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[Fancams] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 1 – 2015.01.27#KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

Fancams Credit:   Ooshan418

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Fancam Snippets Credit:  @kimaida501 via @Holhyun



FA trans] Kim Hyun Joong ‘Gemini Concert Tour 2015’ in Japan

Translation Credit:   

Fr: KHJchicchi/twitter and chi trans by 爱贤21度C/weibo:
#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 晚上好。因为今天是会员限定live,作为我给大家的礼物,在大家回去时,我会跟你们每个人一对一的说‘慢走,路上小心’。
Good evening. As today is Henecia member exclusive live concert, as a present from me for everyone, when everyone is going back later, i will say ‘Goodbye, take care on your way home’ to each and everyone of you.

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 今天会有大家第一次听到的歌曲,或许也有不会唱的人,但是那就是live的真正乐趣所在,希望大家可以享受到最后。大家知道唱哪首么?会离开日本2-3年的时间?所以想和大家每个人交流
There will be songs that everyone will hear for the first time today, maybe there’ll be some of you who doesn’t know how to sing, but that is the real joy of live concert, hope that everyone can enjoy till the end. Does everyone know what song I’ll be singing? Will be away from Japan for 2-3 years, thus wish to interact with everyone.

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 过年就30岁了,(年龄)和大家很接近了吧?30岁的人请举一下手。恭喜(你)和我相似的年纪,(想法)拉近了呢。来日本一步也没外出过。喜欢的艺人是竹内结子
Will turn 30 after lunar new year, (age) is getting closer to everyone right? Those who are 30 please raise your hand. Congratulation (to you) for being the similar age with me, (thoughts) are closer too. Didn’t stepped out at all while staying in Japan. The artiste I like is Yuko Takeuchi.

FR:khj_k40_1988/twitter and chi trans by 爱贤21度C/weibo:
#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 2周期间,几乎没怎么外出。Honda(本田)和香川的PK很遗憾呢(应该指两个足球队)。(亚洲杯)日本如果能获胜的话,就可以继续转播足球比赛了,很遗憾。(意思他没足球比赛可以看了)
During the 2 weeks (in Japan), almost didn’t stepped out. Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa’s PK was such a pity. (Asian Cup) If Japan had won, then can continue to watch the broadcast of soccer matches, such a pity. (meaning he can’t watch the matches anymore)

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 追加公演了[拜拜]2.18-2.20连续3场在幕张Messe(位于日本千叶县千叶市的大型会议及展示中心)。
Adding 3 more performance from 2/18-2/20 at Makuhari Messe.

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 我的乐队,其实是没有名字的,但是现在想到了(名字)。这次公演的名字是Gemini,所以乐队的名字就命名为Gemini。[可爱]FR:khj_k40_1988
My band, actually doesn’t have a name, but I’ve thought of one now. The concert tour this time is Gemini, so the band name will be Gemini.

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 解释Gemini的由来:双子座,即使分开,心也永远只有一个。所以我希望我们在辛苦的时候可以互相思念彼此、互相依靠,支撑彼此生活下去。[悲伤]FR:khj_k40_1988
Explaining how (concert name) Gemini came about: Gemini, even if separated, heart will forever be only one. Thus I hope when we are going through tough times we can think of each other, rely on each other, supporting each other and live on.

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 MC友情提示:因为是阶梯性的座位,大家(走出去时)不要光顾着看贤重,脚踩空了可就恐怖了。[哈哈][哈哈]FR:byjkhj
MC’s friendly reminder: Because it’s theater seating, when everyone is walking out, don’t just keep your eyes on Hyun Joong, it will be disastrous if you miss a step.

2/11 will release [Even Now]. Please listen to [Even Now]. How does everyone feel about [Even Now]? Can you follow and sing along immediately? I feel that [Even Now] is a sad song. Not sad? Haven’t heard it that’s why you don’t know (it’s sad) right?

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 向大家传达一件事,一个好消息。2.18是韩国的春节,(传达2.18-2.20在幕张活动大厅连续3天公演的事后)说:尽管春节和家人一起度过很重要, 但这次是我30代的第一个春节,所以想和大家一起度过。(←▁←嘴涂蜂蜜了?[挖鼻屎])希望大家一直长寿。FR:uchushin
Share something with everyone, a good news. 2/18 is Korea’s New Year, (mentioned about additional shows for 3 days at Makuhari) although it’s very important to spend the new year with families, but this is my first new year entering into the 30’s, so i wished to spend it with everyone. Hope everyone will have a long life.

#金贤重# 15.01.27‘Gemini’日巡横滨场 入伍前最后的演唱会,或许会有所不同。我喜欢各种各样的尝试,不仅是全国巡演说不定也会准备其他的,(届时)给大家看我头发剃光的样子吧?讨厌么?我剪光 头的话大家也请跟着一起剪哦。←▁←哪来的自信别人跟你一起剪 [拜拜]FR:uchushin
The concert before entering into army, maybe it will be different. I like to try different things, not just a nation tour but also may prepare something else, (till then) let everyone see my look with shaved head? Don’t like it? If I shave bald, everyone also shave together.






[HD Photos – murdererq] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – ISHIKAWA Concert at Kanazawa Opera House– 2015.01.31 #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015


2015.01.28….. Gemini @ Kanazawa….still cloud9ing XD…


※ 圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。包括在WEIBO!!!

※ 재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

※ 画像二次加工禁止です!!!

※ No edite mis fotos!!!

Still Cloud9ing XDDDD


[Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – ISHIKAWA Concert at Kanazawa Opera House– 2015.01.31 #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

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晴れ間見えてきた! (refreshing!)

会場グッズ (Venue goods)


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  • HJ just arrived at the venue


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  • ヒョンジュン金沢会場入り!車から降りてすぐフードを被ってしまったので(-_-;)  (Hyun Joong at Kanazawa venue – as soon as they got out of car ……



Snippet KHJ Arrival via DeannaDsc

Photos Credit:  haku_1202 via DeannaDsc


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  • 楽屋出入り口 (dressing room entrance)

Updates Credit:   ·

  • Kanazawa Venue + queue outside.

  • Inside venue

  • Looks full at level 1 Credit: Coriibean

  • Starting now! Band playing intro… unbreakable
  • This venue has no HD screen… maybe cuz venue is smaller.
  • HJ wearing Black suit, pinstrip ribbon tie.
  • HJ wearing Black suit, pinstrip ribbon tie.
  • HJ talking.
  • Cappuccino
  • Talking …….  BINGO
  • HJ led the waving of penlight during bridge of bingo and the cheers too
  • Ballad – I can’t erase u from my mind
  • Words I Want to Say
  • Talking ….  I’m Your Man
  • HJ comes down to the floor. He’s on left of stage.
  • Can hear happy sobs from fans.
  • He wanted to give fan service as usual 2day but unsure how 2 do it ^^ came down fr stage near d end nd serenade a fan n 1st sect left side.
  • Can’t see the fan but can ‘hear’ her joy ^^
  • A male fan called him Leader fr 2rd floor. He was surprised but pleasantly so!
  • Got the crowd to give a big round of applause. And then another male fan fr 1st level called out to him too LOL!
  • Your Story
  • interval – band play music – U
  • Next song will be Lucky Guy after interval
  • So cute… the fans are sitting but still silently cheering with their lightsticks at U U U
  • He’s Upstairs! Lucky guy. He’s making many happy.
  • This venue not too good .. no camera to follow and project.. Beauty Beauty
  • He’s back on stage.
  • He’s changed clothes. Black white checked.long jacket , black collar on jacket, white shirt inside, black tie
  • Kiss kiss
  • Dancing Sits on edge of stage Just like the part in dance when he Sits on the bench
  • Talking now
  • Hj blows a flying kiss to the crowd at end of Kiss Kiss
  • The crowd getting a lot of fan service.
  • Talking
  • HEAT
  • In one part before chorus, Fans will shout ‘KHJ’!
  • Encore.. Fans chanting his name
  • Timing Same suit. Walk down stage, right side Back up same way
  • Talking Wipes sweat
  • YOUR STORY HJ comes down from stage.
  • HJ now back on stage at right side. Going to say final goodbye.
  • HJ going to say goodbye again today!
  • Hj going to say good bye to fans at the door. Same as Yokohama. Total fan service tonight.
  • He is happy The crowd responded real well at the end Encore was great He spoke a LOT tonight.
  • Saying bye bye to fans again.. 1 by 1
  • Photos Credit: Coriibean


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2015JAN31st in Kanazawa^^


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  • ヒョンジュンお見送り  Hyun Joong Send Off


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リダ、お見送り中 横浜よりゆっくり (I can see him! Trans Credit:  )

[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: A Match Made In Heaven – #KHJPhoenix2015

Author:  AprilStarr

I couldn’t resist not writing about it. I’m not only seeing Kim Hyun Joong in this ongoing 2015 concert. I’m seeing him and his fans in the venue and those millions (latest estimates I heard 4 m and growing) round the world. The scenario tells me or rather reveal once again -Kim Hyun Joong would not have reached this far, with so called scandal to boot without his loyal fans.I can hear protestations that Hyun Joong deserve to be loved and followed. Yes. Definitely yes. I don’t need to enumerate what endeared him to them. His fans knew it in their heart and bones.

But he also didn’t choose his fans, his fans chose him and stayed with him through all the bumps,the rough rides and smooth sailings. But the true test comes in the rough rides. The fans’ promise ‘you’ll never be alone’ bring tears to the eyes. His and ours.

Hyun Joong realized that – as he explained the meaning of Gemini. He stressed the importance of reliance on each other through the hard times. He was forthright and honest without saying directly it was what pulled him through. It was and is the special relationship he has with his fans. If doctors have their patients,the teachers have their students, the lawyers have their clients, celebrities also have their fans.

But Hyun Joong’s relationship with his fans goes deeper than the usual attraction generated by his latest works or projects.Though they cement the bond because he shows he cares by presenting his very best efforts all hands on. He knows we expect no less from him. Even his personal dilemma is never an excuse, he rises above it. So in countless times and ways we learn from it. We are inspired from it.

HJ and fans matched by heaven.


[HD Photos – ahlia0606] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 2 – 2015.01.28 #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015



Fancam Credit:  piyogaki


Fancams via Deanna Dsc

KHJ~leaving the venue
[1.28.2015] KHJ@”GEMINI” Japan Tour 2015 in Yokohama Day-2

[HD Photos – ahlia0606] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 1 – 2015.01.27 #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: The Pictures Did Not Lie #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

Author:  AprilStarr

Arts:  lnprz / Photos used:  Credit as Tagged

This time the pictures did not lie…it wasn’t meant to twist anything but show KHJ comeback was very strong, in full force and performing as if he hasn’t performed this well before.

But we learn lessons from this…we stand up after having fallen…we face what is in store for us …we don’t lose hope.

It wasn’t his professional skills that was questioned…but his personal integrity. But then his fans have spoken. They knew who to believe.Their faith never shaken and now have shown the strength of that foundation of trust.

Kim Hyun Joong is the Only One!

(fanart courtesy of Lina Perez)


Fancam Credit:   さいのくにりんこ


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Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour 2015’Gemini’ Makuhari Messe event schedule. キム・ヒョンジュン追加公演開催地、幕張メッセのイベントスケジュールに!

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CFancam redit:  KHJPERFECT via Holhyun

Please Click on Image to see video

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Tomorrow’s venue for Concert “KANAZAWA OPERA HOUSE” “: 카나자와 오페라 하우스 “

[HD Photos – murdererq] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Komatsu Airport Arrival – 2015.01.30


2015.01.30 Komatsu Airport Arrival – Ishiakwa Seems with good mood today 🙂

[HD Photos + Full Audio – Still] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 2 (2015.01.28)

Photos Credit:    nevi_qq



Upload Credit: PIKO


2015.01.29 JAPAN Mobile SIte Update




[HD Photos – murdererq] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 2 (2015.01.28)


2014.01.27-28 KHJ Japan Tour 「 GEMINI @ Yokohama, JPN I was there…


[Photos/Fancams] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 2 (2015.01.28)

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Here’s the list of HJ’s favourite songs:

  1. Still (because its a new song.)
  2. Kimi dake kesenakute
  3. Your Story
  4. Heat
  5. Hoshizora (SS501)


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  • 20150128 Kim Hyun Joong “GEMINI” tour. My Happy time is over! You are the best always >//<


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Photos Credit:  aaron9999KHJ 

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2015.1.28 Kim Hyun Joong❤️
Leaving the venue …
#khj #KimHyunJoong #김현중 #キムヒョンジュン #リダ #今でも #GEMINI

Photos Credit:  WinWin Henecia



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Fancam/Tweets Credit: SP @illublue  

  •  Fans were joking that on both days even his car leaving had an encore ^^ It made a round and came back before leaving 🙂
  • Security at the Japan concerts so far has been strict… Even for coming in and out of venue pics and videos are prohibited ..

Fancam Credit:  : via 

[Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 2 (2015.01.28)


  • キム・ヒョンジュン全国ツアー“GEMINI”@パシフィコ横浜2日目ですね☆DATVスタッフも会場にお邪魔しています。楽しみですね~~((o(^∇^)o)


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  • はい♡ 今日も着きました‼︎ Today’s venue ♡

INSIDE the Venue

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Photos Credit:  WinWin Henecia

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  • Yesterday, when HJ sent us Olof, ” Hoshizora”, SS501’s song was used as BGM. It turned out to HJ’s favorite song. He will sing this later.
  • With 30’s ahead, people feel both of expectation and fear. He wasted to show us how he got matured .
  • Gemini band consists of the same generation, 29~ 30 years old. HJ chose them to share the same feelings if the 30’s.
  • So in the song”Still Now”, he put “solitude” “fear” “sorrowness” of the men.

Tweet Updates:   

  • Concert starts. HJ wearing Grey suit, black Shirt, Grey bow tie, untied. Opening song is Unbreakable. Guess song list same as last night.
  • Next song…
  • Tonight
  • Timing
  • Talk
  • Cappuccino
  • Hot sun
  • Talk
  • Bingo
  • HJ talking again.He asked us 2 sit down cuz he knows last night we wer standing too long. He asked us 2 drink water.He gave his water away.
  • Fans seating down listening to him sing Kime Dake Wo kesenakute
  • After one song, fans decide to stand up again. Words I Want to Say cr:

  • We’re practicing chorus for I’m your man. He asked us to sit down again.
  • HJ asked who’s birthday today…………. Many today.
  • Playing Paper Scissors Stone with fans. 2 ppl left. Cr:

  • Couldn’t find a winner so two people get to go up
  • He asked the 2 fans left to go up the stage. Two chairs on stage Going to sing I m your man

  • Had only one present so he had to open up the package to split up the gifts. Uzoosin blanket, keychain, korean snack and ..
  • Apologies cannot remember last portion
  • HJ has only have one present to give. Opened the gift. Blanket and Korean snack. He split the gift for 2 fans.
  • Singing I’m Your Man to 2 fans. Fans seat down to listen while HJ serenades the 2 fans. Cr:

  • Talk
  • Your Story
  • Gave a little yelp just now when he dropped the photo which he was about to give the first fan 🙂
  • Ah the package contained Uzoosin blanket, Uzoosin keychain, Yokohama Uzoosin keychain and Korean snack
  • U
  • Lucky Guy
  • He comes down from stage

  • Walking across seats
  • Back on stage
  • Beauty beauty
  • HJ changed clothes. Black pants, white strip Navy blue long coat Grey round neck Shirt Grey collar on jacket
  • Band members and HJ Cr:

  • Kiss Kiss is next.
  • Kiss kiss is the only song that he still dancs to! Hj panting…He danced thru the whole song.
  • Talking now. He wiped off his sweat. Cr:

  • New song 今でも
  • Talk
  • SaveToday
  • HEAT. Another song that he encourage fans to sing w him. This song is the entire hall singing! Jap fans just love his song very very much
  • GOODBYE. Concert nearly finish.
  • HJ leaves the stage. Fans chanting his name. Encore soon
  • HJ Comes out, no jacket. HOT SUN Cr:

  • Lucky guy
  • He’s on the floor. Goes all the way to the back
  • Walks to my side. Cr:

  • Talking.
  • Final Thank you with band members
  • Photos Credit:

  • Thanks heaps to for the updates tonight.
  • Regarding the add-on concerts at Makuhari:The feb 20 concert comes with own penlight that changes colour and is wireless with a remote control. (Presumably centrally controlled)
    Only people with ticket on Feb 20 will have the pen light.
    Announcement of winning lottery is between 5th to 8th. printing of tickets in lawson or ministop also during that time.(Translated by Ariel aka pizzchan)

Tweet/Photo Credit:     

2日間、お疲れ様でした(^3^)/ 新幹線に乗りました。 楽しかったですね(⌒0⌒)/~~ 私は次は名古屋限定です。また、お会いできたら嬉しいです(^o^) お友達が出待ちでパシャしてくれて送ってくれました。ありがとうです♪

 Tweets Credit:

  • snack that gv to fan ws the most popluar sold out entire maket in KO. So giving this means u r special..maybe more than mom (HJ said)
  • 제미니밴드는 현중이 또래로 구성되어있다.. 30이된다면 함께 공감대를 나누고싶어서다RT @lafone0606: Gemini band consists of the same generation, 29~ 30 years old. HJ chose them to share the same feelings if the 30’s.
  • 어제 나와 GEMINI 밴드 모두가 돌아가서 어떻게하면 어제보다 다른 것을 더 즐겁게 할 수 있을까 맥주를 마시면서 회의를했습니다. 그리고 내놓은 결과는 그냥 연습 해 온 것처럼 즐겁게하자!라는 것이 었습니다.RT
  • 럭키걸~RT : 今日のLuckyガールさん❣ ❣ リダとのツーショットポラロイド 撮らせていただきました(﹡ˆ﹀ˆ﹡)♡ ありがとうございました♡

Today’s Lucky Girl’s ❣ ❣
Two-shot Polaroid with Lida
I was allowed to take (* ﹀ *) ♡
Thank you ♡

Tweets Credit:

  • The Korean snack that HJ gave to fan was honeybutter chips that is super popular in KR now, only the one he gave was the Japan version.
  • Because the honey butter chips is really so popular now in Korea that once it’s put on shelf, it’ll probably be gone within minutes.
  • So yes, it’s practically a gift beyond monetary value. *wink*
  • Jz found out the brand producing honey butter chips is actually available in some countries too w/o honeybutter tho
  • The craze for honey butter really purely KR-localised. We can probably still find it on market shelves in Japan

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  • The snack that HJ gave away to Lucky fans. Honey Butter Chip cr: 掘斗士



[News] Kim Hyun Joong releases PV teaser for ‘Even Now’

Source:  Daily K Pop News | Latest K-Pop News

Kim Hyun Joong releases the teaser for his upcoming music video ‘Even Now’ from his 2nd Japanese album.

The clip started off with a very dark and gloomy atmosphere followed by Kim Hyun Joong holding a mic and singing with a band.

The 2nd Japanese album ‘Even Now’ will be released in Japan on February 11.

[Teaser Video] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG STILL


Published on Jan 27, 2015

■キム・ヒョンジュン日本公式サイト (
■ユニバーサル ミュージック・サイト(…
■ユニバーサル ミュージック・ストア(…

■初回限定盤A: CD + Blu-ray + 24Pブック+ スリーブ
4,800円(税込) / UICV-9086

5. 今でも
6. 君だけを消せなくて
7. TIMING (feat. SKY-HI)
8. Cappuccino
9. Beauty Beauty [JAPANESE VERSION]
10. Nothing on You [JAPANESE VERSION]
11. B.I.N.G.O
12. Good-Bye

・今でも -Music Video-
・TONIGHT -Music Video-
・Cappuccino -Music Video-
・君だけを消せなくて -Music Video-
・HOT SUN –Jacket Making Film-
・今でも -Making Film-

■初回限定盤B:CD + DVD + 24Pブック+ スリーブ
4,000円(税込) / UICV-9080

・今でも -Music Video-
・TONIGHT -Music Video-
・Cappuccino -Music Video-
・君だけを消せなくて -Music Video-
・HOT SUN –Jacket Making Film-
・今でも -Making Film-

■初回限定盤C: CD + グッズ(ブレスレット) + 24Pブックレット
4,000円(税込) / UICV-9081

■通常盤: CD + 20Pブックレット
3,000円(税込) / UICV-1044



Screen Captures:   

“今でも”Teaser “


LK …. It was really an AMAZING come back … I am mighty proud of our ONLY ONE!!! There’s none other like him.






By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong launched his first stop concert series GEMINI with a tremendous success last night Jan.27th! The venue Yokohama Pacifico Convention Hall with a capacity of 5,000 was just full house, which is quite expected since the concert tickets for this venue had been long all sold out since day one as soon as ticket selling opened up. This goes for today’s concert at the same venue as well.

The fact that GEMINI concert tickets in all 10 venues are nearly sold out in other areas, that UM decided to have another additional venues at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture on Feb. 18th, 19th and 20th. I call this Kim Hyun Joong’s power! The power to conquer, power to gather a huge crowd out of his concerts and power to capture hearts!


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[HD Photos-murdererq] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN GEMINI TOUR @Pacifico Yokohama Hall – 2015.01.27

Tweet/Photo Credit:  MurdererQ @weibo

2015.01.27….. Gemini @ Yokohama…. Again, just for I was there…


[Fancams/Photos] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN GEMINI TOUR @Pacifico Yokohama Hall – 2015.01.27

Fancam Credit:  khj_chikiyumi via Holhyun


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“서승교” KHJ’s Manager FB update 팬, 제작진, 밴드분들, 아티스트 다들 수고하셨습니다. 오랜만에 진심으로 즐기고 밝은 모습을 봐서 좋았습니다. 감사합니다. GEMINI 화이팅~!!

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FB post by HJ’s manager Seo SeungGyo: “Fans, staff, band members, artists, thanks for the hard work everyone.  It’s good to sincerely have fun & looking at d bright image after a long time. Thank you. GEMINI fighting~!!”

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  • Today, HJ is going to send off all Henecians at the entrance gate. We are now awaiting . B
  • HJ explained Gemini concept. Whenever or wherever we think if each other. When we feel hard, we rely on each other. We live in this way.
  • News! Encore live will take place on Feb 18 – 20 during Korean new year holidays at Makuhari. 3 days live.
  • Also as he loves planning many, he may think of other thing.
  • During his stay in Japan, he spent time for practicing with band as well as Soccer Asia Cup.
  • He planned this tour as we may not able to see him for 2 or 3 years after he gets enlisted.
  • Compared with IG event, he looked to be in a good shape and good mood. He did not too much but looked happy.

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  • 몽롱하니~~기억이 안나ㅠㅠ꿈속을 거닐다온것같아 마지막써프라이즈에’현중아 고마워 내일봐’했을때 똥그래진 별빛눈동자가 자꾸 생각난다

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  • Fans queing to door, where hj says bye bye to each fan…. Instead of handshake?


  • HJ just left. Waved bye with window half down and then did an extra round just to wave goodbye again to the fans

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  • HJ: Tell you a good news. During Korea lunar 1st month, I’ll be live in Chiba for 3 consecutive days. Last live show before MS? Maybe prepare for something else? I’d still like to do something. Maybe everyone’d like to see me with my hair cut? Do you want to see that? If I cut my hair, will u too? HJ, go ahead and tease usCredit: @aaron9999KHJ from weibo
    告诉大家一个好消息。韩国 旧正月。在千叶 三天 连续 三天 live。入队之前最后一次? 也许还会准备什么 ? 我就是喜欢作点什么。 也许大家看见我剪了头发的样子? 大家想看吗? 我剪了头发 大家也剪吗? 贤重 你就逗我吧HJ announced during encore today that 3 more live concerts have been added in Chiba at Mukahari Messe on 18-20 February ^^

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2015.01.27 김현중~♡ 밴드와 함께한 파워풀한 노래, 재미난 토크, 그리고 팬 한명한명 눈 맞추고 마지막 인사까지 쉼 없이 신나게 달린 2시간이었다~^^

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  • I remembered when he said he wanted to see his Japanese fans’ faces one by one…. Today he is fulfilling that promise
  • Looks happier than he has in a while

Tweet Credit:     

  • HJ standing near the entrance to level 1 with his bodyguard by his side. He waved goodbye to fans queuing to leave the hall! Lots of ppl!

  Tweet Credit:  스테파니 @5StarsA

  • Just like HJ said during his talk time, it’s really a stage he prepared for Henecia! Heat is spreading in the air!
  • When HJ asked fans who are already in their 30s to raise their hands, some fans who seems to have yet reach 30 raised their hands up too. And he teased, ‘I’ve my lasik surgery done, so I’m able to see very clearly~’. credit: aaron9999KHJ @ weibo
  • Gemini Tour to add 3 more shows from 2/18 – 2/20 at Makuhari^^
  • Pre-lottery ticket for additional encore GEMINI shows at Makuhari (18/2~20/2) will be opening tomorrow (28/1) at 1800pm JST for HENECIA JAPAN members. //;ALCD=1&amp;


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Photos Credit:  窈窕俗女难自弃 via SakuraDeam501


Photos Credit: @kailovejoong via SakuraDream501





[Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN GEMINI TOUR @Pacifico Yokohama Hall – 2015.01.27

Tweet Updates:  

  • Inside venue

  • Flowers at venue

  • There are band instruments on stage. HJ is going to rock tonight!! cr:
  • Fans still streaming in.. HJ’s music being played in the background. cr:
  • About to start. A reminder has been announced.. no photo, no video, no audio recording. They even announced in English! cr:
  • UNBREAKABLE. HJ wearing Grey suit, white Shirt, black bow tie. Cr:
  • Minus the usual dance steps for unbreakable. Next song… TONIGHT.
  • TIMING. Cr:
  • Talk session.
  • HOT SUN!
  • HJ is singing really well, the band does not overpower or drown his voice.
  • Cr:

  • HJ got the crowd to sing Bingo with him.
  • Credit:

  • Words I want to Say. No costume change just yet. Say Something
  • Talk time.
  • Audience can ask questions.
  • Credit:

  • Sorry about an earlier tweet where I said HJ was wearing a bow tie. It’s a ribbon tie. – Nanet.
  • He sang I’m Your Man too. He talked a lot today. Cr:
  • Your Story
  • Cr:

  • lights have been turned on so he can see fans all the way to the back.
  • Some of the band members. They seem to be HJ’s age. Credit:

  • He changed clothes: Brown suit, Grey inner tshirt, Black collar on jacket
  • Lucky Guy. He came down from stage. In the first row.


  • Beauty Beauty
  • He’s back on stage. Hj introduced band members.
  • Kiss Kiss


  • HJ seats on the edge of stage
  • He’s wearing too many layers tonight so difficult to strip. Too cold.
  • Talking again cr:

  • New song 今でも
  • He said now it’s last song… SAVE TODAY.
  • HEAT!
  • Finish. Audience chanting his name.
  • Audience still chanting his name. Asking for encore. Band is back but stage still dark.
  • He’s back with HOTSUN.
  • Lucky Guy. Running to the floor. He used hand signals to request fans to move so he can move forward


Tweet Updates:   

  • Flower stand on e left is from BYJ.. RT : KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – congratulatory flower stands

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • My boy, wish that you’ll have a successful start for your Gemini Concert Tour^^ 일본 콘서트 화이팅!
  • Gemini Concert Tour started with Unbreakable!! Gahhhh i missed his voice ㅠㅠ well, I’m sure he’s trying to tell us he is unbreakable^^
  • Never good with remembering our boys Jap song titles…
  • Awww HJ greeted fans ‘konbanwa’ which means good evening~ his voice ㅠㅠ ♡♡♡
  • 3rd Jap song he sang, i like this one!!
  • Hot Sun
  • Gahhhh so cute when he spelled out B.I.N.G.O!
  • 하고싶은 말 Words I want to say^^
  • Talktime 🙂 Such a tease~
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ RT : ㅋㅋ 30살 됐다고 팬들하고 나이가 가까워졌데ㅋㅋ
  • 나는 네 남자야 I’m your man. Very soothing voice~ so healing ♡♡
  • Fun, cute, 4D, charming, healing voice and most of all, he love us fans soooooo~
  • Your Story^^
  • Lucky Guy!
  • HJ said he didn’t went out at all when he was staying in Japan, artiste he like is Yūko Takeuchi.
  • Beauty Beauty!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
  • Kiss Kiss
  • HJ: Everyone knows. The louder you shout, i will not mind my safety. i may just run to 2nd floor or 3rd floor? Cr aaron9999khj@weibo
  • HJ singing Please now^^
  • Save Today~ missed out his new song Still
  • It’s coming to his last song already?? Why so fast????? ㅠㅠ Can’t get enough of his singing n 4D talks….
  • Heat!!! Omg ♡♡
  • Fans are singing along to Heat with HJ^^ so high!!
  • Goodbye~ How apt a song to conclude his concert for the day >.< I want more of his singing *pouts*
  • Fans chanting ‘Kim Hyun Joong’ non-stop
  • HJ is out again^^
  • Encore Hot Sun again^^
  • Gemini Tour to add 3 more shows from 2/18 – 2/20 at Makuhari^
  • We may expect a surprise from HJ at the final leg of his Gemini Tour… like a haircut (for army?) or something~


Tweet Updates:

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – inside the hall!

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – starts now!!! Let’s rock!!!
  • HJ looked so dashing in his change of new clothing! Maroon/ Brown suit with black inner top!!
  • HJ walking amongst audiences!
  • HJ heats up the hall from Lucky guy to beauty beauty to kiss kiss!!
  • HJ dancing to the tune of Kiss Kiss 
  • Please without taking off his clothes this time! But I like his live version!
  • HJ sings his new song – Still
  • Save today!
  • Heat heat!!
  • Goodbye!
  • HJ went in but fans keeping chanting his name
  • Fans really daebak! The chanting of HJ’s name is still going strong!
  • HJ is out with Hot Sun!!
  • HJ said last song. Lucky guy and he went down to the audience area again

Tweet Credit:     

  • HJ: 2day’s concert is only 4 Henecia. 2day I’ll say goodbye 2 everyone as u leave. 贤重:今天是henecia限定场。今天我会在大家退场的时候和每个人说再见。微博 Cr: @aaron9999KHJ
Photos Credit:    aaron9999KHJ@weibo

Tweet Updates:  

  • his condition is great today yah?haha
  • omg so charm that he spelled BINGO!!
  • his voice and background music are making me bad~~wanna cry..
  • we all know thats the last tour….miss u forever
  • HJ:G’evening,bz it’s a limited live then I’ll say ‘Be careful’ to everyone as a gift when u guys go home. cr:爱贤21度C
  • HJ:I’d been stayed here for 2 weeks and didnt go outside,also practiced for tour and watched Asian Cup. cr aaron9999KHJ
  • rock rock rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HJ:if u all shout loudly maybe I’ll run to 2 floors or 3 without hestation?haha cr aaron9999KHJ
  • it’s the last time of enlisment,maybe prepare to smth,do they wanna see my short hair?that will be great that u all can cut~ cr aaron9999KHJ

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  • I really wanted to hear him singing TIMING live…. finally…… KHJ LOVE IS TIMING!!!!!
  • What a sweet voice!!!!!! Komnbangwa!!!!
  • 헤네치아 소리질러!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh from USA!!!!!!!!!
  • What a sweeeeet voice!!!!!
  • Goodbye!!!!!

Tweet Credit:   

  • : HJ said he turned 30 n now his age is closer to some fans…. N asked fans in 30s to raise hand….
  • HJ: I can find many familiar face in front row as usual…is there anybody came here fr the frst time?
  • 옷갈아입었나보다: HJ looked so dashing in his change of new clothing! Maroon/ Brown suit with black inner top!!
  • : PLEASE!!!!! Special new arrangement for d concert!
  • Hj said he will sing till the end without resting time…
  • Additional concert in Tokyo!! RT : 2/18~2/20 幕張で3日連続講演!
  • 오늘은 현중이 입구에서 직접 팬들 배웅해준다고 : Today, HJ is going to send off all Henecians at the entrance gate. We are now awaiting . B”


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Photos Credit:    ·


Will be back for more photos and (hopefully) fancams …..

[LDFS Calendar] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG February Wallpaper



[Pre-Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN GEMINI TOUR @Pacifico Yokohama Hall – 2015.01.27

Tweet Update:

  • 27012015 Venue and queue for goods at Yokohama

Tweet Updates:   

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – 1st stop Pacifico Yokohama

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – the queue for merchandise and CD reservation!

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour listed on Event Board

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – the queue has grown so long!

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – the handsome photo of HJ & notice for CD reservation & lottery event

Credit:  窈窕俗女难自弃 via  

  • [01.27.2015] KHJ Gemini Tour Yokohama The first day meal gift received today

Update Credit:  WinWin Henecia on FB

  • KHJ Japan Tour 2015 “Gemini” @ パシフィコ横浜 国立大ホール

Updates Credit:   

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – congratulatory flower stands

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – the heart-stopping game for those who bought CDs to try their luck at winning the lottery

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – the merchandise queue inside the hall

Photo Credit:


Photos Credit:   Onlykhjfamily HK (HFHK)

  • KHJ Japan Tour 2015 “Gemini” @ パシフィコ横浜 国立大ホール

Photo Credit:   

  • 入待ちするひとたちは、これくらい

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – HJ has arrived at venue. He turned and waved to fans before entering the hall

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – the sticker given for the purchase of a set of 3 CDs

  • KHJ Gemini Concert Tour – earphones and blanket (limited to be sold at concert venue only)

Tweet Update:  

  • HJ just arrived. Wearing black cap. Waved to fans

Photos Credit: 

  • ヒョンジュンのCD販売! その場でブレスレットお渡し会の抽選結果がわかる! けっこう当たってる〜 確率が高いみたい〜 GEMINIコンサート会場にて

  • KHJ JAPAN TOUR 2015 GEMINI お祝いのお花 ヨン様から来てる〜 ヘネチアジャパンからも来てる

  • ヒョンジュンブレスレットお渡し会 当選券 今日抽選で当たった方にシェアしてもらいました

Photos Credit: 

Very nice weather

Sign invitation (Hiroshima).

Photo Credit:

  • ジャケットサイズのステッカー素敵ね✧

Photos Credit:  Cyc Henecia via DeannaDsc

Photos Credit:   ·

Photos Credit:   

  • 1/27 横浜パシフィコ 会場の花  Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition of flowers

  • 会場限定グッズGET\(^_^)/  Venue Limited goods

  • ヒョンジュンの入待ち中\(^_^)/  During the wait for HyunJoong

Photos Credit:   

グッズ販売の列です。 私まで、買えるかな?Merchandise Sales column. To me, I could buy?
会場のお花  Flowers at the venue
会場限定グッズ買うことをできましたが、もう完売だそうです。You can exclusively to buy goods, but they were sold out.
寒くて中へ入ってきました。 これ、貰いました。 It was cold, and it went in. This is so, was given.

from my seat…

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Photos Credit: 

 Photo Credit: 

Photo Credit:    

Photo Credit:   
延々と続く入場の列f^_^;   Long qeue of fans at the entrance


‬ [Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 Bul Sa Jo

Author:  AprilStarr

Bul Sa Jo (the korean drama used Bul Sae) is the Korean term for the immortal bird. It is also Bong Hwang a Korean pronunciation of the Chinese Feng Huang. In Japan it is the Hoho bird. depicted as slewing snakes while its wings are spread. Western mythology, on the other hand, calls this bird the Phoenix. In Russian mythology owning this bird brings good and bad fortune.

As the name implies the immortal bird never dies. It disappear in times of trouble but appear again to mark the beginning of a new period. Among the Chinese the bird symbolises high virtue and grace.

Like the Bul Sa Jo and its variants in other cultures, Kim Hyun Joong’s life and career parallel that of the bird. He show signs that his setbacks are just that- temporary. He may seem to be retreating during troubled times but he is merely gathering strength only to return full force. And yes, like this magnificent bird he is the harbinger of a new beginning.

In his poster he shows himself on fire with wings spread as if consumed with passion. The bird’s glorious color like the glowing fiery sun has been borrowed giving him the look of power for recreating and establishing himself once more.

Kim Hyun Joong is coming back, he comes back like the human form of Bul Sa Jo.

(Thanks to my sources in the internet)

Arts Credit:  Thaty Perroni/@WCFKHJ606

[Tweet Bits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan GEMINI Tour



Tweets Credit:      via DeannaDsc



Tweet Credit:

  • HJ rehearsing at Yokohama now




Tweet Credit: 

  • KHJ’s <Even Now> albums under Universal that will be selling at the concert venues WILL be counted into Oricon chart. RT @lafone0606: 김현중 <지금도> 에 대한 공연장에서 발매될 앨범도 오리콘에 반영된다고 Universal 에서 답장이 왔으니 오해하지는 없도록 부탁드립니다. Kim HYun Joong今でもアルバムは会場で発売されるものもオリコンに反映されます。Universal正式回答あり


Tweet Credit: 

  • Tutorial on ordering <Even Now)>/ <Still> from Tower records. This counts towards Oricon.


[Part 2] Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” DVD Handshake & Photo Shoot Event – 2015.01.10

Fancam Credit:illu blue

Fancam Credit:yurimao14

 Fancam Credit:  fumi_fumi

Tweet Credit:

HJ’s Inspiring Generation Event – Inside the Hall

Photo Book IG-gift from event


Ticket of IG event-Handshake


KHJ Photo-taking session in IG-event in Yokohama

[sorry it’s not good quality pics]

Tweet Credit:   ·  Jan 16

【During the talk session of IG event】
HJ: The pics of “Still” was taken by my manager. He’s good at taking pics. I had a thought that I want to make this album with my close people. It’s just a hobby for my manager to take pics, but I was sure that he must take great photos of me.

HJ : It may be a sensitive talk, I had a thought that this album might be the last before my military service. so If I filmed the music video, I wanted to burn the studio set. we tried to burn it once, but it was too hot. so I felt like all of my body was burned. and it was burned than I thought. so we had to call fire engine.
(sorry for my poor English

Photos Credit: Onlykhjfamily HK (HFHK)

Photo Credit:  

Photos Credit:  


Fancams/Photos Credit:


Photos Credit:


Photos Credit:  aaron9999KHJ@weibo



[Info] New Year Charity Project – Hope for Children by @Henecia_India

CONGRATULATIONS Henecia India to a SUCCESSFUL Charity Project!!!

Source/Credit:  Henecia India on FB

Greetings From Admins [ Tania, Gladys & Ashwini ]

Dear ‪#‎Henecians‬,

We are very happy to inform you that our New Year Charity Project – Hope for Children has been completed successfully.

We visited the ‪#‎Orphanage‬ on 18th January, 2015 (Sunday) and donated the collected amount as part kind and part cash.

We collected a total of Rs. 37,769.96 from fans in India & Abroad.

We donated a total of Rs. 20,900/- in kind (i.e. Provisional Items, Rice, Stainless Steel Plates, Tumblers, etc.) and Rs. 14,100/- in cash.

We are immensely grateful to each and everyone who contributed for this good cause.

And we would like to inform you that we have got a certificate for the donation we have made. We would be sending the Certificate to ‪#‎KimHyunJoong‬ and let him know about Indian Henecians.

Thank You All Once Again.

~Admin Gladys