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[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 PHANTASM World Tour in Yokohama Set 2 – 2014.07.29 & 30

20140729 KHJ in Yokohama~ English sub [Revised version]

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Fancam Credit:  khjcmf

Published on Jul 29, 2014

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 Fancam Credit:  khjcmf

Published on Jul 29, 2014

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YOKOHAMA DAY 1 –  July 29

Fancams Credit:  tomonatu1

Fancam Credit:  rihyonn0606

Fancam Credit:  piyogaki

Fancams Credit:  hyun kichi

Fancam Credit:  飯島艶子

 Fancam Credit:  rainrainetc

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Translation of Fan Account from DC Gallery tweeted by  

Reading the Korean fan account of Hyun Joong’s Phantasm World Tour in Yokohama got me so excited again even w/o watching fan cams!! ^.^

RT @5StarsAs1: When HJ realised something weird with the fan cheer…‘Ah I’m not introducing my girlfriend, she’s my sister-in-law!’

And when everyone was looking at the big screen showing his sister-in-law, he said..’Alright! Stop looking at that person and look at me now. You came here for me, right?’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

During Please, everyone was as if waiting for the ‘moment’ but because the ‘moment’ didn’t happen, the performance ended. HJ noticed the ‘awkward’ atmosphere (at least he realised the expressions of fans sitting nearer to the stage) and asked..’Why is the atmosphere different today? As if you didn’t see something you’re supposed to see?’

He laughed teasingly and added, ‘Since there was a lot of underage fans yesterday, so I thought not to perform that again’ ㅋㅋ

Next he moved on to the next performance, Like Before.

During the performance, he held his shirt and began to flip the shirt up along the rhythm. (like the one in TONIGHT Premium showcase)

Fans were expecting him to flip his clothes halfway til his chest but he stripped all the way up like the way he did during Please!!!

Fans heated up once again and cheered so loudly! (maybe also because the female dancer was sitting in front of him~~) And yes, HJ was indulged in the performance that his facial expression was also very sexy!!!

After the performance ended, HJ teasingly asked again ‘Why is the atmosphere different today? When I stripped together with the male dancers, everyone liked it but it seemed like you don’t like me stripping with(?) female dancers?’ Fans went wild again agreeing to what he said.

And he said ‘I will do it alone next time, alright?’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(fanacc cr: KHJ DC Gallery / … amp;page=1)

At the end of the concert, HJ thanked the fans..

‘I don’t know when will I be standing at this stage again in Yokohama Arena, but I will always remember to work my best to show fans with better songs and acting skills and I hope fans will continue to give me your best support! It was really awesome today!! Thank you!!’

We would like to thank you for showing us your very best too, Hyun Joong!!! ♥

YOKOHAMA Day 2 – July 30

Fancams Credit: KIKI CO

Fancams Credit:  nn naomi



[Fanaccount] Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Yokohama Day 1+2

Tweet Credit:    ·

 After the first-day performance ended, I wanted to write a fan account but I couldn’t remember anything.
Since this is the second time I attended the concert after Seoul and I’ve also watched the fan cams.
I can remember the new songs’ lyrics as well as the performance list.
I attended the concert with a little mindset of what to expect..
And yet again, it was a whole new atmosphere in this concert.

Firstly, Kim Hyun Joong made his first stage appearance with his fringe down, and he was stunning with that look.
I was also surprised because he looked really amazing…
He said he let down his fringe because fans told him they wanted to see him with his fringe down
So adorable of Kim Hyun Joong to say that ㅋㅋ

Yokohama Arena..this was really a spectacular venue indeed.
I was doubting whether can I see Kim Hyun Joong clearly since the space was so big, but unexpectedly, I can see the stage clearly.
Thanks to the fans who filled up the large venue, I can feel the warm atmosphere..
The seat was spacious, sound effects and lighting were great..
Which made our handsome solo singer Kim Hyun Joong’s stage ever so amazing.

While most will be busy preparing for a performance, Kim Hyun Joong was different.
It was essential to be good in singing but it was a jackpot to show a high-quality performance that brings out the jist of every song.
In which he have put a great job for the fans.
Fans who have prepared to cheer for Kim Hyun Joong, who moves along with Hyun Joong’s every moves.

Of course, fans were unfamiliar with the fan cheer for the new songs on the first day.
Kim Hyun Joong also taught fans how to cheer along to the song…and it was also hilarious some fans who couldn’t able to catch up.
Hyun Joong also laughed seeing these fans, whether was he amused that they were cute or was he stunned by them?
His amusing face also brought a lot of laughters to fans.
The fan cheer was different on the second day.
Although the fan cheer wasn’t exactly perfect during Lucky Guy, it was indeed better than the first day.
Maybe they practiced it in their hotel rooms?
There was loud fan cheer and during ‘Hey you~’, fans were waving their light sticks up high pointing towards Kim Hyun Joong and it was so fun!
Hyun Joong was also pleased with the loud fan cheer.

And finally the peak of the performance came, Please…
I was already on standby with my camera to capture the moment of Hyun Joong stripping his clothes.
Initially he should stripped his clothes…oh~but he and his dancers did not strip today and the performance ended just like this.
Actually I was busy with my camera that I didn’t really get to grasp what’s going on. What?? It ended??? The song ended??? ㅋㅋㅋ

On the first day, there was a wild fan cheer after Please ended.
Although I knew he was going to strip anyway, I screamed along unconsciously again when he stripped ㅋㅋ
In regards to the wild fan cheer, Kim Hyun Joong said maybe he should just perform Please for 18 times, without performing other songs.
But he did not perform ‘that’ during the second day.
Was it because he’ve introduced his brother and sister-in-law during the talk time?
Hyun Joong teased the fans saying ‘Why is the atmosphere different today? As if you didn’t see something you’re supposed to see?’
He said he didn’t perform it after consideration since there were many underage fans on the first day.
And so, he started with ‘Like Before’ performance.
Actually, fans were a little taken aback when ‘Like Before’ started
He was engaged in the performance with the female dancer
He did a slight wave lifting his shirt up like what he did in ‘Please Be Nice To Me’ performance, and there…bolero-stripped Hyun Joong kyaa~~~
And the female dancer who touched his chest and sat in front of Hyun Joong
Omg—;;; fans went wild after the performance ended ㅋㅋ

In fact, the performance was perfect, beautiful and it suits the melodic lyrics of Like Before.
Kim Hyun Joong was really handsome and the interaction with the female dancer was really good.
It was so stunning that adds the ‘mental breakdown’ impact.ㅠㅠㅋㅋ

It was really~ fun. A complete reversal no one could imagine…
I don’t know about other fans but I really liked it.
The sentiment for ‘Like Before’ couldn’t be expressed through photos, of course.

Fans near the stage raised out their objections
Hyun Joong laughed teasingly agreed that he will do it alone next time
So funny ㅋㅋ

In addition on the second day, he invited a birthday fangirl on stage and sang to her..gave her a bouquet of flowers and hug her with his hand wrapping gently around her head.
Compared to being hurt that I wasn’t the birthday girl, I was grateful that I am a fan of such warm-hearted star.

During the first day encore, he sang His Habit and went near to the seats so fans were able to see him clearly.
Although he didn’t come near to my zone, I didn’t feel sad.
Except that I was a little upset when he said he wanted to make eye contact with every fans in his concerts.
Please make eye contact with us too~
Well, please give us a handshake event like Japan, and of course, an encore concert whether in large or small venue~

In the second day, he performed HEAT…
Fans sang along once the song was played…me too
Although I don’t know Japanese but I managed to memorise the lyrics ㅋㅋ
I felt so happy I can listen to HEAT live and sang along too.

The concert ended..and it’s time to return home…
I lined up together with Japanese fans waiting to send Hyun Joong
And there were a lot of screaming
I turned on my phone to capture video..
The car appeared and with Kim Hyun joong smiling so brightly in the dark night
I screamed along unconsciously too
After bidding goodbye with Hyun Joong excitingly, I laughed like crazy when I checked the video I took.
I took a video of the floor only instead of the car ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The two days was [Phantasm] dream-liked~ I really enjoyed every moment and it was thrilling concert.

Fanaccount credit:

HANEDA Departure Going back to Korea – July 31

INCHEON ARRIVAL from Japan – July 31

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