Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

UPDATED [TweetBits] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Pre-Concert Updates – 2014.09.08


 Tweet Updatess:   (Photos Credit as Tagged)

  • Map of concert place.

  • STARLINGS in Peru will be doing Hi Touch!

  • Queue at venue

  • Queue at venue. Hi5 will also be at concert venue.

  • More fans queuing. Weather is 16C.

  • Venue

  • The crew at venue.

  • Lots of vendors on site.

  • Police at venue too.

  • distributed by fans as part of support activity. to be held up when they sing the reason I live and nothing on you

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“Our love is like the universe: Infinite!”

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Tweet Updates:


Hyun Joong dancers are staying at the Sheraton hotel and Kim Hyun Joong stayed at HOTEL DOLPHIN

row of fans is very long, it seems that the row has no end ^^

there are 2 rows one for fans peruvian and one for foreign fans^^

the mini band just entering the concert area with instruments for the concert, I regret not having gotten a photo

Beauty ^^ mirror. Fanmade 🙂

soundcheck started, but Hyun Joong sings not only sound being tested

Fans esperando 🙂


  • the sun came out .. the sun arrives with Hyun Joong hehe ❤

  • Fanboy in row ^^

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  • So, apparently Kim Hyun Joong is here.. At my hotel in peru. Fans are coming lol

  • FANS HERE ARE SO FKN SCARY,.. I remember that time with bigbang too

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  • Kim Hyun Joong will stay in Lima until Tuesday~ fr:

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  • Our Flowers for Hyun Joong at the venue Thank you henecia sisters ♡♡♡ A lot of love for Our only one ^^


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  • Las fans se estan preparando para la Primera Misión del Concierto!!!! Miles de globos para Hyun Joong

    Translate:  Fans are preparing for the first mission for the concert …. thousands of balloons to HJ


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  •  preparing the first draft for the concert ^^ great fans

  • A pocos minutos de entrar al lugar del concierto

  • Preparacion segundo proyecto

  •  kim Hyun Joong began with the sound and fabs are chanting from outside the concert
  •  soundcheck: beauty beauty ^
  • Hyun Joong is now talking, I do not know what he is saying because I do not understand Korean hehehe
  • so cute Henecia

  • estamos dentro del concierto


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  • Support by UFOH606 ^^ Free Banners for fans!! ♡ “Always with KHJ” ^^*

  • World Tour in Peru 2014 ♡ Fans at venue.

  • Stage ^^ Waiting for Concert. So exciting!! ♡♡

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  • So happy and exciting!! *0*. Waiting for my Only One!! ^^

  • Stage ^^ Waiting for Concert.



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  1. cagome

    Amazing all!!!!!:)

    Monday, September 8, 2014 at 12:52 am

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