Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Fancams/Photos] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN GEMINI TOUR @Pacifico Yokohama Hall – 2015.01.27

Fancam Credit:  khj_chikiyumi via Holhyun


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“서승교” KHJ’s Manager FB update 팬, 제작진, 밴드분들, 아티스트 다들 수고하셨습니다. 오랜만에 진심으로 즐기고 밝은 모습을 봐서 좋았습니다. 감사합니다. GEMINI 화이팅~!!

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FB post by HJ’s manager Seo SeungGyo: “Fans, staff, band members, artists, thanks for the hard work everyone.  It’s good to sincerely have fun & looking at d bright image after a long time. Thank you. GEMINI fighting~!!”

Credit:  一隻叫amy的henecia via   

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  • Today, HJ is going to send off all Henecians at the entrance gate. We are now awaiting . B
  • HJ explained Gemini concept. Whenever or wherever we think if each other. When we feel hard, we rely on each other. We live in this way.
  • News! Encore live will take place on Feb 18 – 20 during Korean new year holidays at Makuhari. 3 days live.
  • Also as he loves planning many, he may think of other thing.
  • During his stay in Japan, he spent time for practicing with band as well as Soccer Asia Cup.
  • He planned this tour as we may not able to see him for 2 or 3 years after he gets enlisted.
  • Compared with IG event, he looked to be in a good shape and good mood. He did not too much but looked happy.

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  • 몽롱하니~~기억이 안나ㅠㅠ꿈속을 거닐다온것같아 마지막써프라이즈에’현중아 고마워 내일봐’했을때 똥그래진 별빛눈동자가 자꾸 생각난다

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  • Fans queing to door, where hj says bye bye to each fan…. Instead of handshake?


  • HJ just left. Waved bye with window half down and then did an extra round just to wave goodbye again to the fans

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  • HJ: Tell you a good news. During Korea lunar 1st month, I’ll be live in Chiba for 3 consecutive days. Last live show before MS? Maybe prepare for something else? I’d still like to do something. Maybe everyone’d like to see me with my hair cut? Do you want to see that? If I cut my hair, will u too? HJ, go ahead and tease usCredit: @aaron9999KHJ from weibo
    告诉大家一个好消息。韩国 旧正月。在千叶 三天 连续 三天 live。入队之前最后一次? 也许还会准备什么 ? 我就是喜欢作点什么。 也许大家看见我剪了头发的样子? 大家想看吗? 我剪了头发 大家也剪吗? 贤重 你就逗我吧HJ announced during encore today that 3 more live concerts have been added in Chiba at Mukahari Messe on 18-20 February ^^

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2015.01.27 김현중~♡ 밴드와 함께한 파워풀한 노래, 재미난 토크, 그리고 팬 한명한명 눈 맞추고 마지막 인사까지 쉼 없이 신나게 달린 2시간이었다~^^

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  • I remembered when he said he wanted to see his Japanese fans’ faces one by one…. Today he is fulfilling that promise
  • Looks happier than he has in a while

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  • HJ standing near the entrance to level 1 with his bodyguard by his side. He waved goodbye to fans queuing to leave the hall! Lots of ppl!

  Tweet Credit:  스테파니 @5StarsA

  • Just like HJ said during his talk time, it’s really a stage he prepared for Henecia! Heat is spreading in the air!
  • When HJ asked fans who are already in their 30s to raise their hands, some fans who seems to have yet reach 30 raised their hands up too. And he teased, ‘I’ve my lasik surgery done, so I’m able to see very clearly~’. credit: aaron9999KHJ @ weibo
  • Gemini Tour to add 3 more shows from 2/18 – 2/20 at Makuhari^^
  • Pre-lottery ticket for additional encore GEMINI shows at Makuhari (18/2~20/2) will be opening tomorrow (28/1) at 1800pm JST for HENECIA JAPAN members. //


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Photos Credit:  窈窕俗女难自弃 via SakuraDeam501


Photos Credit: @kailovejoong via SakuraDream501






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    One word…Wonderful man . We love you Hyun Joong we really do.

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