Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in SHANGHAI – 2014.08.16

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[STREAM] Live audio stream for Phantasm World Tour in Shanghai starts tonight at 2030pm KST! Tutorial available here

Tweet Updates:

  • HJ at venue 16.08.14

  • Rehearsal started
  • HJ At venue (2) Waving to fans 16.08.14

  • Today’s venue for Phantasm (Shanghai indoor stadium)

  • The bag of goodies given to fans who were cny 580 & 880 ticket holders. Nice ha?

  • 100 with cds lightsticks nd bracelets, 20 of which had uzoosin cookies nd 3 wth HJ face biscuits. All from KHJCMF.

  • HJ just arrived!
  • There are a number of merchandise stalls outside the entrance to venue.

  • booth inside selling official merchandise

  • Another look inside venue. sound crew at back on second level. Credit:  

  • Concert starts!

  • Let me Go
  • Unbreakable
  • Breakdown
  • Gentleman Credit:  

  • HJ said Shanghai fans are as ‘vigorous’ (loud) in their support when singing his ballads
  • He said “Chinese fans I love you” in chinese ^^
  • Credit:

  • Credit:  June_Chapelle

Checking out for familiar faces.

  • Concert ends… the chinese fans were loud.they stood up from the 2nd last songs onwards till encore and after. HJ was really happy.
  • he said b4 Nothing on You that time flies and seemed concert went faster than he’d thought. said he saw many familiar faces in front.
  • he said he’s performed n this stage wen he first debuted.That fans hav been with him all this while nd hopefully, wil continue 2 b wth him.
  • He said ‘I love u’ after encore.when he’s ready 2 bow & say thank u,he asked what fans wanted 2 say. fans wanted 2 say ‘I love u’ too.
  • the exchange of emotions was touching. he then said again ‘I love u’ as he was leaving stage.
  • When he said he saw familiar faces.

  • nce break in Unbreakable. Credit:  :

  • HJ and fans made a promise to see each other again on this same stage in future. Pinky promise. Credit:  

  • While happily singing I’m Yours. Great rendition. Credit:  

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20140816 KHJ Rehearsal @ Shanghai Indoor Stadiumho

Photos Credit:  一晨y_c @weibo

Photos Credit:Swedream妃 @weibo


Photos Credit:  可可HJ-OK


Photos Credit:  henecia_CMF_妙妙

Rehearsal Photos




  Photos Credit:  綸賢-小雅-KHJ0606


Photos Credit: Shine328


Photos Credit:  SooYing

 Photos Credit:  伍多XI




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    Thank for sharing amazing moments with our only one global star Kim Hyun Joong!he is amazing artist and very sexy and beautiful man!adorable and unforgettable moments with him!!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 11:42 pm

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