Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[News + Eng Trans] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) on G&B Asia TV in Peru



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“Ok, here you have the transcription/translation of what the vid says though I think there’s one fan who doesn’t really know the title of HJ’s songs… or I didn’t understand her cuz she said them in Korean perhaps… LOL

Well, I hope this helps! I tried my best but honestly I wasn’t much in the mood after all the news.”

:) :) :)   Thanks Marta for the translation


Narrator: Welcome to your program G&B Asia. The awaited show of KHJ finally took place and thousands of fans crowded the amphitheater “Parque de la Exposición” in Lima, Peru, to see Leader on the stage.

Since 7pm and 2h, the singer owned the stage accompanied by his dancing crew who made the audience jump at the rythm of songs such as “Kiss Kiss”, “Let’s Party”, “Marry Me” (?), “Smile” (?), “Unbreakable” among others. This show is part of the World Tour of the artist who says good-bye for a while since he’ll be enlisting into the army in his return to South Korea since it’s mandatory. A lot of foreign fans were there. Countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil, Argentiana, Paraguay, all of them cheering for their favorite artist. For 2h, KHJ treated his fans with sympathy and music to a legion of fans who anxiously had awaited him.

However, he didn’t hesitate promising that he might be coming back to our country.

R: well guys, we’re here at “Parque de la Exposición” where KHJ’s big concert will take place. The lines are already forming. There’s a lot of fans here in our country and this is the team informing for G&B. We’re here with U:zoosin, it’s Leader’s mascot. He has now lots of doubts and wants fans to answer to some questions.
-Oh yes, what are you saying? You want fans to answer… Ah ok, so now we’re gonna talk with some fans. (all this talking to U:zoosin)
-Do you know what, Cristina who comes from Chile, U:zoosin has lots of questions. He wanna know why he’s been created by Leader.
Fan: Look, my understanding is that he created him because he’s fascinated by Alien life and he’s always dreamt of travelling to the space. Also one of his dreams is to hold a concert or FM in the space. So this creature comes from there and is the reflection of seeing himself as an alien and for that reason he’s called 4D Alien.
R: What else do you wanna ask me? Well, U:zoosin says that he’s practically been a Leader’s creation and has been drawn by KHJ’s own hand!
F: Yes, he’s been created by him and even he creates stories in his official site in South Korea and it’s a bit like the life stories he’s living dialy.
R: Then U:zoosin is practically Leader’s reflection and how he wants to express himself though his desires, isn’t it?
F: Yes, something like that. It’s like his inner person coming to life in his drawings.
R: You love U:zoosin?
F: Yes, I love him. He fascinates me. Look, I have it here. (showing the badge)
R: Even there you have it. As a badge you have it. So then it’s a great creation that Leader made and you now are doubt free,, right? (asking to U:zoosin) So we’re leaving here U:zoosin cuz it’s property of the fans. Bye-bye.

R: Following the line we find several foreign fans and obviously Ecuador is present in the concert of Leader.
F: It’s exciting to see him singing live. It’s the first time we’re here in Peru for him and we’re gonna give him all our all.

R: Here, fans from Chile! Since when have you been a fan of Leader?
F: Since 2005.
R: WOW! You’ve followed him for long.
F: He needs to be assured that his Henecia are never gonna leave him alone and will be supporting him like we’ve always done.

F from Paraguay: We’re from Paraguay. We came to give our support to KHJ in his WT here in Lima, Peru and we’re very happy and excited. We’re gonna sing to him with our heart the song “Nothing On You” cuz it represents his fans and the love he has for them and especially his fans’ love towards him.

R: A word for Leader, please?
F: 1, 2, 3… FIGHTING KHJ!
F: I’ve always wanted to attend a show of his so now I think the song I wanna see the most is “Please” (I think we all know why! XD)
F: We wanna give him all our support so that he is happy and visits Colombia.

F: I’m happy that after a lot of things (referring to the scandal) fans are giving him a lot of support, Lima is giving support, Arequipa too, from other provinces and countries too.

F: We’re very excited bc we’re gonna see him and we’re gonna have the High-Touch with him so we’re extremely happy.

F: I have a lot of expectations for this concert. It’s been a dream for lots of girls. Last time some of us couldn’t come and now we’re here and our sisters from Lima are helping us and we’re very thankful to them.

R: They are coming from Cochabamba (Bolivia). Welcome girls.

R: Tell me, what’s the meaning of this two poster you were given by a FC.
F: This banner is to be held during the song (????) and this other (the heart) we’re gonna lift it up for (?????) when the song starts playing, we’ll lift it up and we’re gonna give a nicer or more perfect touch to the song and so that Leader feels fans’ support.

(I really didn’t understand any of the two song she said… did she said the names in Korean and I didn’t understand?????)

Narrator: After you can see the highlights of the concert. This concert was possible thanks to the production of Zafiro International who did an excellent job, very organized and was great.



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