Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Concert] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR: CHIBA – Concert at Makuhari Hall Day 2 – 2015.02.19 #2015KHJGemini #2015KHJPhoenix

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  • Concert starts with BREAKDOWN Credit:

  • HJ is wearing BW pin striped w black tie white collar ^^
  • Danced last part of Unbreakable. So cool!!
  • HJ talking about Osaka’s decibel. Ask makuhari’s to shout loudly. Mispronounced Makuhari… sounded like Makkeoli keke Twice! LOL!
  • He’s asked us to sit down
  • YOUR STORY – jp version Credit:

  •  Showing slide show pics of him and staff during this tour.
  • Rising stage while singing I’M YOUR MAN
  • Sang the last lines in Japanese, prompted us to sing back ‘I’m your woman’
  • Because I’m Stupid! Then ended with him singing ‘Kimi ni mono dayo’ again…  I’m Yours
  • Unplugged!
  • He played the guitar while standing up.
  • Talk abt 10 years ago when he had fan meeting and there was hi touch n photo taking. But can’t remember fans. Maybe he means now he can.
  • KISS KISS with dancing
  • Come down from stage
  • Now on moving carriage
  • Credit:

  • He stayed on trolley for first half round… then off trolley into the audience second round! Credit:

  • PLEASE with dancing His shirt is pulled revealing a striped shirt underneath.
  • Can u reveal ABS instead, HJ?
  • He asked people what day it is today? He said…. Friday?
  • No HJ….. It’s only Thursday today.
  • Credit:

  • He talks in long sentences today. Even translator is having difficult time.
  • HEAT
  • He asked whether his hair looks alright.
  • trying 2 pronounce Makuhari correctly He said he’s going 2 sing last song 2 Makuhari. WORDS I WANT TO SAY in Korean but Jap lyrics on screen
  • Encore soon
  • Video clip being show of How they move from city to city in Japan.
  • Vid clips of the band and staff during this GEMINI tour ^^ practice… flight… meals… massage… or simply fooling around.
  • Credit:

  • Asking us to chant Kim Hyun Joong

  • Took off his jacket. Long sleeve black n white stripes shirt.
  • Comes down from stage
  • Moving trolley/carriage is back.
  • Come down from the trolley
  • Goes back up the stage
  • Credit:

  • Last song HOSHIZORA
  • There are tears in HJ’s eyes.
  • Last words before ending Credit:

  • Fans queuing to take message card from HJ. This the special gift for fans who attended tonight’s concert.
  • Thanks heaps to and for the updates tonight.
  •  HJ just left the venue

  • Bits and pieces from Makuhari 19.02.15 concert from Chinese translation by 弥凌伊

    Even if there was just one person … As long as there are people coming to see me, I will stand on the stage. After this, I still wish to continue making music.

    He didn’t see the 3 Gwiyomi ladies from yesterday and asked,” ah, are they dead already?”

    Thought about many things, one of which was, is this a place I ought to be in? Having become a singer, to be able to perform in a place of this size is unimaginable. Is this all a dream? (No it’s not a dream). I know this is not a dream. Ai? Am I asleep now?

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  • HJ: There’re thousands of fans 2day but I’ll continue 2 sing in my life time if ever only 1 person is here to listen my song credit:  chocolatdaleKHJ
  • Thank u fr always stand by my side..I won’t let u go..Thank u~ frm.Hyun Joong RT :

  • Manager Seo fb update! He sat in audience seat and enjoyed the whole show fr the first time @s2shiba: 動画あげてくれてる♡ りだまねさん♡ “
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Photos Credit:  The Late Empress @angelayoriko (Henecians Philippines)



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