Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Pexers Write-Ups] The Last Santa Claus (Part 1)

A series written by our very own April Starr … my apology for the late posting …..

Author:  AprilS

Old Nicholas lay shivering under the thick blankets drawn up to his chest. He was coughing severely and his colds rendered his nose as red as Rudolph’s.

“You have to get up soonest.You are making us nervous,” the oldest elf with a green cap said solemnly.

The elves stood around his bed while the old man’s wife stayed near the window wiping her tears away.

At last she found her voice ” since he came back early morning of Christmas he has been feeling under the weather. He kept on telling me his time is up as Santa even several months before the 24th. “

“noooooooo,” the elves chorused.

The old man motioned to the elves to help him sit up.

“We can’t argue against Father Time.I’ve been around for too long. It is time for me to go. All the frigid weather and flying in different time zones in crazy speed has finally taken its toll on me. I can’t do it anymore.”

“We have been around for a long time like you! We aren’t complaining and working day and night in the toy workshops.”

“You didn’t have to go out delivering gifts to at least 91 million households with nice kids not to speak of climbing in and out of smoky, sooty fireplaces!”,the old man argued. “Anyway, whether you like it or not you need to get my replacement.”

The elves though in a fighting mood saw the old man would not budge in his retirement pleading poor health.

“Let’s go guys.We can talk about this outside,” another elf said. They all saw the sick man coughed again, his whole body shaking.

As they walked past the door they sadly ogled the old man’s red suit and cap hanging outside his closet. Outside the room they talked in hushed voices and almost in unison asked ‘how in the world they are going to get his replacement.’

“The next Santa Claus must be nice and kind.”
“He must be patient and hardworking!”
“How about handsome and young, for a change!”
” Are you kidding? You think we can get anyone young to do this job?”
“We’ve got to even if we resort to kidnapping him!”
“Whaaat! Are you out of your mind?”

An elf in red shirt volunteered a motion -to create a fact-finding committee to find their candidates.

-to be continued-

[2010.02.27] Persona Encore

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  1. Ivis

    This is my first time leaving a comment about KHJ, I wish him well and I hope that his albums sells really well. I hope that when he enlist to the army, all of the evidence that proves he did nothing wrong comes out, so that the ones that judge him unfairly can have 2 yrs to reflect.

    Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 11:08 am

    • Bella

      That’s right. Love your comment.

      Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 12:25 pm

  2. Bella

    Thank you so much for a very interesting write up. I love it. i ‘m looking forward to reading the next part.

    Friday, January 9, 2015 at 3:11 pm

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      Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 3:24 pm

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