Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong


With unpleasant rumors surrounding wuri Hyun Joong these days, reading positive articles is the Best Way of keeping our cool…………. Here’s another article from Lazer





By: LazerKim               In my recent article Love Attack, I have mentioned that the media has been misleading its readers even to the extent of concealing the truth after Kim Hyun Joong had submitted his statement to the police in September 2nd. While Hyun Joong was performing his concert in Peru, there were other news release again which I expect another misleading news.

All I know is that while those news article was posted there was already a crowd of fans at the airport of Lima waiting for Hyun Joong’s arrival and a crowd of international fans from different neighboring countries arrived at the airport to watch Hyun Joong’s concert! And that this concert had been in the Peruvian TV news station as Hyun Joong’s most anticipated arrival to their country and the concert was at the…

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  1. A tabloid in my country got in the act recently. It published an interview from a so called ‘KHJ fan’. It really hurt me, the name callings and the biased speeches. This was just a small article but so sensationalized.

    All that’s been going on must hurt him so much more. Draw strength from the fans who are standing by you and hurt less Hyun Joong.

    I believe in you. If you do not want to tell all that happened, to protect her’s and your privacy, I accept. Just know that you too have a right to be able to defend yourself against her aggressions before and after this went public.

    Monday, September 22, 2014 at 1:20 pm

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