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[Pexers Write-Ups] Cyber Bullying the Celebrities

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Cyber Bullying the Celebrities

Author:  AprilS Pexers Write-Ups on FB

Celebrities are high profile people -their exposure goes viral in seconds. Their public activities even private affairs make the splash and flash points. Compared to ordinary folks what they say or do get magnified in almost unbelievable proportion.

With cellphones practically performing unlimited functions anything gets captured and in the blink of an eye gets distributed and consumed by those using social media networks. Media on the other hand repeats with impunity what has been published ad nauseam. Because it sells at the moment.

Is there a problem there? Not when the information being passed around is accurate and timely. Not when pictures posted aren’t the result of manipulated images. Not when comments posted are done responsibly and not done to harass and bully the object of hatred.

We have heard the phrase -he deserves to be punished with what he has done stated in so many ways. Initial reaction out of shock may have been understandable, but the prolong and habitual hatred postings are not acceptable. The online forum has not and will never replace the processes involved in Judicial system. It is plain and simple cyber mob.

This is not to absolve the celebrities prone to risky and risqué behaviour.Or those who violate social norms -they are not supposed to be licensed to be above the rest for they are role models and icons.

Unseen faces have turned to amorphous figures using accusatory and hurtful words based on hearsay. Or simply hatred ? Are these the Cyber vigilantes?

Why do this thing happen?

One interesting observation was made by Facebook team head that has been researching this phenomenon partly explained the cyber mob behaviour. Humans are evolved to do face to face interactions -we look at each other’s eyes (and I include body language as well ) to see reactions. We produce our responses the same way. What happens when we do less and less face to face ?

In the development of language and other means of communication, babies learn to smile to a carer’s smiles, feel the rejection or a negative emotion and cry as a result. We seem to have lost that in communicating in cyberspace. We replaced them with emoticons. We create online transnational communities with common threads of liking or hating. We become friends or unfriend another. In so doing are we not perhaps on the verge of slowly losing a part of the foundation of our humanity? Could it explain hostilities in cyberspace?

Be that as it may we cannot pass the blame to social technology. Social technology in its various forms are the means of getting connected. But it is us the users who determine how they are going to be used. Unfortunately, many do not know how to use it responsibly. In short it has been misused and abused.

Cyberbullying is misusing and abusing social technology. But more than that is it has threatened another person’s integrity. Already the move to curb excesses is said to be on-going. There must be a price to pay for cyber bullying.


3 responses



    Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 8:14 am

  2. Bella

    Thank you so much for the very good article. You has pointed out the very important issue which is really destructive for people who are using social media. We have seen this kind of behavior all the time in social media and no one can do nothing. Something needed to be done with this kind of behavior . It is such a harmful and unlawful behavior. In my opinion their behaviors are really closed to a criminal. It is really good that finally there are people who are willing to do something with it. The action they take are surely will benefit the whole society. I would persuade all internet users to cooperate with the project in order to make social technology be used in a productive way only. .I believe if all of us determine it surely will bring some change .

    Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 12:54 am

  3. JAZU

    Already the move to curb excesses is said to be on-going. There must be a price to pay for cyber bullying. you wrote, I really hope that it happens soon, not only for KHJ but also for those people who suffer bullying by the web. As always we and KHJ will be on the head of something new, this time to stop the bullying on him, which of couse favorites to others.while weare trying to move hater really dont like to stop, they will never stop, i think but at least they will consider the implications of their actions if they continue doing it. MY ONLY ONE , it is rare to say it but it is true, in my heart he was, is, was and will be my only one, even if l appreciate other artists he will be always special for me.

    Friday, October 24, 2014 at 9:04 pm

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