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[TweetBits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Various Updates – 2014.09.05

It’s hard to keep up …… sorry for the late updates.  

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  • Gaon Weekly Album Chart (2014.08.24 ~ 2014.08.30) No. 3: Kim Hyun Joong – TIMING 

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  • Action speaks louder than words!

    Hyun Joong will be holding his possibly last Phantasm concert stop in Beijing on 19th September, 2014. The venue is at Beijing Workers’ Stadium starting at 9.00pm KST.

    The venue is not very big as you can see from the picture below, and hence any seats in the hall can have a good view of the stage.

    It’s understood that fans living outside of China might be facing some difficulties in purchasing the tickets for the show, and hence fanclubs in China (e.g.: KHJCMF) have offered their help to overseas fans like us on getting the tickets.

    In case you’ve missed out, tickets purchased through KHJCMF are eligible for a HI-5 pass.
    Do not worry because tickets are bought through official ticketing sites.

    Here is the seating plan for the concert:
    Only the light green(580RMB) and dark green(380RMB) zones are left available.

    If you are interested to get the tickets, please drop me a tweet in the following format:

    1) Price of ticket (380RMB / 580RMB):
    2) Number of ticket(s):

    Payment mode will be informed after the total number of tickets are confirmed by KHJCMF. Please do not make any payment first!
    As of now, you can just confirm the zone and number of tickets you want.

    Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you! ^^

    It’s not only me and Chinese fans who are looking forward to welcome overseas fans to Phantasm concert in Beijing, I’m sure Hyun Joong is looking forward to see your presence there too! ^^ so ppali ppali…reserve your tickets!!!!!


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  • Hyunbar still has 880 seats available ..

  • Some exchanges on offer: Zone B row 1 for 66 tickets of 380 yuan seats Zone B row5 seats 3 and 1 for 30 tickets of 380 yuan seats each

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  • Fantasia Nagoya : KHJ Support Plan planned by HJ Jpn Blgs. Timing is printed on the msg board set on the seats.




Credit:  Henecia Peru [ Kim Hyun Joong-Lima ]


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[김현중 WORLD TOUR IN PERU-SUPPORT] Hand Banners FREE distribution “Always with Kim HyunJoong ♡”




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  • 보셨나요? Check dis “..

“Do u like money dat much.

I wl make lots of money change 5B to 10won coins bury u in d pile..”


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  • On August 28th,HJ’s friends and fans met at Jaksal in Osaka to show their support for HJ. via


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  • Money can buy you friends but it can’t buy you loyalty.


 Video Credit:    charito castillo vilela






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