Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[ARTICLE – Angel Joong] Kim Hyun Joong: Fan Favorite Fever Frenzy

THANKS Angel for this article …. I loved that funny voting experience you’ve shared …..  for the love of HJ, I even dream of YBA lol



Like Passing the Olympic Torch, Kim Hyun Joong Fans Fight for his Right to Win the Yahoo Buzz 2014 Most Popular Asian Idol Award with Round the Clock Voting Vigil


As we near the end of another week of vigilant voting at the Yahoo Buzz Award site, I am filled with pride and awe as we have pushed Kim Hyun Joong’s vote margin to nearly 400,00 in the lead.  My heart has been warmed and my body energized as I voted at every opportunity available and received updates and invites for mass voting efforts from Kim Hyun Joong’s dedicated fans on Twitter and Facebook.  Communicating via private message and through an Official Facebook Event page, the fans have been rallying each other on to keep up the mass effort to vote as much as possible during certain hours of each day to counter the efforts of the #2 camp.  Each day the calls for doubled efforts go out, and the hard labor has paid off with a nearly double lead margin in just 5 days time.  We are truly a force to be reckoned with as we come together to fight for our Only One.  Contenders beware, the Alien Family is strong and we come back swinging!  Any threat to the reputation or well being of our first love, Kim Hyun Joong is met with fierce defense and strategy!  Don’t Mess with ‘The Family!’
(That’s a little GodFather humor for you, seeing as I come from an Italian family, and we love to joke about ‘Uncle Cosmo!’  LOL!)

So, I have discovered how to vote on my phone and wanted to post a little tutorial here for you in case you have not been successful logging in and voting on your Android Smartphone.  Here are the Steps in Pictures.  Just watch the entire slideshow and you should be able to successfully vote for KHJ anytime, anywhere.  Speaking of Anytime and Anywhere, I have found myself voting for him in odd and funny situations.  So, I wanted to give a little countdown of the times and places I have been voting for him just to show the craziness of my devotion.  This was inspired by some of the comments on Lazer Kim’s blog where fans were sharing their funny stories about their family begging for breakfast and being neglected because mom had to vote for Hyun Joong and other humorous situations.  I hope you will share more for me here in my comment boxes as I love to read these scenarios and experience your love and devotion in voting for him as I have been thinking about nothing else all week as well.  It’s quite a lot of fun to share those experiences with each other.

(Posted the contents of the slideshow instead …. .)

I have voted:

1.  In Bed
2.  At work
3.  While watching a Horror Movie
4.  While watching Korean Drama Doctor Stranger (great drama)
5.  While waiting at the Doctor’s Office
6.  While waiting for the Doctor to come in to the Exam Room
7.  In the bathroom at the Doctor’s Office while, um, well, you know
8.  While eating lunch in my car
9.  While talking on the phone
10.  While waiting in line at the Pharmacy
11.  While walking around Sam’s Club
12.  While waiting for my food at a Restaurant

And so, you can see that if you have a Smart Phone it is possible to vote anywhere you have internet connection.  Since I have unlimited data on my phone, I can connect anywhere my phone gets service.  So, I would have to be out in the middle of nowhere, Timbuck Too or BFE (Bum F*** Egypt if you are not familiar with the term, it is an American Saying meaning somewhere that is so far remote no life is found) in order to be unable to vote.  I will continue voting until the last second because there is no margin large enough to show the vast love Kim Hyun Joong’s fans have for him.  Even if he were 1,000,000 trillion, bazillion votes ahead, it would still not reflect our love.  We will vote until we drop!  Fighting!


My funny voting story:

I was voting in bed with my Lappy on my tummy.  I suddenly got the hiccups and although I was having a bit of difficulty and made a few mistakes because my stomach kept suddenly bumping the computer, I kept voting!  LOL!  I was annoyed at my hiccups for interrupting my voting streak!

So, as of this post, Kim Hyun Joong is around 400,000 votes ahead of Miss Jessica.  I got this code once for my vote… it says ‘Cry B!’  I wonder who I was thinking of when I thought a B**** should be crying.  NO ONE can knock our man down!  He is invincible and unbreakable there is no denying that fact!  So, Sisters, let’s keep the Vigil until the candle is burned at both ends passing the Torch from one Time Zone to the next until 12/5/14 which I am told will be the last day of voting.  Then, from what I understand, Hyun Joong will be invited to Hong Kong to receive his reward born of the labor of love from all of his fans World Wide.  We are International and United for U:Zoosin Our Only One 4-D Man of Honor Kim Hyun Joong!  I know he will be so happy to feel the love and know that he is still ON TOP and God of the Universe!  Please, share your voting experiences and stories.  I am sure he would be touched and get some laughs out of them as much as the rest of his fans will be laughing and relating.  Vote, Vote, Vote til the end!  

Just one more thought:  Lazer Kim was right about forsaking all other polls until the Yahoo Buzz award is granted!  I have only voted in the Golden Week and Voting Station polls occasionally this week.  I am so fixated on Yahoo.  However, after we win this, let’s focus our attention on the others so he can be #1 everywhere his name appears.  I want any search engine to pull up his name as #1 anywhere someone is searching for him.  He is THE MOST POPULAR Korean Idol Star in the WORLD, and we will prove it to the doubters, antis, and haters.  Keep Fighting!


Angie Noonim

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YBA Update as of KST 11pm~HJ is leading in hourly votes and overtook #2 by 2063votes! keep it up & get going~

5 responses

  1. vinita

    Good job there. Step by step. easy to follow. I can’t vote using normal way. Dunno what they said. However , I got stuck at the place where u need to type ur email addy and the write the words they gave u. After I vote hyun joong. the page didn’t change to the above.

    Monday, November 24, 2014 at 4:41 pm



    Monday, November 24, 2014 at 4:14 pm

  3. caebeyanne

    ANywhere I go I give time to vote, in the mall,while at the grocerystore,,i accidentally bump one customer bcoz im so focus on voting. The funny thing is I’m voting in my dreams too….lol not (counted though)
    As soon i wake up i start voting again but still in bed lying…

    Monday, November 24, 2014 at 7:03 am

  4. aprilstarr

    I must say it is exertion of great effort…keep it up!

    Monday, November 24, 2014 at 6:32 am

  5. winky

    Thank you for sharing and the information:)

    Monday, November 24, 2014 at 5:21 am

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