Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Fancams/Photos – 3] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR – 2015.02.12 #2015KHJGemini #2015KHJPhoenix

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During the Kagawa concert, HJ mentioned that on the way there, during a rest stop, one of the staff had taken a picture of a UFO. Audience: Ai… HJ: you don’t believe me? I’m not lying. I had a shock when I saw the photo too. I’ll upload it and show you all.
At the time HJ had had a discussion with the audience about where to upload it to… And decided for official webpage.
Finally uploaded just past midnight today..



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Fancam Credit:    elin park

Fancam  Credit:  hyunjoong501charu




Fancam Credit:  fumi_fumi

Fancam Credit:  19860606lovelovelove

Tweet Credit:     via Deanna Dsc

[short FA tweet]:
***from the “lucky fan” who danced with HJ in GEMINI in Hiroshima & got her signature yesterday smile emoticon
“So happy, I cried & remembered to thank the SP who whispered to Hyun Joong,(who I was)
Had talk filled with visiting fans, was really happy!
I want to enjoy more tomorrow
~to Hyun Joong and fans thank you very much!”


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2015.2.5 nagoya from nagomi


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