Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 2 (2015.01.28)


  • キム・ヒョンジュン全国ツアー“GEMINI”@パシフィコ横浜2日目ですね☆DATVスタッフも会場にお邪魔しています。楽しみですね~~((o(^∇^)o)


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  • はい♡ 今日も着きました‼︎ Today’s venue ♡

INSIDE the Venue

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  • Yesterday, when HJ sent us Olof, ” Hoshizora”, SS501’s song was used as BGM. It turned out to HJ’s favorite song. He will sing this later.
  • With 30’s ahead, people feel both of expectation and fear. He wasted to show us how he got matured .
  • Gemini band consists of the same generation, 29~ 30 years old. HJ chose them to share the same feelings if the 30’s.
  • So in the song”Still Now”, he put “solitude” “fear” “sorrowness” of the men.

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  • Concert starts. HJ wearing Grey suit, black Shirt, Grey bow tie, untied. Opening song is Unbreakable. Guess song list same as last night.
  • Next song…
  • Tonight
  • Timing
  • Talk
  • Cappuccino
  • Hot sun
  • Talk
  • Bingo
  • HJ talking again.He asked us 2 sit down cuz he knows last night we wer standing too long. He asked us 2 drink water.He gave his water away.
  • Fans seating down listening to him sing Kime Dake Wo kesenakute
  • After one song, fans decide to stand up again. Words I Want to Say cr:

  • We’re practicing chorus for I’m your man. He asked us to sit down again.
  • HJ asked who’s birthday today…………. Many today.
  • Playing Paper Scissors Stone with fans. 2 ppl left. Cr:

  • Couldn’t find a winner so two people get to go up
  • He asked the 2 fans left to go up the stage. Two chairs on stage Going to sing I m your man

  • Had only one present so he had to open up the package to split up the gifts. Uzoosin blanket, keychain, korean snack and ..
  • Apologies cannot remember last portion
  • HJ has only have one present to give. Opened the gift. Blanket and Korean snack. He split the gift for 2 fans.
  • Singing I’m Your Man to 2 fans. Fans seat down to listen while HJ serenades the 2 fans. Cr:

  • Talk
  • Your Story
  • Gave a little yelp just now when he dropped the photo which he was about to give the first fan 🙂
  • Ah the package contained Uzoosin blanket, Uzoosin keychain, Yokohama Uzoosin keychain and Korean snack
  • U
  • Lucky Guy
  • He comes down from stage

  • Walking across seats
  • Back on stage
  • Beauty beauty
  • HJ changed clothes. Black pants, white strip Navy blue long coat Grey round neck Shirt Grey collar on jacket
  • Band members and HJ Cr:

  • Kiss Kiss is next.
  • Kiss kiss is the only song that he still dancs to! Hj panting…He danced thru the whole song.
  • Talking now. He wiped off his sweat. Cr:

  • New song 今でも
  • Talk
  • SaveToday
  • HEAT. Another song that he encourage fans to sing w him. This song is the entire hall singing! Jap fans just love his song very very much
  • GOODBYE. Concert nearly finish.
  • HJ leaves the stage. Fans chanting his name. Encore soon
  • HJ Comes out, no jacket. HOT SUN Cr:

  • Lucky guy
  • He’s on the floor. Goes all the way to the back
  • Walks to my side. Cr:

  • Talking.
  • Final Thank you with band members
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  • Thanks heaps to for the updates tonight.
  • Regarding the add-on concerts at Makuhari:The feb 20 concert comes with own penlight that changes colour and is wireless with a remote control. (Presumably centrally controlled)
    Only people with ticket on Feb 20 will have the pen light.
    Announcement of winning lottery is between 5th to 8th. printing of tickets in lawson or ministop also during that time.(Translated by Ariel aka pizzchan)

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2日間、お疲れ様でした(^3^)/ 新幹線に乗りました。 楽しかったですね(⌒0⌒)/~~ 私は次は名古屋限定です。また、お会いできたら嬉しいです(^o^) お友達が出待ちでパシャしてくれて送ってくれました。ありがとうです♪

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  • snack that gv to fan ws the most popluar sold out entire maket in KO. So giving this means u r special..maybe more than mom (HJ said)
  • 제미니밴드는 현중이 또래로 구성되어있다.. 30이된다면 함께 공감대를 나누고싶어서다RT @lafone0606: Gemini band consists of the same generation, 29~ 30 years old. HJ chose them to share the same feelings if the 30’s.
  • 어제 나와 GEMINI 밴드 모두가 돌아가서 어떻게하면 어제보다 다른 것을 더 즐겁게 할 수 있을까 맥주를 마시면서 회의를했습니다. 그리고 내놓은 결과는 그냥 연습 해 온 것처럼 즐겁게하자!라는 것이 었습니다.RT
  • 럭키걸~RT : 今日のLuckyガールさん❣ ❣ リダとのツーショットポラロイド 撮らせていただきました(﹡ˆ﹀ˆ﹡)♡ ありがとうございました♡

Today’s Lucky Girl’s ❣ ❣
Two-shot Polaroid with Lida
I was allowed to take (* ﹀ *) ♡
Thank you ♡

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  • The Korean snack that HJ gave to fan was honeybutter chips that is super popular in KR now, only the one he gave was the Japan version.
  • Because the honey butter chips is really so popular now in Korea that once it’s put on shelf, it’ll probably be gone within minutes.
  • So yes, it’s practically a gift beyond monetary value. *wink*
  • Jz found out the brand producing honey butter chips is actually available in some countries too w/o honeybutter tho
  • The craze for honey butter really purely KR-localised. We can probably still find it on market shelves in Japan

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  • The snack that HJ gave away to Lucky fans. Honey Butter Chip cr: 掘斗士




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