Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[More Fancams] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR: YOKOHAMA – Pacifico Yokohama Hall Day 1&2 – 2015.01.27&28 #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

Yokohama Day1

Kim Hyun Joong First Stop Japan Tour in Yokohama – A Great Success


Kim Hyun Joong’s first Tour in Yokohama last January 27- 28 was a great success. Attended by huge number of his loyal fans from Japan and other countries Kim Hyun Joong was successfully finished his first  tour in Yokohama. The concert was full of cheers and screams from his fans as he sing and dance for them. Wearing a simple red long coat, grey suit and the black color clothes,  Kim Hyun Joong serenade his 5,000 fans attended this concert, with tremendous applause and cheers from his fans Kim Hyun Joong was at his best in performing, there was  a time that the fans even singing his Japanese songs with him. He seems look so happy on this concert but a change of emotion when Kim Hyun Joong announced  that this is the last concert in Japan and the last concert before his enlistment. Everybody gave their own sigh though anticipated, it is still painful to know that his military service is coming soon and can’t be avoided any longer. to crack the sadness on his announcement he gave an surprised encore after the finale  song.

he also added good news that he will be spending the Lunar festival with his Japanese fans and added three more concert from Feb 18 to 20.

It was a good move for him to spend more  time with those people who truly love him and stayed with him not only good times but in bad times as well.  It will make him stronger and wiser.

This is a great manifestation of the power of love between a Kpop idol and fans. , I congratulate Kim Hyun Joong nim for the well attended concert and for having a wonderful fandom, and this made this concert a Great Success!

Our congratulations to you Kim Hyun Joong nim. All the best come!

Second in line for his Japan Tour – GEMINI will be  on January 31 (Saturday) Kanazawa opera seat (Ishikawa) Fighting!


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short fancam 1- kimhyunjoong gemini yokohama 0127 tonight:

short fancam 2- kimhyunjoong gemini yokohama 0127 tonight:

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김현중-2015.01.27 Yokohama GEMINI TOUR first concert reviews
김현중-2015.01.27 요코하마 GEMINI TOUR 첫공연 후기
Author: Miss sesame


Yokohama Day2

Fancams Credit:    Ooshan418

Published on Feb 1, 2015

Credits: ShaN_업산@HKTS
影片請勿二次編輯/ 重新上傳!


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  1. nada

    Can not stop to loving him. More bless for you hyun joong.Thanks for sha

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 4:30 pm

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