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[TweetBits] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Various Updates – 2014.09.03

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  • The outcome of the investigation- Not different from the initial official statement, reported previously rt: ‏@Inmydreamregend 조사결과-김현중 처음 보도된 공식전문과 달라진게 없다FYI–The following is the official statement from KeyEast which I translated when it first came out;
    사실 확인 결과, 두 사람은 2012년부터 알고 지낸 사이는 맞으나 교제가 이루어진 것은 최근 몇 달 간의 일임을 알려드립니다.
    Please be advised after confirming facts, it came to be known that they have known each other since 2012; however, the relationship only recently developed in the past couple of months.

    그러던 중 두 사람 간의 심한 말 다툼이 있었고, 그 과정 가운데 감정이 격해져 서로 몸싸움이 있었던 것은 사실이지만, 언론 보도를 통해 나온 것처럼 2개월 간 상습적인 폭행이나 수 차례에 걸친 구타가 있었다는 것은 사실이 아닙니다.
    Meanwhile there was a heated argument between them, and it is true that in the process, emotions escalated and there happened to be a fight somewhat physical. However it is far from what has been reported that this is anything like a repeated incident nor did it happened multiple times.

    서로간의 몸싸움 또한 한 번 있었던 일이며, 갈비뼈 골절 부분에 대해서도 이번 몸싸움 중 일어난 일이 아닌 예전 서로 장난을 치던 과정 가운데 다친 것으로, 그 다음날 지인들과 함께 어울리며 활동하는 가운데 이상이 없어 다친 것을 인지하지 못했던 상황입니다.
    The physical struggle only happened once, and the rib fracture was caused by a playful activity from before. The very next day they hung out together along with their friends from which no one noticed her injury since everything appeared to be as usual.

    이에 당사는 고소인의 일방적인 내용만이 언론에 보도되고, 정황이 사실과 달리 확대, 과장되고 있는 점에 대해 매우 안타깝게 생각하고 있습니다.
    As of now only the complaining party’s one-sided story is being reported which is blown up and exaggerated, unlike what actually happened. He finds this very regrettable.


  • This source stated “Everything seems ambiguous to be able to prove Kim Hyun Joong’s assault allegation” and further stated “There is no proof other than a statement that Kim Hyun Joong is the one to assault Ms. A” rt: @dkwl0526 이 관계자는 “김현중의 상해 혐의를 입증하기엔 모든 게 애매하다”며 “A 씨에게 상해를 입힌 사람이 김현중이라는 것도 진술 외엔 증거가 없다”고 말했다.Here is my 2cents….
    There are many articles out there, but the above statement is the only fact we need to remember, which I’m sorry to say often gets twisted and lost. You’ve seen what the media have been doing. Please ignore the sensationalism and take everything with a grain of salt!!!!


  • A source from the police dept. stated “Kim Hyun Joong said there was a slight physical struggle while arguing about breaking up. He denied the allegation, saying it was just accidental, and there was no habitual assault.”
    경찰 관계자는 “김현중이 말하길 헤어지자고 다툼을 벌이던 중 발생한 가벼운 몸싸움이었다고 하더라. 우발적인 다툼일 뿐 상습폭행은 없었다며 부인했다”고 밝혔다.Further, the source stated in regards to the rib fracture, “It is speculated that it occurred while playing around. At that time, he wasn’t even aware that Ms. A was even hurt.”
    또 갈비뼈 골절에 대해선 “장난을 치다가 발생한 것으로 추측했다. 당시 A 씨가 다친 것도 인지하지 못했다고 했다”고 전했다.



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  • For those who can make it for the Beijing stop, pls go and support! Let’s make the final stop a successful and memorable obeone
  •  fans are guaranteed hi-5 passes if they group purchase with khjcmf now


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  • Action speaks louder than words!

    Hyun Joong will be holding his possibly last Phantasm concert stop in Beijing on 19th September, 2014. The venue is at Beijing Workers’ Stadium starting at 9.00pm KST.

    The venue is not very big as you can see from the picture below, and hence any seats in the hall can have a good view of the stage.

    It’s understood that fans living outside of China might be facing some difficulties in purchasing the tickets for the show, and hence fanclubs in China (e.g.: KHJCMF) have offered their help to overseas fans like us on getting the tickets.

    In case you’ve missed out, tickets purchased through KHJCMF are eligible for a HI-5 pass.
    Do not worry because tickets are bought through official ticketing sites.

    Here is the seating plan for the concert:
    Only the light green(580RMB) and dark green(380RMB) zones are left available.

    If you are interested to get the tickets, please drop me a tweet in the following format:

    1) Price of ticket (380RMB / 580RMB):
    2) Number of ticket(s):

    Payment mode will be informed after the total number of tickets are confirmed by KHJCMF. Please do not make any payment first!
    As of now, you can just confirm the zone and number of tickets you want.

    Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you! ^^

    It’s not only me and Chinese fans who are looking forward to welcome overseas fans to Phantasm concert in Beijing, I’m sure Hyun Joong is looking forward to see your presence there too! ^^ so ppali ppali…reserve your tickets!!!!!

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  • BJ tickets are available for general sale on damai. Seating plan. Credit as tagged


Sorry for the late posts ….  reality has to interfere ….  This set of photos was just recently shared ….. not new though.  They were taken from one of KHJ’s previous games …….  

Kim Hyun Joong at FC Men Soccer Matches

Source/Credit:  via SakuraDream501




5 responses

  1. love4khj


    Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 12:03 am

  2. atiq

    The key point :-

    In order for her to frame n make HJ jailed, she should….

    1. Make a police report right away after she got beaten ( but she choose to wait until end of August ?! )

    2. The rib fracture she told, i suppose HJ got friends seeing her outing without pain a day after the ‘beaten’. So, Hj has many witness to stand for him.

    3. How would she give evidence of habitual assult?? Nobody see their argument. Somebody must has witness that at least.

    4. Those pictures showing their intimate relationship are not strong evidences. More to say, the text messages. Its worthless.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 4:48 pm

  3. Cagome


    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 1:49 pm

  4. Do not give up the sun – I believe in you. You are a strong and brave man, you all will be well!

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    • Bella

      Hi Julia Mitnik , I Share exactly the same thought and feeling with you .

      HJ I realize how special you are and why we love you.
      I believe in justice .Be strong , we trust you.

      I would like to thank you all those people out there who did not give any judgement before the investigation is completed . You are the kind of people that this crazy world need the most . We have enough hatred in this world do not let them believe that hatred is power and abuse the justice system by manipulate people with the distorted fact.

      Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 2:50 pm

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