Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Concert] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR: CHIBA – Concert at Makuhari Hall – 2015.02.18 #2015KHJGemini #2015KHJPhoenix

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A staff from GEMINI Japan tour complimented Hyun joong!

It’s finally the last 3 days of Kim Hyun Joong’s tour (in Japan) (>_<) The tour that has spanned for a month! I’m very happy to be working with the performers and staffs (in this tour) who too worked their best. m(_ _)m And this is Makuhari Event Hall for the next 3 days! Hyun Joong-ssi will be entering the military service for 2 years (>_<) He know very well how ‘empty’ it would be within this period. So, he really put in all his effort to every single show and I/we’re impressed by him. He didn’t return to his own hotel; instead he went to the band’s hotel and practised for the show til 4am in the morning. Hats off to him m(_ _)m Our staffs are also working devotedly to add interesting activities to the show (^_^) All up for the last 3 shows! As tiring as it is, I got Korean tonics from the band as a birthday gift, I will do my best!!



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  • Advertisement board, fan towels, and not surprisingly… rain at Makuhari Event Hall ;p

  • All 4 pics of venue from our lovely Starling ^^ Thanks and keep warm!
  • Many flowers today

  • Flowers from JaeJoong

  • From HJB

  • Inside Venue! Stage, Present Box & Screen ^^ Credit:

  • Concert started on time!
  • Break Down
  • Unbreakable
  • Tonight
  • Talk Break
  • Timing
  • Love Like This! With bits of dancing again ^^
  • Followed by Hot Sun
  • HJ wears the same ‘do-I-look-good?’ outfit as Kanazawa, but w black vest inside ^^ old pic to recall Credit:

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  • Talk… B.I.N.G.O… talk again ^^
  • Today HJ is talking word by word n translator translates word by word… guess it’s easier for the translator this way ^^
  • Caught him mentioning Roponggi during talk before launchIng into Can’t Erase You From My Mind ^^
  • Talk again… mentioned his CD ^^ hope he talks more so the night never ends!
  • Imademo… 今でも
  • HJ said he’s giving one big present to fans. Got everyone excited and clapping! Then he said… ‘I’m joking’ ^^;;;;;
  • Ahhh… HJ does have a present for the fans ^^ by singing I’m Your Man to all of the fans now
  • Talked abt Nagoya and asked why we still don’t know how to sing imademo >.<
  • HJ launched into a weather talk segment talking about rain, hanabi and typhoon (is he still dwelling on the cancelled Hanabi event in 13?)
  • Your Story
  • HJ making his round on trolley! Getting closer to the fans as he sings Lucky Guy
  • Need at least 4 ppl to push this trolley! Credit:

  • After Beauty Beauty, he said someone is here tonight… wore sunglasses but we didn’t quite catch the name… mianhae ;p
  • Fan kiyomi time! 600 mails received in total for the 5 chances… drew lots & explained rules ^^ May the best kiyomi win!
  • B…D…G? Seems like only 3 drawn from different corners of the venue ^^
  • HJ asked the name of 1st contestant and convulsed in laughter when she said Gwiyomi LOL!!
  • HJ did Gwiyomi first ^^ Did all steps but laughed at step 6 ;p
  • He sings all the Kwiyomi while the contestants do the 6 aegyo ^^
  • Contestant did well! HJ said to take photo together but some audience has issue… if not kiss, hug! Haha!
  • HJ asked the fan what kind of photo she wanted… took photo of him kissing the fan’s hand as he knelt
  • HJ said he will do kiss on the face. Wants to do it but audience doesn’t want… AND he really did it! LOL\
  • HJ stood behind the fan n bent down turned his head to kiss the lady’s face… SWOON…
  • Fan who took pic before wiped her face and retook her photo… with his kiss on her face! ^^
  • After each fan got her turn, HJ asked them whether they satisfied with their photos ;p
  • After all the kissing on stage, HJ asked fans to stand up and launched into (more) Kiss Kiss!
  • Danced a bit for both Kiss Kiss & Please…and oh… cool flipping of jacket
  • HJ actually danced the whole of Please! Talk a bit and then onto Let Me Be The One ^^
  • HJ stood on the top of the stage, then sat down on steps, sing a song for Makuhari…
  • Permitted us to film the last song 🙂

  • That’s song was the reason we live
  • Special present fr HJ to fan… the right to take his pic ^^ pic cr:

  • Save Today!
  • HEAT!
  • Another new song for the tour & a fav among many fans… Because I’m Stupid
  • HJ sang first part of song, disappeared from stage, then returned with a guitar!
  • Sang because I’m stupid… Disappeared down the stage while band continued playing. And then reappeared playing guitar and finished song !
  • Sat on steps and played while he sang the 2nd part…one of my dreams! T.T
  • Encore… Love Like This!
  • Left stage to be down among fans in the arena
  • Lucky Guy
  • Hoshizora…
  • A screen dropped from top… showing same message as Osaka T.T
  • Message 1
  • Message 2

  • Message 3 (last)

  • Seems like public transport will stop service soon, so the concert had to end now… till tomorrow!
  • Much thanks to & for the updates! A wonderful first night at Makuhari ^^ More yet to come!
  • Opps! Not entirely over yet… we still have the hi-touch ^^
  • Wld’ve loved 2 see special firework in shape of uzoosin… 4 him 2 remember & mention so long after cr:aaron9999khj

  • When HJ was saying goodbye at the end Cr:

  • Another special present fr HJ… meant for fans to look at when he’s missed in the coming 2 years

  • Reports that HJ cried tonight…. 😦 Though not all of us noticed at the time
  • Some more notes regarding last night’s concert from Starling pizzchan:“Oppa also mentioned that he went to this shop Don Quijote Went to roppongi. Not sure what he ate for only 500 yen. And combini (convenient store) with band member He also acknowledged that fans got angry the last time So he sang I’m your man for all fans this time instead of having the random girl event After the kiyomi he said fans are a bit down
  • “HJ also mentioned that he saw a few mothers with kids today And for the men who kept shouting for him he replied Let’s drink tonight 飲みましょう”

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150218 KIM HYUN JOONG 나 살아있는 건 (GEMINI Tour in Makuhari)  とにかくずっと体の震えが止まらず…上下にブレブレでごめんなさい

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Fancam Credit:masa06hj

 Fancam Credit:  sskjr12


Fancam Credit:  chiki yumi

Fancam Credit:  khj- k

Fancam Credit:  elin park

Fancam Credit:  kao0606


Fancam Credit:  0606egao

 Photo Credit:  aaron999KHJ@weibo

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Fancam/Photos Credit:  Henecians Philippines (The Late Empress @angelayoriko)

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2015.02.18 GEMINI 幕張 退勤

  Cant keep up … too busy … will


Fancam Shared via DeannaDsc

update later ……. sorry


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  1. I’m so happy to hear that he did “Because I’m stupid” because it’s one of my favorite songs that he sang in the earlier days of his solo career and with SS501, I hope someone was able to get a clip.. but I also hope no one got their camera taken away or kicked out trying to get a clip..

    Friday, February 20, 2015 at 6:57 am

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