Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Part 1] The Beautiful Times of Kim Hyun Joong and me: 〈Things I wished to say〉


[Part 1] The beautiful times of Kim Hyun Joong and me: 〈Things I wished to say〉

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Many people asked, what is the most essential requirement for my current job?


Normally my first reply is: 「Keep Calm/Composed」. This is also what I felt most confident of and did very well. But this year’s summer, because of Kim Hyun Joong,  I almost lost my composure.


Maybe it’s because from the first publication of TRENDY (magazine) onwards, began the irrevocable bond with Kim Hyun Joong, thus be it during SS501 days or when they went on solo activities, TRENDY is never standing at the position of 「cover」, but together with fans standing by his side, and unknowingly the time of 5 years had past~


Prior to Kim Hyun Joong’s Taiwan trip in July, despite the multiple hiccups, but I believed that placing Taiwan as the first stop for World Tour before his army enlistment, Taiwan must have spell a special meaning to him!

說實話在到演唱會的現場之前,我覺得自己已經做好了這場演唱會之後,將會是我們和金賢 重有一段很長時間「離別」的心理準備。在他精心準備和盡力演唱的每一首歌曲中,這五年來每一個和金賢重一起工作的畫面,不停的在我腦海中浮現,儘管好幾次 眼眶溼熱,我都沒有讓眼淚流下來,直到他演唱這首收錄在他最新韓文專輯《TIMING》裡面的歌─〈想說的話〉。那天應該也是他第一次在舞台上演唱這首 歌……

Frankly speaking before arriving at the concert venue, I felt that I’ve already prepared myself that after this concert it will be a long 「farewell」 for us and Kim Hyun Joong. In each and every song that he prepared with great care and performed at his best, moments of each partnership with Kim Hyun Joong in this 5 years kept flashing in my mind. Despite a few times when tears wet my eyes, I didn’t let the tears flow down, until when he sang this song which was recorded in his latest Korean album 《TIMING》 ─ 〈Say Something〉. That day probably is also the first time he sang this song on stage……

可能有些人覺得,這首歌的歌詞太悲傷,而且訴說的是情人之間的離別吧?但是或許大家也 注意到,那天在金賢重演唱這首歌的時候,舞台上出現了中文翻譯的歌詞,而且用的是繁體中文。對於那個多展露一些自己內心情感就忍不住覺得肉麻而蜷曲手指的 「男子漢金賢重」來說,這可能是他最擅長表達感情的方式了吧?!那天~他更努力說很多的中文:「我真的~謝謝你們來看我」、「我下次一定再來!」……這也 是五年來,我們聽過他說最多中文的一次吧!他的心意,我想不只是我,大家也都能夠接收到了。

Maybe some might feel that the lyrics of this song is too sorrowful, and it’s also about the parting of a couple? But maybe everyone also noticed that day when Kim Hyun Joong was singing this song, there was Chinese translated lyrics showing on the stage. And it was in traditional Chinese. For a ‘tough man Kim Hyun Joong’ who will cringe when he is showing too much of his feelings, this is probably his best way to express his emotions?! That day~ he put in even more effort to speak Chinese :「I’m really~thankful to you all for coming to see me」、「I will come again next time!」…… This is probably also the one time that we heard him said so much Chinese in these 5 years! I think not just me but everyone had also received his kind thoughts.


Thereafter~ many people asked me, that night was there a few times where Kim Hyun Joong had tears in his eyes? Actually I’ve no means to answer, because the tears that I’ve been holding back for a long while had already blurred my vision.

今天,收到唱片公司的邀請,希望能夠跟大家分享一些「金賢重與我的美好時光」的故事, 於是我又聽起了〈想說的話〉這首歌……我想那個眼淚模糊的時刻,之後也會像之前的每一個時刻,都變成美好的時光吧!至於之前的故事~就下次再告訴你們吧! 在那之前~先一起去聽聽〈想說的話〉吧……

I received an invitation from the record company today, hoping to share some stories of 「The beautiful times of Kim Hyun Joong and me」 with everyone, and so I started listening to 〈Say Something〉 again……I am reminded of the moment when my eyes turned blurry with tears, in future it will also be like the every moment in the past which will become beautiful moments! As for the stories (that happened) before~will tell you all next time! Till then~ let’s listen to 〈Say Something〉together……

Article Courtesy by Warner Taiwan + (eng trans)



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