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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong and His Fans Learn Valuable Life Lesson: When the Smoke Clears, and the Pieces Fall, Only One Thing Remains: Love

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Although Kim Hyun Joong’s Assault Charges have broken him and his fans to pieces, we are closer than ever before because we have discovered the true value of each other, and the true meaning of love.  To be honest, When I began writing this article, I got completely lost pouring out all of my frustrations over the distorted reports of Kim Hyun Joong’s sincere and honest admission to his part in the heart sickening mess that is now the remains of  his short and stormy relationship with his ex-girlfriend.  I wanted to vent and give my own liberal interpretations of what I think actually happened since Hyun Joong is being such a Gentleman and only offering enough insight to give his version of the truth.  I am awed that he has continued to protect her in this way.  And truth be told, he should not be required to be more forthcoming.  What happened is a private matter, and his celebrity status does not negate that fact.  Because he has been forced to defend himself publicly, he was cooperative with the Police Investigation and admitted to the occurrence of ONE fight that ended with the two becoming ‘entangled’ after a physical confrontation.  The news articles have taken this and once again blown it wide open making it seem as though he has admitted to beating up his helpless girlfriend over ‘women’ issues.  Hyun Joong’s only response was that the fight was about breaking up,  and it only happened the one time, not repeatedly as she claimed and the tabloid articles have been perpetuating.


Instead of giving everyone a good and satisfying piece of my mind, I had to step back and think about Hyun Joong’s example and how he would want his fan, a representative of his image, to respond.  As I considered that, I could only come up with one word:  LOVE.  For me, becoming his fan and continuing to follow him has always been about one thing and one thing only, a deep understanding of what REAL and TRUE love is all about.  I cannot describe this to someone who has not experienced Kim Hyun Joong’s humility and strength as a source of Healing for their Wounded and Broken Heart.  Many fans HAVE experienced him that way, and to those fans I have been able to offer a place of Community and Love.  I originally created this space to pour out the overflow of  emotions and happiness I was experiencing as his fan.  Now, I feel I am writing for Kim Hyun Joong himself.  I am trying to give a voice to what he struggles to express.  I am only able to provide glimpses into this strange and beautiful phenomenon of a miraculously PURE and UNTAINTED soul in the midst of a HARSH and CRUEL Society and Industry.  Knowing Kim Hyun Joong has allowed us to experience the kind of love most never get the privilege of understanding.

When people cry together for the first time, they understand how much they love each other.  ―Emile Deschamps

And so, we have grieved together and with Hyun Joong and the fallout is beginning to settle.  We may be enjoying a slight breath and reprieve, however I fear it is not completely over as there will be another round of questioning and then the final verdict on whether to convict him of an assault charge and have him suffer the punishment, or to drop all charges for lack of credible evidence.  We will have to continue praying for that outcome.  Whatever lesson Kim Hyun Joong may have to learn from this, whatever amends he may be required to make, I hope the strongest impression for him is the real and tangible love we have expressed for him here.  I purpose that he be enveloped by it, and that healing be provided for his heart.  What I fear the most is the scars left behind by broken trust.  He trusted someone with his most valuable asset.  And NO, that is NOT his CAREER and PUBLIC IMAGE.  That would be his HEART.  His trust was violated on many levels, and I know it will be a long time coming before he offers it again.  THIS is what is the most heartbreaking part of everything that has happened.

True Love Means Giving Someone the Ability to Destroy You, but Trusting Them Not to -Anonymous


As once again, the fans are providing updates on Twitter, I discovered that Kim Hyun Joon’g former bodyguard, Mr. Jeong, released a statement regarding the situation saying, “hyun-joong ssi is truly an undeniably good person, so please give many support to him as well…” and “I know really lot of people surprised about that news but really actually all my friends have to remind about his situation, Please never misunderstand.”  Read the full account here:

I am very grateful to Mr. Jeong for coming out to stand at Hyun Joong’s side.  I remember how we grieved when he was called away to other duties and could no longer protect our Angel.  The fandom mourned his loss as he was always a true friend to Hyun Joong.  His support at this time of dire need actually brought the sting of tears to my eyes.  He is protecting Hyun Joong now with his words far more than he ever did with his body.  Thank you so much, Mr. Jeong.  Those who know Kim Hyun Joong, know the Truth, and I am so grateful.


So, now, I want to continue with my favorite memories about Kim Hyun Joong.  I hinted last time that it had something to do with Paper Cranes, right?  Well, the picture above shows some paper cranes I made for Hyun Joong after seeing the episode of We Got Married where he made the paper cranes for HwangBo on her birthday and sang his sweet little song, ‘Falling Slowly.’  One has the Chinese symbol for Prosperity printed on the paper and you can see it on the back of the crane.  The other has a hand drawn cherry pattern which symbolizes togetherness.  I still have these paper cranes on my desk at work even though they were made 4 years ago and have even traveled with me to a new place of employment.  I have an inspirational little ‘wall’ at work where I have posted his picture and the beautiful thoughts I have been able to enjoy because I am his fan.  The memories are a part of who I am now, and I will never be able to forget they are here because I met Kim Hyun Joong.

I was so moved by his simple gesture for her, and it was while watching this staged marriage on the reality show I feel I learned more about the real Kim Hyun Joong than anywhere else.  I remember the episode before, he was in his bedroom making something and HwangBo was sitting out in the living room playing with a paper boat he had made her in a kiddie pool full of water.  HwangBo said something about not understanding what he was doing and that she just wanted to spend time with him because he had been away on schedules and not able to see her much.HB was really frustrated that he was in his room doing something else.  What she didn’t know was that he was working on making these paper cranes for her and finding a way to express the sweetness in his heart.  She was confused by his 4D ways, but I found a deeper understanding of what kind of young man he truly was.  He may seem to be in his own little world most of the time, but he is truly thinking of those around him and he welcomes people into his heart very freely and easily.  His concern for his fans has always been so apparent, and I am sure that during the current situation he is worrying more about us than himself.  That is why I am so grateful to the fans who are supporting him and sending him encouraging messages.  He really does need us to take care of him because he always gives himself away so selflessly.  He needs us just as much as we need him.  I am so happy to see the love pouring out to him at this time.


And so, once again, the reinforcement of our love for him has given me strength and courage.  I am truly blessed to be a part of the Alien Family!  I will always be proud of Kim Hyun Joong and my fellow fans.  There are not enough words to describe the overwhelming emotions I am feeling every day as I follow his journey.  I am forever and continually changing into a better version of myself.  We are better today than we were yesterday, and we will be even better tomorrow.  Thank you for walking with me and Kim Hyun Joong on this path of life.  I am forever grateful and happy.  Blessings to Hyun Joong and the fans.  Let’s remember the beautiful soul we represent as we leave our thoughts in comment boxes on the sites that are only interested in sensational headlines and not the truth.  It is tempting to lash out and return the hatred and ugliness we are seeing posted there, believe me, I understand.  Please, don’t comment if you can not say anything loving or nice.I empathize with your frustration, truly, I do.  I have saved as an unpublished article all the things I wanted to say with my volatile emotions over this.  It will remain unpublished because I want to show that I am a better person than that.  I want to show that being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong requires me to keep myself to a higher standard because he has led me by his example.  Dignity.  Grace.  Wisdom and Peace.  These are the lessons he has taught.  Let’s learn them well and continue now with Understanding and Love, even for those who have hurt us.  No one deserves to be treated as less than human.  Not even our enemies.  Thank you for being here with me.  It has been the only strength I can gather during this time.  I have been far more worried about Hyun Joong than I ought to be.  I even lost a lot of sleep this week.  Now, I feel refreshed, and I am letting him go into the hands of God.  Keep fighting, KHJ and I will keep praying.

Love Always,

Angie noonim

Another Article from AngelJoong



6 responses

  1. Renee

    I have been very touched by the loyalty that his fans have shown him during this time. I have to say that KHJ’s fans are the best!

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 9:22 am

  2. Tina

    Hey does anybody know exactly in what month is he going to go to military service?

    Monday, September 15, 2014 at 3:23 am

  3. Tina

    waaaaw you said exactly what I was feeling, he taught me how true love is and to be a better person too, I even became closer to God because of him, he is just an amazing person, and I agree with you that we shouldn’t read those haters blogs and return the hatred there because well why would I read trash it makes you uncomfortable plus when we read it they get more web ranking and we don’t want to do that do we, I really don’t anybody here in this blog or other fan blogs but I love you all too, we all share our love to hyun joong and so we are sisters and brothers (I know there are male fans as well)

    Monday, September 15, 2014 at 3:22 am

  4. JAZU

    l have really thought that he never says her name as l wish, because simple they had been having good time together, once he said that he had found a girl as he likes BUT he realized simply that he was no ready to get a serious relationship because of his work and his militar duty, he was unable to attend a family yet, and for this he was alone in that time, it was some time after finishing IG, maybe in june, thought that he respect her after all, he liked her, but she spoiled the relation and ended like this. He could say her name and damage her a lot with this, so for that l guess he tries to fix it peacefully. He recognized now that she is deeply hurted by him, unintencionally he probably had other girls around, but she would demand more from him who considered it was not serious. ending in that raw. he finished this turned sick relation soon until it will be worst for them

    Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 11:05 am

  5. atiq

    same to me…since this case viral, i just can’t help myself to think that this woman is the one that i see on many soccer fancams…its just my feeling….seems like shes was there everytime just to seduce HJ and she made it eventually but for the last 2 months she’s dating him she became so uncontrolled in jeoulousy towards HJ..i hope i’m wrong in guessing her and my assumption abt their relationship…well, i feel relieve these days seeing HJ happy….i can tell that this case will gone with the…i’ll pray for him

    Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 1:08 am

  6. Aimee

    I admire how KHJ has not resorted to mud slinging himself, and has remained dignified amongst all this drama. It is a credit to him that this has not become a “he-said” “she-said” in the media.

    I have sometimes wondered if this is the girl from the soccer videos taken sometime back. I am probably completely wrong, but there was something in the way she seemed to be trying to get him to acknowledging her that made me wonder at the time if they were secretly dating. Whomever she is though, I hope Ms “A”‘s karma comes back to bite her soon.

    Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 9:51 pm

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