Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Updated [Tweet Updates 3] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Arrival at Jorge Chavez Airport PERU – 2014.09.07

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  • KHJ is an artist who can bring a lot of people, there are now more fans than last year, the number of people exceeds the airport Forum ^^
  • 12:30 Hyun Joong at this time should be landing at the airport in Lima
  • a group of fans at the airport, we will wait photos…
  • why the fans were banned from going to the airport? because they are too many and will not supply the airport, there are now only a small group of fans at the airport, we will wait photos..
  • we will show a lot of love in Peru for Kim Hyun Joong
  • Please Henecia sisters, trust Peruvian fans, we will show much love to Hyun Joong, we will he grant us many smiles 🙂


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  • Kim Hyun Joong arrived to Peru! ^^ ♡♡♡

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เศร้าจังกดปุ่มผิด จากวีดีโอได้เป็นรูปมาแทน จุงแดนซ์น่ารักมาก 20140907 – KHJ little dancing @ Jorge Chavez Airport


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KHJ… welcome to PERU


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Arrival in Peru

HJ in Peru.. Did a little dance inside immigration 🙂

 Fancam Credit: Henecia Perú Sede Trujillo on FB

Nuestro Only One ya esta en Perú !! … Mas tarde tenemos una cita con él !! Henecias a demostrarle todo nuestro cariño !! Deseando a Hyun Joong que tenga una linda estadia

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Credit:  KpopRadioPdm2

  • I will not upload updates to within 4 hours, I am now very confused, some fans say Sheraton, other Dolphins fans say .. I’d rather find out for myself, it’s hard to know because it’s 3:00 AM in Peru
    please excuse me, goodnight…


Tweets/Fancam Credit:  King Hyun Joong ~ Perú♥

Peruvian henecias waiting for HJ concert in Lima ☆☆

Cute manicure ♡♡ of a henecia fan ♡for KHJ concert in Lima



 2014.09.06 Kim Hyun Joong at yyz terminal Toronto airport Canada

Photo Credit: aileen ching 


3 responses

  1. PrinceHJ

    Yay yay… Peru thank you. Let’s show that Power of Love. HJ stay strong for our sakes and we will stay strong for your sake. United we stand. Let’s not waver.

    Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 11:34 pm

  2. Bella

    Thank you so much for updating . We all are waiting to see more. Your people are so fantastic. I really want to be one of you there.

    Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 3:30 pm

  3. atiq

    The airport management afraid hj fans would cramped the airport and malfunctioned the operation when Hj touch down there. Lol ..that’s what we call Power of Love!!

    Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 2:32 pm

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