Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 20114 Phantasm World Tour in PERU – 2014.09.08 (Mla Time)

WOW!!!!   Congratulations to our PERUVIAN sisters for ajob well done … really  ….. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!

Even though the streaming link goes on and off …… I sure felt the HEAT back here.       What else to expect?  It is a KIM HYUN JOONG Show …..

THANK YOU for all the Updates …… It is always the next BEST THING for us who cannot go to gis shows.  THANK YOU so much for all your generosity

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 You can watch HJ’s Live! thanks RT Transmision EnVivo – Concierto Kim Hyun Joong en Lima 🙂 RT


 RT : RT : they say don’t comment on the streaming page that might slow down the streaming.

Photos Credit:  Onlykhjfamily-HK-HFH
Photos Credit:  Onlykhjfamily-HK-HFH

Tweet Updates:   
  • las bailarinas estan vestidas de blanco
  • las fans gritando el nombre de KHJ y haciendo olas con sus cuerpos

Translate via   :  fans shouting the name of KHJ and making waves with their bodies

  • fans gritando KHJ sarnaghe
  • ya rmpezo

  • estoy bailando por eso las imagenes salen borrosas

Trans via      Im dancing so the images r blurred…

  • gentleman
  • las fans no pueden permanecer sentadas todas bailando y gritando KHJ

  • HJ dijo en espÑol hola como estan me llamo KHJ
  • khj estubo tan serca, canto junto a las fans lucky guy

(Trans by:     khj was so close, singing along with the fans lucky guy

  • yo agitando mi mano diciendo hola y el me vio y me regalo una sonrisa como tambien decir hola 🙂
  • ahora el esta cantando please
  • khj pregunto estan felices y fans respondrr fuerte siiiiiiu

(Trans by:       khj wonder fans are happy and responded stronger yes

RT:He asked if they feel happy, and fans scream yes!^^

  • fans gritando nooooo… lol

  • no podre publicar mas. mi bateria termino sorry
  • gracias HJ hoy muchas sonrisas^^

(Trans Credit:   )    thanks to HJ^^ many smiles today!!

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  • Kim Hyun Joong said that the first time I was in Peru was in the summer ….and loves Peru !!!

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Kim Hyun Joong said “Gracias” (Thank you) at the end

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  • Hj said in espanol.. hello this is KIM HYUN JOONG RT HJ dijo en espÑol hola como estan me llamo KHJ
  • He is walking around stage… wow.. fans r so loud☆☆
  • They hav a video prepared by fans for khj.. HJ is excited^^ RT @daebakasiaperu: [INFO] #KimHyunJoong
    Están pasando un video preparado por las fans para su lider !!!!KHJ esta muy emocionado.
    Daebak AP 대박

  • lets party now… Move that body^^^^^
  • He is walking around stage… wow.. fans r so loud☆☆
  • Beauty beauty… wowww…. hey yu rock it☆☆☆☆☆
  • He is talking.. n the fans r screaming
  • Its ended? !! Last speech T_T
  • He is waving to all… and left☆☆ ended successfully fans r screaming Saranghae kim hyun joong
  • Yess.. it was awesome concert.. for first time LIVE.. wow!! though its fr short period and break.. its very nice^^ and thanQ Peru fans
  • RT

  • again new T’s … kiss kiss.. i need your~~~ RT Kiss kiss!!! It is ending!! in Peru

Hyun Joong didn’t strip today during Please because…the weather is cold in Peru! When he was in Peru previously, it was during summer so he thought Peru doesn’t have winter. With that thought in mind, he only brought half-sleeved clothes with him this time…aigoo!!

Cr: @yourstory5

(But no worry, saw in some pictures he wore a jacket ^^..don’t catch a cold yeah!)

  • RT Lining up, waiting for Hi-Touch event. ^^ ♡
  • RT : Waiting for Hi-Touch event!! *0* . My heart is beating very fast!♡

  • RT : KHJ: “The heat you gave me tonight I will remember always, thanks !!!! .. by

  • RT : 140907 Kim Hyun Joong *Talking* | Ending , PERU

Fancam Credit:  KConLA Tour


  • RT : [FANCAM] Kim Hyun Joong before the concert in Lima 2014 ~:

Fancam Credit:  Lucero Dolores



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    • Yes I Will… fans shout loudly and chant well
    • HJ is sing “words what I wanna say”and always softly!!! Fans show their “love”to him,too…..
    • HJ oppa and female dancer play joke with each other..*envy* π_π

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     Tweet Updates: 

    • Kim Hyun Joong esta dando un concierto espectacular en Lima. Gracias Lider!!! Tu revista ASIAN WORLD seguira…

     Photo Credit
    Photos Credit:   


    Tweets Updates:  lovingkimhyunjoong @loving_khj  / Photos Credit:  coriibean @lkhj

    •  Let’s back track a bit… Fans before concert started.

    • HJ collecting gifts thrown at him

    • Fans waiting outside HJ’s hotel.

    • HJ at Hi5 in Peru

    •  HJ’s childlike wave to fans. He looks happy. See u next time Peru!

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    • Fans esperando a HJ en el hotel despies del concierto
    •  Gritando fuerte KHJ en el hotel los delfines
    • Fans cantando becouse i am stupit fuera del hotel  (Fans were singing “I am stupid” outside the hotel?  Awesome!)
    • kim Hyun Joong is an artist and the most friendly and helpful person I’ve ever known, …
    • ..he collects all the gifts and the fans threw flags on stage ^^

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    • His hand is really small and soft Lil baby’s hand is bigger
    • And I must say his face is rally small too, but so precious!!
    • I was so happy to see him smiling !! He was rally enjoying
    • It was really cool to see people from all Latin america flags everywhere
    • touching moment : when we read the words he wrote, i really felt he wrote it from his heart, and everybody was crying
    • Perfection has a name!!
    • I really wish he can find peace soon, a face like that must be always smiling






    3 responses

    1. FanJoong

      Amazing Hyun Joong and Peruvian fans.
      Love you All.

      Monday, September 8, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    2. atiq

      Poor them not able to see Hj’t be upset latin sure he wasn’t do it purposely..we love him much than that…u don’t want him catch a cool rite…hehe

      Monday, September 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    3. Belle

      Wow Wow Wow ! You are imaging Peruvian fans.
      Thank you so much for the update and waiting for more.
      Thank Thank Thank

      Monday, September 8, 2014 at 10:42 am

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