Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – ISHIKAWA Concert at Kanazawa Opera House– 2015.01.31 #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

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晴れ間見えてきた! (refreshing!)

会場グッズ (Venue goods)


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  • HJ just arrived at the venue


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  • ヒョンジュン金沢会場入り!車から降りてすぐフードを被ってしまったので(-_-;)  (Hyun Joong at Kanazawa venue – as soon as they got out of car ……



Snippet KHJ Arrival via DeannaDsc

Photos Credit:  haku_1202 via DeannaDsc


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  • 楽屋出入り口 (dressing room entrance)

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  • Kanazawa Venue + queue outside.

  • Inside venue

  • Looks full at level 1 Credit: Coriibean

  • Starting now! Band playing intro… unbreakable
  • This venue has no HD screen… maybe cuz venue is smaller.
  • HJ wearing Black suit, pinstrip ribbon tie.
  • HJ wearing Black suit, pinstrip ribbon tie.
  • HJ talking.
  • Cappuccino
  • Talking …….  BINGO
  • HJ led the waving of penlight during bridge of bingo and the cheers too
  • Ballad – I can’t erase u from my mind
  • Words I Want to Say
  • Talking ….  I’m Your Man
  • HJ comes down to the floor. He’s on left of stage.
  • Can hear happy sobs from fans.
  • He wanted to give fan service as usual 2day but unsure how 2 do it ^^ came down fr stage near d end nd serenade a fan n 1st sect left side.
  • Can’t see the fan but can ‘hear’ her joy ^^
  • A male fan called him Leader fr 2rd floor. He was surprised but pleasantly so!
  • Got the crowd to give a big round of applause. And then another male fan fr 1st level called out to him too LOL!
  • Your Story
  • interval – band play music – U
  • Next song will be Lucky Guy after interval
  • So cute… the fans are sitting but still silently cheering with their lightsticks at U U U
  • He’s Upstairs! Lucky guy. He’s making many happy.
  • This venue not too good .. no camera to follow and project.. Beauty Beauty
  • He’s back on stage.
  • He’s changed clothes. Black white checked.long jacket , black collar on jacket, white shirt inside, black tie
  • Kiss kiss
  • Dancing Sits on edge of stage Just like the part in dance when he Sits on the bench
  • Talking now
  • Hj blows a flying kiss to the crowd at end of Kiss Kiss
  • The crowd getting a lot of fan service.
  • Talking
  • HEAT
  • In one part before chorus, Fans will shout ‘KHJ’!
  • Encore.. Fans chanting his name
  • Timing Same suit. Walk down stage, right side Back up same way
  • Talking Wipes sweat
  • YOUR STORY HJ comes down from stage.
  • HJ now back on stage at right side. Going to say final goodbye.
  • HJ going to say goodbye again today!
  • Hj going to say good bye to fans at the door. Same as Yokohama. Total fan service tonight.
  • He is happy The crowd responded real well at the end Encore was great He spoke a LOT tonight.
  • Saying bye bye to fans again.. 1 by 1
  • Photos Credit: Coriibean


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2015JAN31st in Kanazawa^^


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  • ヒョンジュンお見送り  Hyun Joong Send Off


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リダ、お見送り中 横浜よりゆっくり (I can see him! Trans Credit:  )


3 responses

  1. Cagome

    Very beafutiful moments!!Thank for sharing.Hope will be shared and what he said.I like his words too.All his performances are wonderful!!!Very beautiful place there!

    Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 12:25 am

  2. lena

    Thank you for posting, reading and seeing a smile on his face is great for me. I am very happy to see him back.

    Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 11:49 pm

  3. emmy

    Our only one is just so sweet, sending off his fans, 😊

    Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 10:45 pm

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