Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR: NAGOYA Day 2 – Concert at Nagoya Congress Center (2015.02.06) #2015KHJGemini #2015KHJPhoenix

Again … BIG BIG THANKS to everyone!!!

Streaming Updates

  • Concert started
  • Break down
  • Unbreakable
  • 15.02.06 in Nagoya D2 – Tonight stage!!! cr: aaron9999

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  • Tonight
  • Timing
  • HJ greeted the fans and talking now
  • Cappuccino
  • Hot Sun
  • B I N G O
  • HJ Talking
  • Can’t erase you from my mind
  • HJ talking again
  • HJ going to sing his new song – STILL
  • All are giving applauds and laughing so loud..
  • EVEN NOW… ima demo…..ohh my
  • Aaahhh that high note… woahhhh so nice… kiminoo ima demo..
  • Talking and laughs again..
  • Im Your Man
  • Talking time
  • Fans are so enjoying the talk time! Lots of laughter and cheers from fans
  • Today, without wasting time, I’ll sing I’m Your Man. RT : 今日は時間をかけずに歌いますね ナヌニナムジャ

  • HJ singing I’m Your Man
  • Wonder who is the lucky fan tonight to be chosen by HJ!
  • Can hear fans cheering loudly now
  • Ohhh my wat r u doing hj…all r screaming every second kekeke

  • Can hear the music of U played by the band now
  • So fast! Halfway thru the concert already!
  • Lucky Guy
  • Beauty Beauty
  • Can hear fans getting excited!
  • Read that the chosen lucky girl and HJ held hands and both ‘disappeared’ from stage together at the end of the song – I’m your man! Envy
  • HJ talking now.
  • Kiss kiss
  • I am THOROUGHLY CONVINCED. He wants us dead by the end of this tour.

  • HJ talking and now going to sing Love Like This! Wow!
  • Fans love this song
  • HJ talking now!
  • Please
  • PLEASE… HJ’s sexy voice as ever and the fans are shouting loudly.

  • Can hear lots of fans screaming!
  • HJ talking time now.
  • Let me be the one
  • fr aaron9999KHJ: LLT 居然跳起来了 妈呀 疯了 贵妃疯了 疯了 HJ dance during LLT, everyone goes crazy!!!
  • I don’t remember all the dance but to some extent. From now I wonder when I can show you my dance. Should we try it today? Cr
  • Words I want to say
  • Now singing save today
  • 15.02.06 cr aaron9999KHJ

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  • Heat
  • Fans singing along with HJ
  • Fans singing now… woahhhh…so love it… Heat heating up
  • Guitar play in this HEAT is damn superb…
  • Fans singing Heat so well!!!!!
  • Omg I can imagine the fans singing the chorus!

  • Good bye
  • Fans are shouting HJ’s name and singing along with him! Nice!
  • Waiting for encore! Fans chanting HJ’s name!
  • Encore time – love like this (2nd time)
  • Bingo will be the last song!
  • Why did the fans squeal suddenly??

  • Bingo!
  • Fans singing Bingo with HJ
  • [encore time] HJ talking now
  • [encore time] your story

  • HJ: sat.con will be start at 2:00pm ..2:00pm is too early fr me…

  • Thank you for today, he says.
  • *correction** next con is on Sunday at Nigata..
  • [encore time] HJ talking to fans now
  • HJ said I love you and the fans replied the same to him!
  • Concert ended

Live Updates:

  • Sorry I’m late tweeting. Here we go Nagoya!! HJ wearing Long grey jacket striped pants white shirt and black tie
  • Anyway just finished BINGO That Kimi song after the talk. Told everyone to sit down Keeps telling everyone to sit down
  • Came down during I’m your man and dragged a girl out of audience to stage Looks young Wearing KHJ hoodie
  • Brought her flowers sang last line in japanese while up in upper stage And they disappeared down together To loud protests from audience
  • Actually presented her flowers on 1 knee. b4 singing last line, took her out of chair and they went up d stairs 2 where he normally disappears
  • interlude. Band playing u. Girl just walked past me holding her flowers and wiping away tears Very young. Maybe less than 20
  • Lucky guy and beauty beauty while going around audience
  • Kiss kiss Kissed yet another hand as he finished the song Then had to extricate himself as fan didn’t want to let go LLT !
  • Danced a bit of of LLT. the bit with the hand moves and heart sign twice
  • PLEASE Danced a lot of it to rapturous response Said something earlier abt not remembering d dance. not sure if referring to LLT or please
  • Let Me be the One Words I wanna say Save today Heat
  • Credit:

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  • Leaving Venue. His entire head is almost sticking out. Look at that bright smile!!.

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Tweet Credit: 

HJ leaving Nagoya tonight 06022015 #GeminiTour #kimhyunjoong

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Fancam Credit: TheMARUAKI

Fancam Credit:  YOUKABOZU

Fancam Credit:  safaia0606

Fancam Credit:  fumi

 Short Fancam Credit:  mido rin


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 Photos Credit:   


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Talk Bits

Photos Credit:  (Online Translation – blue print)

あまりキレイに撮れなかったけど…今日は本当に本当にお疲れさまでした  And I did not take too beautiful … really it was really cheers for good work today


  • 僕の一生の中でも記憶に残る、ベストを尽くしたと言えるステージの1つになりました。みなさんがここで僕に愛らしい視線を送ってくれて、僕がここにいる意味を再確認した気がします。 (覚えていない部分もありますがこのようなことを言ってくれました。)


With everyone here, holding love in their eyes, I am able to reconfirm my reason to be here. Credit

  • 昨日は公演が終わった後、ひつまぶしを食べました。そして今朝は手羽先を食べました。今日は昨日よりも力がついたのでがんばれる気がします!

I ate ひつまぶしを yesterday after a performance was over. And I ate a wing this morning. I feel like can try it hard because power arrived from yesterday today!

  • みなさん、あさっての公演は14時からだということを忘れないでください。14時というのは僕にとっては早朝です(笑) 僕がアイメイクをしなくても、僕のクマを見れると思いますw

HJ: 14:00 is too early for me! Even if don’t put on eye make up, my dark circles will be seen! 4D HJ strikes again! Credit

  • 今日はBreak Downからスタート! リダ:みなさん、何が起きたのか分からない顔をしていますね(笑) 昨日ホテルに帰ってからバンドのメンバーとメールを交換しながら「一度BreakDownをやってみよう!」という話になりました。まさか一晩で披露できるとは思ってもみませんでした。

Break Down start today! Lida: look I don’t know you, and what has happened with the (laughs) yesterday back to the hotel from exchanging emails with members of the band ‘ the BreakDown to try again! “That became the story. I don’t think I can show off at night, I didn’t.

  • 僕たちは冗談でこんなことを話すんです。皆さんは韓国で全て曲の準備をして来ていると思っているんだろうなぁと。でも違うんです。本当に日本に来てから皆さんにいろんな曲をお聞かせしたくて徹夜もして準備したんです。 と話してくれました。それだけツアーに全力投球してくれているんですよね…。

We talk about such a thing as a joke. When I will think that the all of you prepare for the music entirely in Korea. But it is different. I wanted to tell various music to all of you after really coming to Japan and stayed up all night and prepared. I talked about と. Only as for it, it is all energy throw してくれているんですよね …. in a tour

  • 最後の挨拶では、もう1曲も歌う力が残っていないくらい全力を出し切りました、と大きく息を吸って笑顔を見せてくれたリダ。それだけ全力投球をしてくれたのに出待ちのファンには歯が見えるほどニコニコ笑って手を振ってくれました。本当に本当にお疲れさまでした
  • でも…私的には前半のBINGOで、会場に向かって手をあげながらジャンプして煽るもんだから、中に着ていたシャツが上にあがってきちゃって、シャツのボタンとボタンの間からずーっと見えてるお腹にやられましたww
  • あ、そうでした 今日はお見送りもないので…とリダが言うと、会場がえー!と。 「なんで、えー!なんですか?BreakDownまで歌ってさしあげたのに…。みなさんの要求が大きくなると僕も自暴自棄になりますよ!」 ……はい、そこに居てくれるだけでじゅうぶんですw
  • がしかし今日のなぬんになむじゃやの衝撃力はハンパなかったww 私の目に録画機能があるのかと思うくらいとても鮮明に覚えてます…が文字におこすのは控えますww
  • そう、そこですRT : 私、1番やばかったのが2人で下に下がる前、ラキガルさんが下をむいてちょっと離れた時、リダが腕をグイって… 発狂しました。


Credit:  mikitty translated by:@悠然KHJ  (via Deanna Dsc)

  • HJ: “Ladies and gentlemen, please do not forget to start the day after the premiere @Niigata is 14:00.
    14:00 in the morning for me. (Laughs) Even with eye makeup, but also to see my dark circles.”
    HJ: “After the premiere(Nagoya Day-1) ended yesterday, ate eel (topped) rice.
    This morning ate chicken meat.
    Today more than yesterday, accompanied by the feeling of power because of refueling.”

Tweets Credit: 

  • Not possible for HJ to hold his phone to take pics, it’s impossible for the band too. Most unfortunate is the keyboardist! Credit: 
  • What he means is that his hands are not free to hold his phone and neither are the band members. The worst situation is for keyboardist!

Credit:  @Henecia-菲 via Deanna Dsc

  • Hyun Joong was wearing a black suit.. so handsome,
    he sang kisskiss, love like this, please.
    In love like this, HJ also did the finger gestures LOVE,with his hands.
    No dance, no overly brilliant stage, he was a beautiful man dancing heady &
    revels at how handsome and elegant he is.
    Crazy fans screaming, full field of vibrant green.


Short Fancams Credit:    via   


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    Have you already heard the latest news from our friends? Please read it, you’ll be amazed

    Bests, pasanggurung65

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