audience applauded for the gentle Im Soo Hyang and they are also anticipating for the cold Gaya’s scenes in the drama.


The event earned another round of applause when the MC introduced the drama. The US$14 million, blockbuster drama ‘Inspiring Generating: Birth of the Fighter’ will start airing from 9th August 2014. The romantic based drama sets in 1930s era, depicting a man living in both Shanghai and Korea entangled in different relationships between people and the background of a sirasoni. The highlights of the drama were screened and there was a Q&A session with Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang.

MC asked, ‘We will start from young Shin Jung Tae and Gaya. Do you interact a lot with the child actor acting as young Shin Jung Tae?’ Kim Hyun Joong answered, ‘I’m still in touch often with him and he is working hard on his other project. It’s a pity I couldn’t buy him (alcoholic) drink since he is still underaged. I want to keep in contact with him and share various stories with him in the future.’ He added, ‘There are 2 songs I want to listen that were played during the drama. I like the piano piece played when young Shin Jung Tae was giving young Gaya a ride on his rickshaw. It reminds me of the emotions of that scene when I listened to the piece.’

Coming to the questions regarding the tough guy and beautiful woman’s action scenes in the drama, there were a lot of close-up running or action scenes of Kim Hyun Joong in half-upper naked body.

Audience were enthralled by the screen showing his trained, muscular back. MC Yumi commented, ‘Thank you. All are amazing..the back muscles, biceps and triceps. How do you feel about it when you look/watch at them?’ Kim Hyun Joong said, ‘It seems like a sports advertisement with the song different from during the broadcast. It was a scene depicting one who wouldn’t let go of someone again, but with that song in the background, it seems more like a chin-bar lifting exercise scene to me.’

MC said, ‘It seems like Hyun Joong-ssi is very particular about music today’ which made everyone laughed. She added, ‘Do you still maintain the muscles now?’

He answered, ‘It’s not that I have maintained it but to bring out the jist of the character living in that era, it transformed to the muscles that belongs to Shin Jung Tae. Even if I perform the same exercise or eat the same food, the muscles’ outcome (feelings) is different. If I were to compare my muscles now and the muscles during filming the the drama, I would exclaimed ‘Even my muscles are indulged in acting’.

Lastly questions regarding Shin Jung Tae’s scenes expressing his emotions, Kim Hyun Joong said, ‘Actually, there were a lot of sentiments in the drama that I could not express normally in daily life. For example, ‘crying because of father’, ‘crying because of the death of my senior or sister’ and et cetera. I am not someone who express my feelings very openly, but more of a person who keeps the emotions to myself. But I think it is great to cry as much as I want when I’m sad, or feel happy as much as I want when I’m happy. However, I think I’m working hard to not show that side of me..’

MC said, ‘It’s okay even if you show it’, which expressed what fans wanted to say.

Kim Hyun Joong added, ‘Sometimes, fans/everyone are also limited to what they can express. Although we may share the same affection, but no one truly knows other’s preferences. For me (in my stand), I can express ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ but I couldn’t say ‘I don’t like it’ or ‘I hate it’. I think it would be good if I can express my feelings continuously to my family or my close friends around me.’

 Source: Koreapo
Translation by melthisoul + Stephanie

HJ panting TUSHIN

Upload Credit:  kimhyunjoongTV66

Tweets Credit:   illublue

IG FM in Osaka – Regarding expressing feelings in IG:
Actually he’s not normally someone who expresses his feelings. Such as ‘crying because of his father’, crying because a hyung or younger sister has died’, he’s not of a character that expresses his feelings. Normally, he would be of a mind to ‘hide his feelings’. Actually, it’s also possible to cry to one’s heart’s content when sorrowful or to be happy to the utmost when happy. But he would rather not let everyone see again that condition , to see his struggle and effort.
Via @爱贤21度C:
在 小感中表 现的感情,其实我自己平时不太表露。如‘为父亲哭’、‘为喜爱的兄长和妹妹的死哭’,我是不太表露的性格。平时的我是‘想要隐藏个人的感情’这种想法。其 实如果悲伤的话就尽情哭泣、高兴的话就尽情高兴这种样子也可以。但是不想让大家重新看到自己那样的姿态,为了不让看到在努力着。[可爱]

Asked if he was able to get together and meet up with the young Jung Tae (KDY) socially: he said they are still in contact even now, that he was hard at work. He was somewhat regretful he couldn’t buy KDY drinks as he was underage. He hopes to have more exchanges when KDY comes of age, when they can discuss acting and other things.

Cr @Betty_Henecia from weibo:#金贤重##感激时代大阪FM# 被问到有和申正泰的童演见面聊天吗?偶吧说现在也有联系,他在努力工作。因为还未成年,不能给他买酒喝有些遗憾,成年后也想和他交流,谈论演技和其他话题

Kim Hyun Joong, IG event & Osaka concert ended successfully, ‘as expected from Kim Hyun Joong’



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