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[Fancams/Photos – Set 2] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in PERU – 2014.09.07/08



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Kim Hyun Joong in Lima: “Thousands surrendered to Asian astro”


South Korean singer returned to Peru and gave his fans the show that had been promised a year ago. The interpreter closed its world tour in our country. | Source: RPG | RPG / Marco Reátegui

South Korean singer returned to Peru and gave his fans the show that had been promised a year ago. The interpreter closed its world tour in our country.
Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Lima earlier than expected | PRI

The anticipated show of Kim Hyun Joong was finally made, and thousands of fans packed the amphitheater Exposition Park to see the “Leader” on stage.

Accompanied by his choreographic body, stage and had no effects on its first presentation, the South Korean had a more complete and full show of music, as he promised a year ago in his first Fan Meeting.

For two hours, Kim Hyun Joong gave music sympathy and a legion of fans who wait anxiously as the singer will enroll in the army to return to their country; however, did not hesitate to promise that his return to Lima be indisputable.



Videos Credit:  ManganZoneTV

Published on Sep 7, 2014

Anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposicion – Lima – Peru –
07 septiembre 2014 –

Intro & Let Me Go



Let’s Party

Do You Like That


Kiss Kiss


Before the Concert

Jorge Chavez AP Arrival

Photos Credit:

#KimHyunJoong tuvo el detalle de recoger con gran cariño las banderas de Perú, Chile, Bolivia, México y España ^^.Lo mejor de este concierto fue sin duda que pudo sentir el amor y apoyo de fans de diferentes países ^^!Mañana seguiremos subiendo fotos!
*More photos tomorrow ^^*
Translation Credit:  “Kim Hyun Joong very kindly picked up flags of Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, and Spain…”

“The best thing about the concert is definitely that he can feel love & support of fans from different countries ^^!”

Recien llegamos del concierto de ‪#‎KimHyunJoong‬ ^^! Que estuvo lleno de momentos especiales.
Kim Hyun Joong comentó: “Es mi primer invierno en Perú, pero no siento el frio, porque el amor de las fans me llena de calor!”
Les dejamos una de nuestras fotos favoritas con la sonrisa que tanto nos gusta de líder ^^!
Translation Credit:   :  HJ: “This is my first winter in Peru, but I don’t feel cold because the love from fans makes me filled with heat!” (Source:

Kim Hyun Joong cerró el espectacular concierto de hoy comentando que era su tour de despedida, y que estaba muy contento de vivir ese momento en Perú.
Finalizó diciendo: “VOLVERE PRONTO… GRACIAS” en un perfecto español.

Translation Credit:   :  Kim Hyun Joong concluded his spectacular concert by saying “I’ll come back soon… Thank you” in perfect Spanish ^.^ (Source:

Fancams Credit:  fumi

Fancam + sPhotos Credit:    /Jenny Cruzado


At the concert of in he spoke many phrases in spanish 🙂 , he said “volvi a venir” , “las extrañe mucho”

Fancams Credit:  Beatriz Emilia

Fancams Credit:  KS.Cnblue

Fancams Credit:  kazumi tsukimoto

Fancams Credit:  Rossa Angeles

Photos Credit:    (Chile)

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Hermoso concierto!!!! Aun no puedo creer todo lo sucedido^^ Gracias Kim Hyun Joong

HI TOUCH ^^ No puedo creer que toque sus divinas manos y que lo vi frente a frente



@KHJInPeru :  Quote of the special video

“You who made ​​me feel I’m not alone

It is you who is reading this sentence”






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