Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Updated [Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in NAGOYA – 2014.09.16

MANY MANY THANKS to lovingkhj team for all the Phantasm WT Updates … Can’t believe we have come to an end  of his tour.  I want more …………….

To all our gracious translators, photographers  and viedographers …… THANK YOU THANK YOU all for being so generous in sharing ….  This Tour may be the most touching by far.  It is AMAZING that KHJ and fans have bonded even more ….. the power of LOVE truly cannot be denied …….. 

To our ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG ….  CONGRATULATIONS for a very successful WORLD TOUR ……. Rest Assured your Family will always be here for you …………… 


Tweets Update:  lovingkimhyunjoong @loving_khj  

Photos Credit:  coriibean / June Chapelle / illublue

  • We will be distributing these at venue prior 2 tonight’s concert n Nagoya. Our little way of supporting HJ.Fighting!

  • Merchandise sale. uzoosin keychain which is a limited item in nagoya is sold out ^^

  •  Inside venue

  • Concert starts. HJ fighting!!
  • Intro.

  • 2014.09.16 Nagoya Phantasm WT

  • HJ gave d girl,who was on stage for I’m Your Man, a bottle of water & got fans screaming. girl kept shaking her head, looked so nervous.

  • Walked through the 1st floor crowd (twice over 2 sections!) on the way up stage singing His Habit
  • Walked to the crowd again at the end of Beauty Beauty & Do You Like That… fans are going crazy!

  • Fully clothed through the entire Please ^^

  • The Reason I Live.

  • he said some words before Nothing On You that made fan behind me sob 
  • Walk through crowd again during Kiss Kiss… and ended the song sitting on edge of stage ^^

  • Encore – Your Story in Jap. Then Heat.

  • He sang GOODBYE from Hotsun Album. Yay!!!!! Me so happy – Nanet

  • HJ not wearing the WT con T-shirt.
  • he said, ‘I love you’ before leaving stage. Fans are still chanting his name now in the venue… He I Love You in Japanese
  • fans still chanting his name.
  • fans finally was really nice ^^ doesn’t matter he didn’t come out everyone just want to chant his name leaving now with smiles ^^
  • He talked a lot today.
  • last few songs really really the best!!!
  • One of the most touching moments was when the music wet off in the second part of heat and audience sang acapella with HJ holding out mike..
  • Fans waiting for him to leave.

  • The waiting crowd..

  • Still waiting

  • The car lit up

All windows wind down

He was sitting on the right back seat

The car was driven sooooooo slowly

  • he made 1 full round up the way from carpark where fans lined up

and then u-turned down the way to the exit

  •  waved with smile ^^ lit up so prettily lol!
  • Today’s concert was totally sold out.. Don’t remember a situation where no tickets to be had anywhere at all!


Fancams Credit:  TheMARUAKI



Credit:  viny0110

20140916NAGOYA HEAT:


Fancams Credit:   kao0606


Tweet Updates:   

  • HJ said ” Since I was born as KHJ, I thought that it is my own life, but it’s not true.   My life is not only for my own. but also for yours as well.
  • He also said ” after I come back to Korea, I will work on to create good music”
  • Then I will see you again with better music. Bye now! See you again! “

Tweets/Translatrion Credit  

  • HJ: “During these 4 months, because of everyone I am able to stay on my feet and did not fall / collapse..” (cr: )


Tweets Credit:

  • When he’s picking a lucky fan up the stage for I’m Your Man, he asked was there anyone who’s the same age as him? (1)
  • And many fans raised up their hands. Then he jokingly said..’if you lie, you’re gonna be punished~’ ㅋㅋ (2)


  • Line of the goods sale

  • 共有ありがとうございます(*^o^*) cr in tx♡♡♡♡♡


  • 会場に着きました   (We arrived at the venue)

  • Inside the venue

  • Finished our hearts are here…

Photos Credit:   

Credit:   aaron9999KHJ



FAN ACCOUNT [FA] #Phantasm in Nagoya After I’m Yours

Tweet/Translation Credit:   

HJ : Have prepared something special for everyone in Nagoya. The reason that I live. The World Tour, met up with fans from different countries from Jun to September. It is because of the support that everyone gave me, that I didn’t collapse. Looking at this, can really feel that this is not just my own life. (Meaning should be he is thankful to everyone, everyone is the reason that he stay alive)

Fr: 爱贤21度C@weibo: 14.09.16‘梦幻’世巡演唱会—-名古屋场 I’m Yours结束,偶吧:这次为名古屋的大家准备了特别的曲目。我活着的理由。这次世巡,从6月到9月和各国的饭见面。正因为大家给予我的支持,我才没有倒 下。这样看来,真的感觉到这不是我一个人的人生啊。(意思应该是感谢大家,大家是他活着的理由)[可怜] From kazum39@twitter

 Photos Credit: 


Photos Credit:   



3 responses

  1. Cagome

    I am very grateful and happy for this honor to live emotions of every step in this beautiful and magic project,World Tour.Amazing and intense every second of this project.Our Only One is amazing artist in world culture.Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 12:21 am

  2. FanJoong

    My brave prince, be happy.
    You are love unconditionally.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 10:39 pm

  3. Kimsmile😄

    Thanks for sharing all the up date frm Nagoya’s good to hear from KHJ.wish him to be happy en good health all the time. Thanks to all of us who are loyal en always supporting him not only in good time but also in the bad times. KHJ fighting!!!😄

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 10:13 pm

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