Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Updated][Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR: NAGOYA – Concert at Nagoya Congress Center (2015.02.05) #2015KHJGemini #2015KHJPhoenix

Live Updates:

  • HJ arrived at venue not long ago 🙂
  • Female band members got to pick criteria today of the fan he will I’m Your Man.
  • Female band members each have one criteria :p Criteria: Wanted 3rd floor: with glasses,wearing a white piece one piece dress. In her 20s.
  • Girl is so shy kept her head down all the time Got usual present and photo Staff camera working today Audience sang I’m your girl for her

: Omg the lucky fan he chose was scared to sing “I’m your woman back” so all the fans sang with her~so cute”

  • Interlude. Band playing U.
  • Bent down to kiss a fan’s hand during kiss kiss Among the crowd now
  • Think he kissed the hand of another I think. At the end! In the crowd. Because she was giving great support and dancing? Just guessing tho.
  • Dancing a bit of PLEASE.
  • HJ wearing Long brown jacket, shiny dark grey tee and black pants this second half. Hair today like last two – playful kiss style.
  • Everyone went wild with LOVE LIKE THIS!
  • This was the song that set everyone wild during unlimited tour too ^^
  • HJ will be saying bye to each one at the door.
  • HJ left venue.. Car went very slowly today. Leaned out of window



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  • yyID 80606816 connected… Con starts ^^
  • Heat + Timing + Talk Time
  • 15.02.05 in Nagoya – Heat cdtonlogo

  • Oh my! The sound….  at Nagoya is starting now! YES! Fans are screaming! UNBREAKABLE…
  • Wow! HEAT! Can feel it now HJ!
  • TIMING! You’re timing is always perfect HJ!
  • Talk time…. nice interaction between him and the fans as always…
  • Wow! One of my fave… CAPPUCCINO!
  • And they’re singing with him!
  • Cappuccino + Hot-sun + B.I.N.G.O + Talk
  • BINGO with fans singing along with HJ loudly
  • HJ is talking now

  •  BINGO!
  • Louder screaming from fans after Bingo… HJ is talking again and their laughing!
  • I think the 4D prince strikes again!

  • He’s talking about chicken
  • Talk over. HJ singing Can’t erase you from my mind now
  • HJ back to talking now. Seems like fans have lots of reactions 🙂

  •  AH! Another fave….love your voice HJ! I CAN’T ERASE YOU FROM MY MIND!
  • Talk time with HJ…fans are enjoying it… 
  • OMG! His new song STILL! FINALLY!
  •  Wonder what they’re talking about now coz other fans are screaming…
  • The fans are really having fun there! Oh my! Wish I’m there right now!

  • HJ is going to sing his new song – STILL/ Even Now!
  • HJ is talking now
  • Fans are very responsive to HJ’s talking! lol
  • He said even today the time for event has come
  • He isn’t picking out the person who has their birthday this time, it seems
  • Or was it his band mate?
  • Did he do a lucky draw or something?
  • The fans are saying that she looks scared
  • Seems like he was finally able to pick someone up
  • OK…finally HJ is singing I’m Your Man to the chosen one today 🙂
  • It seemed HJ chose someone from 3rd floor?!
  • HJ back to his talk now
  • HJ singing Your Story
  • Break time – band playing U
  • Lucky guy
  • HJ remembered what he said in Nagoya last time. He said that he would be back with good songs.
  • BEAUTY, BEAUTY …Love the song… love HJ’s voice!
  • HJ talking now
  • Kiss kiss
  • Kiss kiss – Fans are singing along with HJ
  •  Oh my! Why they are screaming so loud?
  • KISS KISS …. another favorite. The singer, the song, the choreography. Wonder if he’s dancing…
  • OMG! She’s so lucky! I’m so jealous!  “: Bent down to kiss a fan’s hand during kiss kiss Among the crowd now”

  • Fans are so loud!
  • Did he sit down at the edge of the stage??
  • Maybe he’s dancing?
  • I KNEW HE WOULD KISS SOMEONE ONE DAY!!!! RT : Bent down to kiss a fan’s hand during kiss kiss Among the crowd now
  • This man is seriously on a mission to kill us all

  • HJ is talking now
  • Please

  • PLEASE …. I love this version with the band…. so appealing!
  • Omg that note gave goosebumps
  • Omg I need this song.

  • After Please HJ talking now
  • Let me be the one
  • Only three songs left?

  •  Now that is my most favorite song of him – Words I Want to Say ( Say Something )… You are the best KHJ!
  • Talk time again… And fans love it!
  • SAVE TODAY… so nice! Love to sing it with him as if I can really sing.
  • My 4th favourite song
  • Mo ichido Save Today
  • Semete kyou dake waaaa
  • Fans are so responsive today… So daebak!
  • : HJ’s band is so awesome Tbh!”
  • Agreed like him!
  • GOODBYE…. Oh my! It’s about to end ): Time is flying so fast…
  • (: It’s really about to end…. can it be longer this time?
  • Good-bye!
  • In the midst of the song fans shout out HJ’s name
  • Fans shouting HJ’s name
  • Waiting for encore time!
  • Third year running at Nagoya and the crowd here in Nagoya is really one of the best!
  • HJ is out and singing his new song – Still second time tonight
  • Lucky guy
  • HJ talking
  • HJ singing Love Like this! Wow!
  • OMG!!! Love Like this for encore
  • Special song fr NAGOYA FANS!
  • HJ is talking. Saying his farewell
  •  “: Everyone went wild with LOVE LIKE THIS!”
  • Farewell from HJ and his band…. BRAVO! GREAT CONCERT KHJ! 
  • Concert just ended… Streaming stops now

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  • 20150205 – KHJ @ Nagoya (Far far away)

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20150205 KHJ @ Gemini Tour in Nagoya ~~ leaving the venue Cr: Henecia-菲

Short Clip:   

Sorry upside down HJ leaving venue at Nagoya

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Now I can see him waving… #Nagoya #kimhyunjoong #GeminiTour

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Fancam Credit:  TheMARUAKI

Fancam Credit:  kao0606


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  1. Cagome


    Friday, February 6, 2015 at 6:59 am

  2. lena

    Again, thank you all for that play by play had a smile while reading. So happy to see that his tour is such a huge success. Thank you

    Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 11:06 pm

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