Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Article] My thoughts on Kim Hyun Joong’s scandal


Okay, so the past one week has been a roller coaster ride for all Henecians and Triple S. When the news first broke out, my heart sank a bit. Now that Keyeast and GF A have been going back and fourth on the ‘battle field’, I just want to share my opinions.

Firstly, we cannot take sayings from both parties (GF A and Keyeast) as the entire truth. Why? GF A made up her mind to report the case to police, she would tell the story from her point of view, in her benefit. So things could be exaggerated. Keyeast can’t be trusted too, because they are KHJ’s agency and whatever they do is all part of damage control, to save the reputation of KHJ. Thus they may opt to leave out details or even hide the truth which are critical to us, fans.

Secondly, GF A claimed to have dated KHJ since 2012, while KE’s official statement is that they only became a couple recently. Fraud, KE might have said that out of their attempt to savage the issue, but it doesn’t help when photo envidences and text messages came out. This is like lifting up a stone and hit your own toe.

Thirdly, while GF A said her rib bone got broken and abused by KHJ, where she put the entire blame onto KHJ, KE stated that “they only got physical once, the accident happened while they were playing and pushing each other”. In this case, the truth is obvious that KHJ was indeed involved physically. If he is completely innocent, KE won’t put the responsibility on both KHJ and GF A.

Lastly, as to whether or not KHJ has been abusing his GF, we do not know at this moment.
But all in all, this is all part of his private life. His job is a singer, an actor, an entertainer, we as fans will support him because we like him, his personality and what he does in front of the camera. We should never doubt him for his love towards fans, family and friends. But in the case of the alleged abuse to his GF, I think that sometimes we cannot account for all of our actions, especially when we are furious. When we are angry, we act on impulse, it’s how our brain and nervous system work, (fight or flight action) thus we may sometimes do things which we regret later. This is why we are human, we make mistakes.

If KHJ were to hit his GF, I believe that there’s a trigger which led him to it. I don’t see why a person like KHJ can hit someone else, esp when the person is his lover, out of the blue, without any reason. (And i’m not saying this bcos I’m biased towards KHJ or agree on violence actions, I’m just trying to rationalise his actions)

For me, I have met KHJ during non-public events, I know he has a decent character. He is a caring, friendly and kind person. Recent examples I can think of, during the media greeting at IG’s FM in Beijing, the first thing KHJ did when he walked in to the hall, was to bow and greet his fellow cast mates. And after it ended, while walking back, KHJ turned and once again greeted Yoon Hyun Min and shown gestures to ask YHM to walk first.

During the FM, when YMH didn’t get much opportunities to say, KHJ is carefully planning every moment possible to get YMH involved in Q&A and interactions. This shows his politeness and care towards colleagues and friends.

Remember how we get to high-5 with KHJ after the FM back in 2012? KHJ was the one to suggest that, it’s totally a free service added to our favour. All fans no matter which category of ticket bought were given an opportunity to high-5. Just imagine how tired it must have been to high-5 everyone after a 2 hours performance. KHJ did it sincerely till the end.

Finally, to conclude, my take on the matter is that KHJ should just come out and voice out, if he did it, just admit and apologise. All can be forgiven. If he didn’t do such things, all the more he should make it clear to the public.

Who are we to judge and point finger to him after all..we are just fans.


26 responses

  1. atiq

    Why KHJ just keep quiet? I’m so worried. I wonder how he’s doing right now. Is he just keep hiding in his room? Is he drinking too much n get drunk always? Is he in deep shit depression? T__T. Is he taking drug? ( oh please NO ) Or is he just sit and relaxing himself monitoring all the commotions in media and internet?? I hope so. And the bad thinking keep on n on abt him. The worst im worried he could do a stupid thing ever that i’ve never thought before, u know what i mean. T__T.

    Please God help him. The people around him, his parent, relatives, friends, idol friends, his co-workers the managers, hyung and nunnas dancers, KE staffs, all of them who close to him must help him n give him a solution to overcome the situation.We as a fans can’t do anything even to be near him n support him. I hope n pray they won’t never ever let him down n drown alone. I pray that he will come out and settle down this once n for all. Be brave n strong Hyunjoong. We will never leave u.

    Friday, August 29, 2014 at 12:39 am



    Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 10:42 pm

  3. I have followed Hyun joong for 4 years.he is so polite and very nice. I think that he has some reasons. Please wait ! The truth will be appeared. Fighting Hyun joong. I will never leave you.

    Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 5:32 pm

  4. jamila

    My thought..khj let the ex-gf to vomit out all evidence she got and khj wait for the right time to counter attact..i will never leave him..khj fighting..

    Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 1:53 pm

  5. vee98

    Kim Hyun Joong – Only 3 people know the TRUTH – God, Kim Hyun Joong and the “other person.” Stay strong in your Catholic faith. TRUST GOD COMPLETELY – HE IS IN CONTROL. GOD will see you through this. I was the “other person” many years ago, but with God in control, as well as my keeping my Catholic faith strong, I rose above my situation and moved on . . . been there, but very fortunately, I don’t hold grudges – grudges makes one quite bitter. You’re in my prayers, Kim Hyun Joong . . . Always . . . God Bless You!

    Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 4:08 am

  6. Rocky

    here is another article by a blogger named Angel Joong. I believe she has a really great insight about the situation….hope you can share it in this blog.

    until all the facts are gathered and both sides are heard, we should hold all are bad judgement and just offer our love and support to our dear leader in these times that he need it the most. The true measurement of our love for him can be weighed not only during good times but more so in his darkest hour….

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 12:46 pm

  7. you right kim have to take stand for ihonesty about that fact i think he is waiting for right time he have a very clean image and very open about his life in one interview he said that he not dating past one year and have on gf
    and that girl saying they starting dating in again this year
    i only know that girl never love kim if she love him she never do that to him to damage his career and image like this
    there is so many ways but this kind of action never all love

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 10:30 am

  8. Noya

    thank you for this Babyvfan, there are so much loopholes in the alleged Gf story, dates that do not add up and all those leaks to the media, oh yes the media today is a powerfull tool, and it is manipulated so easly just to sell. Regardless if they are giving true picture or distorted sometimes.
    Meanwhile we just have her side of the story, I hope he will come and say his side as well, because if he was an abuser he would have been long ago discovered, as for sure this is not his first gf.

    I hardly belive the KHJ after all his years in the showbiz will really do something that will treat soo much his career after he achieved his proper status as an artist and with quite a spotless record.
    Always need two to tango!
    Let’s have some Faith that the Truth will surface in the end.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 4:35 am

  9. and I hope that soon we will know the name of the girl who decided to ruin the life of Hyun Joong. Still believe that he can not beat a woman, all these inventions “far-fetched”

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 1:43 am

  10. Kay Matson

    KHJ enjoys his drink. He even stated he likes girls who drink. Let’s say they both had too much to drink, on several occasions, argued and s***t happened. No matter the outcome of the investigation, there will be a cloud over KHJ’s previous good guy reputation. We like to put our idols on a pedestal and think they are perfect. No one is. It is a shame that someone who has worked so hard for all those years, is now in the position he is in. Endorsements will be lost, new projects will be scrapped or postponed, and if found guilty of the charges, KHJ will face the consequences of the law. I doubt the army will take him if he has a record, I don’t know. At any rate, since hearing the news I have felt shock, disappointment, and sadness. I really hope everything gets straightened out and that lessons will be learned. I am sorry for his family, friends, and fans.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 1:19 am

  11. JAZU

    it is better to stop figuring out, the evidences are there for her side, his ones maybe after his tour, he needs to concentrate in it, he said when he finishes it he will attend this trial, which l agree, the fever will be calm, she will cold her angry mind and think properly what to do, KHJL always cover his private life, no because she dares to do it public he will do too. he is careful to talk about relationships, clearly he knows that it is difficult so he will need time to the next step, he is very professional which l love and cares it too much. i remember him after CC was cancelled even if he knew it beforehand and we didnot yet, he was completely imnerse in his tour he cured his hurt giving his all on his music, never said anything about it, l love this side of his personality very thoughful. Nobody is save to land in a stormy and insane relatioship but to correct it is important. l am relieved that they had ended this or it could end in a more terrible way. l hope she realizes it, they are not matching well simply not ready to get a formal relationship, he said and recognized it little time ago. clearly talking about his latest and bad relationship. HE IS MY ONLY ONE artist, l love what he offers me, l dont care too much about his personal life since he cares it a lot, only his bright smile make me happy and l enjoy his music too. THAT IS THE POINT

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 8:54 pm

  12. Sheila

    I would like to know when she said he abused her and when did she report it to the police! Was it the next day or was it after they stopped seeing each other!

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    • bella

      From all Koop ‘s latest update I understand that she reported to the police after they stop seeing each other. you can check from there.

      Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 8:01 pm

  13. minerva

    i will always love khj no matter what but I hope he clears the issue asap because a lot people are already judging him..:( hoping for the best for him…

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 4:42 pm

  14. Bella

    thank you so much babyVfan to share your thought . It is really a meaningful write up. I can not agree more. Hope fairness and compassion still exist in South Korea ‘s media and reportors . He is surely one of a very decent guy of South Korea I know. One mistake if it is proved can not turn him into a bad person. it is the thing that he needs to realize and change.

    Hope for the best for him.
    my love for him still remain the same and will always support him to go through this rocky path.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 4:09 pm

  15. JAZU

    Thanks April l like it, knowing the relationships of youngers now, they dont really have formal relationships, just flirts which could be this case, my sons called these relationships friends with benefits. not formal at all, which could be here, KHJL could have decided to change it into a formal one. But it implied for him to be serious and finish with his other friends with benefits. she could have demand it from him. clearly she was jeluous to fight for women. All of it will be solved by him, l hope that now he said something, he usually does not care and not respond the lies, but now he must do. He is unbreakable, strong and we will suport him. it is a fall not the end,
    Enjoy your work my only one it will help you to face it.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 12:56 pm

  16. Sara

    I’m agree with you. he is my celebrity not my manner teacher. I like him because of it. his personal life isn’t my business. but after all, I’m sure it’s conspiracy to break his fame. We have watched a lot of movies and know when there are perfect evidences that release step by step,it absolutely has been schemed and is a conspiracy

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 12:40 pm

  17. My 2 cents for what it’s worth (as an ex-abused person). How can we see all of the kind and wonderful things he has done over the years and not have had a leak somewhere or even a hint. K-POP does keep a lot hidden but not something like this. If they were in a relationship for 2 years the violence would have started much earlier. If it has only been 2 months as KE stated then that is more in line yet kind of early in the relationship since it would have started right away. Abuser are usually on their best behavior until they have you hooked. How could he not be an abuser for 22 months then start. People don’t change like that unless there are other influences. If she was hospitalized for 2 weeks to recover from a severe beating that was so bad *just enough not to die* why were the authorities not notified by the doctors? Where were her friends and family? She is supposedly famous in her own right, people would have noticed. KHJ also seemed to have marks on him bruises and fingernail marks when he was walking thru the airport. I thought Korea had even harsher laws on abuse than the US as far as reporting of these incidents. Dispatch seems like the Enquirer in America twisting facts to cause issues with celebs and creating havoc just to make a buck. (After the issue with Park Bom and Park Shi Hoo I don’t trust their journalism). Just because there are pictures of them 2 years ago they could have just been out with friends or having occasional dates. Now we have texts supposedly between the 2 of them and others. Text were faked during Sewol. Now I do keep all of my texts because of work so I can look back at what a client said but most people I know (in America) don’t. They delete. Plus if you upgrade your phone you lose them. It seems as if the whole world has gone crazy and the media no longer relies on facts or truth (especially in America) we judge on our opinions, our feelings when we have no right to judge before all information is available if at all. The netizens are famous for this. Condemning people on what they perceive to be true rather than truth.

    No matter what the out come and whether we get the truth I will continue to stand next to KHJ. He has made my miserable world tolerable and I am grateful to him. So many people judging without facts and condemning both of them. Sometimes people bring out the worst in each other. Sometimes we do things we regret. We each see things from our own perspective. Men and women see the same things differently. I find a lot out of sync in these media reports but I wish the best for both of them and hope the TRUTH surfaces soon. I LOVE YOU KIM HYUN JOONG! FIGHTING!

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    • fanJoong

      Totally agree with you

      Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 12:53 pm

  18. gaira

    here’s the link of pictures and text messages

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 11:51 am

  19. atiq

    In my opinion, KHJ has told everything n he admitted abt into physical with her but of course his agency has to avoid telling every single thing. What make me feel grateful is that KHJ did not run from the reality n ready to confess his mistake.

    By the way, im curious abt when u say “photo envidences and text messages”. What abt this phrase? Where can i read abt it? Why theres no update abt that in this blog???

    U mean photo of the GF A? Whose text messages???????

    OMO…im sooo curious now.^oo^

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 11:01 am

    • emailed you atiq …

      Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 11:33 am

  20. Renee

    You mention photo evidences and text messages. Who is the GF? I don’t understand why the GF is not being identified. This is totally one-sided. I get the impression this is revenge. Why is she being protected? Why was it made public? These are questions that come to my mind.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 10:50 am

    • Lucy

      I don’t know all the facts about this case, nor do I know Korean law so these remarks are in general terms and not specific terms to this case.
      Regarding the identity of the accuser, in the US the media is never allowed to publish the identity of a victim of abuse, domestic violence or rape. This is to protect the person who has already been potentially victimized.
      As far as reporting and timelines which appears to be in question it is many times the hospital and medical staff who encourage and try to get patients to report injuries sustained in domestic violence cases. They may even be the people who initially alert authorities. It sometimes will take people weeks or months before they formally press charges especially if the abuse happens within a family or by a loved one. They will hold on to the hope that it will never happen again and that denial can be shattered when it indeed does.
      Text messages are in question as well which I also wondered why someone would keep texts that are years old. I was informed by my colleague that they don’t necessarily keep these messages but in the case of a criminal investigations (which assault is) the text messages between parties can be subpoenaed from phone records from their mobile carriers.
      To the point of the accused making public statements or explanations to their fan base that would be highly advised against by any basic legal team working on the accused defense especially in the midst of a police investigation.
      In regards to the management company and “Girlfriend A” having conflicting stories I think it is important to note that Girlfriend A has not actually given any public statements so therefore the conflicting stories are that of the media reports. Girlfriend A to my knowledge has only made a statement to authorities. The only “public statement” has come from the management company who may have released a statement early without knowledge of the evidence of the case.
      As I stated before I am not schooled in Korean law nor do I know the specifics of this case any more than what I have seen in the press but in general this may add some light to the questions being asked here at least when compared to here in the states.
      One further note, I keep reading people accusing “Girlfriend A” of attempting to ruin a career. It is important to understand that charges of assault and domestic violence are reported every day all across the globe. It is not news and no one writes articles about it or blogs about it. This case is only newsworthy due to a celebrity status. It is society who holds celebrities up to a “bigger than life” regard that makes this newsworthy. That is not the fault of either person in this case. That is the doing of a society that turns people into “idols” when at the end of the day they are all just people like the rest of us. Are they talented? Yes they are but they are human, they make mistakes, they have relationship problems, family worries, health concerns, work issues and all the same life challenges we all have. Societies idolization causes this to be news and the 500 pound elephant on someone’s career not either of the people involved.

      Friday, August 29, 2014 at 12:40 pm

  21. You’re right. I will always support him for sure but I need he comes out. I don’t want he just stays in silence which make his fans be really confusing.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 10:34 am

    • Pichaya

      I believe in Hyun joong.

      Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 5:21 pm

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