Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Completed][Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – SAPPORO: Concert at the Municipal House– 2015.02.02 #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

THANK YOU ALL for the UPDATES (from Day1 and so on of KHJ’s Tour) …. special thanks to LKHJ Team.  You are the next best thing for us who are not able to attend HIS GORGEOUSNESS’  shows ……………….. And of course to all the generous photographers and videographers …… Love love everything you share ……….

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会場と会場付近の今 さっきは、雪が降っていましたが、今は止んでますNear the venue and it is snowing, it is raining.

Cute ……

Photos Credit:  illublue and June

Tweet Updates:   illublue, Jacq, June and Coriibean via 

  • Fans waiting for HJ in the snow

  • HJ just arrived at venue
  • Waved to fans as he arrived
  • Inside venue

  • Sapporo venue has no big screen too.. But hall is definitely shorter in length than Kanazawa.
  • HJ wearing Black Suit, White shirt with Black ribbon tie
  • Unbreakable
  • Tonight
  • Timing
  • Talking
  • Cappuccino
  • Bingo
  • Talking, ask fans sit down
  • I cannot erase u from my mind
  • Sit down to listen
  • Talking
  • *security watching….
  • Words I want to say
  • HJ picked a fan from audience to sing I’m Your Man to
  • Took a pic with fan after I’m your man 🙂 Fan called Omura-San? Also gave a present
  • Asked fan after if she had a camera phone . Got her bag from the audience. Got staff to take a pic using her phone
  • Taking picture with fan now. Fan visibly touched.. throughout song, she put her hand to her heart.
  •  Haha asked Igeda if all people!
     Igeda – the DATV girl who enjoys deleting pics off fans’ phones haha
  • HJ has present for fan Asking if she can take pic with HJ with her phone cuz staff cam was not working??
  • After Hot Sun, he asked the audience what the next song is & we went.. eh? Some shouted Let’s Party & he gamely sang ‘Girl let’s party!’ ^^
  • The whole thing is really sweetly done ^^ He asked for fan’s name and sang her name out with ‘I love u’ at the end of I’m Your Man
  • Interval -Band playing U
  • Many SPs today.. So difficult to take any photo
  • HJ talked abt Sapporo, cold city with lots of snow, & asked who among crowd have flu.
  • When some fans raised their hands, he joking asked them to be brought out LOL!
  • Lucky guy
  • Beauty beauty
  • Kiss Kiss
  • he’s changed clothes. Grey long jacket, Black shirt and pants
  • Talking now
  • Please
  • The new Japanese song
  • Talking
  • Save Today
  • Heat
  • Good bye
  • Encore
  • Lucky guy
  • Talking
  • He sang Let Me Be The One as special encore song! He specially practiced this with his band. Present for Sapporo ^^
  • He collected gifts as he was walking off stage …  flowers, bear, etc. Walked slowly. even paused for a while at the end…. smiled really sweetly ^^
  • Thanks to and for all updates. Take care when going back out in the cold! – Nanet
  • HJ has left the venue. See u again tomorrow HJ! Get some rest.
  • HJ leaving. Waved to fans
  • HJ danced through the entire Kiss Kiss.  Danced half song of Lucky Guy during encore then went down from stage in 2nd half ^^
  • And he took off his jacket down to his black short sleeved tee at the start of encore
  • He made an effort to go to the fans today. Off stage for 3 songs and went all the way up to the back ^^
  • Spot the man!


Tweet Updattes:

  • HJ arrived at the venueRT : リダ、会場入りましたー。フードをかぶって、手を振ってました ♪しかし、はやっ。
  • 札幌市民ホールの今!!  Now Sapporo Citizens Hall.

  • 私からステージまで1メートルありません…  I’m from 1 meter to the Stage.

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20150202 – KHJ @ Sapporo arrived venue (blurry picture)

 Photos Credit:  Henecia-KHJPingtoria

Photos Credit: 


Photos Credit:     ·


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KHJ said … have to try Sapporo classic beer…



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