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[Angel Joong Article] Kim Hyun Joong: God’s Perfect Timing and Angels Unaware

Thanks Angie for this superb write-up


Let the War Rage Around Us Kim Hyun Joong and his Beauties Stand Steadfast and Strong: Still Unbreakable


Since the news broke late last night in my time zone,  I have done nothing but answer questions from fans and try to help maintain a sense of peace and calm on my social media sites.  Honestly, for  the last 8 hours I have not logged in to any of those sites to check for updates.  For all I know, Kim Hyun Joong has released his statement and the fans are processing whatever the answer was to the burning question in their hearts and minds:  Is it true?  I don’t want to know the answer to that yet.  I wanted to sit down and write out my thoughts and feelings before I know the answer.  Why?  Because the answer is irrelevant.  Whatever the answer is, my love for Kim Hyun Joong will not change.  In this blog post, I wanted to release the beautiful Valentine Present the fans have poured their hearts and souls into outlining the miraculous story that took place in the making of this wonderful gift for our Kim Hyun Joong.  The story is amazing and it is burning in my heart.  I need to get it out to you so you will know just how Divine that Mission was and how everyone involved became Angels Unaware.  However,  It seems the drama of his love life is interfering with our peace and joy once again.  I am frustrated, anxious, angry, sad a whole mix of negative emotions are trying to control my heart right now and I am struggling to put them to rest.  I have come to this conclusion:
I refuse to let scandals, controversies, Hyunnies own bad choices, media frenzy, attention seeking haters, or even anxious and confused fans steal the joy I have with my Only One.  He is still my Angel.  He may be going through some crazy drama right now in his personal life, but that does not erase the deep love in my heart. What that  means is I have to steel myself for yet another storm.  Because I love him, his pain is my pain, his instability is mine, his burden I carry.  What I have realized is that we came through this past six months stronger, closer, bolder, brighter, and happier than we were before.  And to be quite honest, what we went through before was far worse than what is happening now.  I think that battle was to prepare us for a continuous war.  A war that will be raging around us but will not break us.  We are Still United and Strong.  We can weather ANYTHING that comes our way.  Those that want to drag Kim Hyun Joong down will never rest.  We are prepared and ready to stand strong like a Sea Wall built to keep the monstrous waves of the sea at bay during a Hurricane.  We stand between Hyun Joong and those that seek to harm him.  We are his protection and strength.  If they want to get to him, they have to come through us first.  He is our Precious Only One.  No one will be allowed to give him grief.

I get an email every morning called Messages from God.  I collected three of those messages last week because they seemed to be significant.  I immediately thought of Hyun Joong when these messages arrived, but I was confused.  They seemed to be about the past… I was not sure why they were coming now.  Here are the messages God sent to me to prepare my heart.  They are now significant and relevant.  I now know why my thoughts turned immediately to Hyun Joong

You can be joyful, even in the midst of chaos and adverse circumstances.  I have made you to tread over all stands against you.  

Habakkuk 3:19  The Soverign LORD is my Strength; He makes my feet like of a deer; He enables me to tread the heights.

I know the winds are blowing more fiercely now.  These winds are not a bad thing, they simply force a declaration of allegiance.  Be not afraid of what it blows across your path.  You have been graced to not only expect them, but to take a courageous stand.

Joshua 24:15  But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods of your ancestors or the gods in whose land you are living.  But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. (paraphrased)

As you separate yourself unto Me, many around you will begin to tremble at My name.  So expect My Power to defend you, even causing some who are against you to be at peace.

Daniel 6:25 Then King Darius wrote unto all people, nations and languages that dwell in the earth:  Peace be multiplied unto you.


All was revealed last night when the news started hitting facebook and twitter and the shock wave hit the fandom.  I spent many hours with the fans trying to quell the rising wave of panic in their hearts.  The truth is… there is no reason to panic.  We have loved him through thick and thin and that will never change.  He needs us just as much as we need him.  His obvious joy and revival on the Gemini tour are proof positive of that.  The heartbreakingly sweet gesture of his youtube video for the overseas fans…. to the fans I haven’t yet met…. we had proof that he had indeed received our messages of love.  We worked hard to get those messages to him and that story deserves to be told.  It will be told.  Tomorrow.  For today, we are trying to recover our footing from this shocking blow. As I stated earlier, I have not been online or checked any social media for almost 8 hours.  I got some much needed sleep, ate, and began writing this post.  I wanted to get the words in my heart recorded here before I checked for any updates.

It really does not matter whether the tabloids have taken a grain fo truth and blown it out of proportion for their headlines again this time.  It makes no difference to me.  If I log on and read a statement from KE or my baby KHJ stating the rumors are true, he’s gone back to this toxic woman, she gotten pregnant, everything’s a mess, the haters are having a hay day, whatever…. I DON’T CARE!  My heart has not changed.  I may not agree with his decisions.  I may be feeling anguish of the pain it will obviously cause him and the people who love him.  His friends, family and fan family.  We will go through it again togehter.  We will stand tall and support him.  We will love without condition.  We have already declared that to the Mountain Tops. It will not change.  And so, take in these messages from God.  I now know why  they were sent to me.  It is because they are needed.


Listening to the recording of the last concert at Makahuri and hearing the fans sing ‘Your Story’ out to him in ragged voices… crying out ‘OPPA’ with trembling voices when he begins to cry while singing. Hearing his voice crack with emotion while singing ‘Because I’m Stupid’ and seeing his post on his official youtube and facebook letting his fans who have never had the chance to see him know he loves us all… I am lost in emotion.  I have no words to describe these deep feelings and the connection with Kim Hyun Joong and the fans… even the ones I have never met or talked to… the sweet Japanese fans in the audience singing on the recording… we are connected heart to heart.  It makes me think of the ‘butterfly effect.’  Without Kim Hyun Joong this massive miracle would have never taken place.  However, he was born, raised by beautiful parents, went through his trials as a teen, and his hardships as a trainee, as a solo artist, and even this recent wound we have all barely healed from which can be torn open again so easily by any reminder… he went through it all so that WE his Fans could experience the miracle that is Kim Hyun Joong and his fandom.  Divine Destiny is something so beautiful and so rare and we have had the privilege of witnessing it from the comfort of our homes on our computer screens, smartphones, and televisions.  He was born in the right place at the right time and we were born also to experience it all.  How profound and humbling.

God’s timing is perfect.  We may disrupt the rhythm of His Plans when we follow our own stubbornness and allow our emotions to guide us instead of wisdom..  It makes no difference.  What He has Declared will come about.  He has placed a Divine Destiny on this young man.  He has placed us in the path of that Beautiful Mission and we call ourselves Blessed.  Let us not forget His Majesty and Glory in His Creation.  Kim Hyun Joong is His Beautiful Creation and Gift to the World.  That will never change.  We have our God, our Allah, our Divine Spirit, Our Divine Jewel, Our Savior, Our Angel of Peace  to guide us through.  Whatever we call this Divine Presence, it is one and the same.  We are Spiritual Beings, and we are not left alone in this life without help, hope, and faith.  Take Heart, it may seem like we have been tossed into the bottom of the well once again, but that is an illusion of Fear.  All is well.  We are weathering the stormy sea again, but we will come out the other side.  Our experience shows that clearly.  All is Well with my Soul.  We will continue to Support, Uplift, Give Hope, Sustain and Bless each other… our bond is STILL UNBREAKABLE!  Rest in this assurance, and carry on.

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.  Romans 8:38


Early in our Hyunnie’s Solo Career there was a great controversy that split the fandom in two.  The veteran fans will remember this controversy and to this day there are still fans who cling to that controversy and believe the rumor.  They became so deeply convinced of a fantasy dream it caused a huge rift amongst the fans.  On that subject, Hyun Joong made a statement at one of his live shows expressing his grief over that painful time and how he felt helpless to do anything about it and it caused him great sorrow.  It is my prayer that the fans stay together and become even stronger and closer during this new situation.  Our Hyunnie is going through enough turmoil.  I pray we do not have fans splitting off and being vocal about what should and should not be happening in his life.  It is his personal life and we have no say in it whatsoever.  We have no place to advise him.  We are only his loving fan family to support and love him through the end.  This has not changed and our standing strong by his side will not change.  He needs that stability from us and we are ready to give it to him.  He has given so much of himself and has never tried to hide anything from us.  I appreciate his honesty.  I appreciate that his love for us is real and true.  We are not just his paycheck.  He has sincere, honest and real love for his fans.  I would be heartbroken if the fans turn on him or each other and cause him more pain.  I have faith that will not happen.  His fans are beautiful, unique and loving.  Nothing has changed… he says, “I am your man…” and we echo back, “I am your woman…”  the only truth is that we say to each other, Hyunnie and the fans, “I am Yours!”

Next post will be the intended story of the Video Projects and how God guided those projects directly into Kim Hyun Joong’s deserving hands and heart.  It was undoubtedly God’s Mission placed on the people who came together from the four corners of the world to make it happen.  A Mission to re-assure our precious Angel he is still loved and respected no matter what happens.  Past, Present, Future.  His place in our hearts is Secure.  Let us carry each other in the hard times, dance and celebrate in the good times, and never waver in our Love for each other AT ALL TIMES.  Blessings to my Angel Joongie and the fans…. I will be back again tomorrow with the story of all stories to bless your hearts.  It is the story that deserves to be told regardless of any circumstances trying to drown it out.  Your voices are soft, sweet and tender with love.  Let the adversaries SHOUT!  It will never drown those voices out.  We will stand together through Eternity, Strengthened by our Only One Love, Kim Hyun Joong and his Beauties, the Fans.  See you Soon, Kim Hyun Joong… See you here my beautiful fan family…we will stay together and wait patiently until his return… Hyun Joong, my Angel… I am praying you received all the messages of love for Valentine’s and all the messages of HOPE from your overseas fans and were able to spend time watching… we want you to have that as our gift back to you to keep in your heart while you are away from us.. we will miss you and be waiting patiently for your return. You have only scratched the surface of your Destiny. You have so much more to achieve and so much more LOVE to receive… we will see you soon… missing you… waiting for you…. loving you.

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5 responses

  1. Cagome


    Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 6:18 pm

  2. Atiq

    Hi Angel Joong….what a wise and beautiful thought you’ve here. I got teary when i read this.

    Me too got really confused and nervous at the same time when the news burst out. I couldn’t believe he got back to her and got pregnant too! It really a messing day for me yesterday, It affected my work so much. I couldn’t thinking straight. Honestly my heart felt shattered and its like something burden my head ali day long. But sometimes later my heart keep whispering to me, do you believe this nonsense?? After all what this girl had done to him u still beleive it?

    Then i came straight my mind how in the world this girl’s friend so busybody with her life, dare to tell abt her friend’s pregnancy to that magazine?? Then it spreading out to other medias and causing a choas again?? Am i nuts to believe this??

    When i got back home checking Hyunnies and LK blogs, it relieved me a lot. I have so much clearing picture abt the news. I felt terrible to have such thought abt HJ..T_T. Then the clarification statement from KE came out, ahhh what a such relieving moment. That denial of his marriage plan and the pregnancy thingy so clear up my mind.

    Thank u so much to the blogger like u , LK and Hyunnies ( only these blogs i read usually ) for always here and have a couragous and keep supporting us the fans who easily got tainted abt such news. Fortunately, i think i have already have strength to face anything in the future regarding our prince charming.

    Thank you for such wonderful article Anjel Joong. Keep a good work. May God bless u.

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 12:50 am

  3. Very well said….

    i was also in total shock when i read the news yesterday….. Honestly i was totally heartbroken initially … not because he got his ex pregnant but why went back to her after what she has done to him???? Then again…. i sat back and gave a second thought… Why am I believing that news? The last incident has thought all of us fans to be more wise and not to believe 100% what the media has reported… Anyone who watches the drama Pinocchio must now know how powerful media (i.e. news media, digital media) can be… It can break or make a person within a minute…. The only source we are now dependable is definitely from KE and until we hear more updates from KE… lets not be too troubled about what other sources are saying…

    My message to Hyun Joong shii… we love you for who you are and you can be assured that you will have your Henecians by your side through thick and thin…

    Monday, February 23, 2015 at 11:14 pm

  4. JAZU

    well said
    We love the singer , the actor, the artist, the musician in him, the way he gives himself to us when he works in his projects, to pleasure us, to entertaint us, to enjoy his smile.
    Personally l thought KHJL is not a womanizer, he is known to have long relationships, maybe she likes him so much, maybe he tried to star again with her but it did not work, so much pain between them, but unfortunately a baby could be here, l know also that he is a responsible man, he could take care of the baby, if she let him. No marriage necesasary, in the future we will know more about his love story or know his baby, but dont try to judge or advise him, it is his heart involved, only he could end this story, good or bad, it is only his life. Now l understand why he was so emotional lately.

    The life is not perfect, always something is not going well, some have heath problems, others economic problems, bad realtionships in a marriage, problems with neighbours etc. For my only one HIS LOVE LIFE is a mess.

    I LOVE YOU KIDDO, How life you have to live but it is your fate my boy. God Bless you.

    Monday, February 23, 2015 at 10:13 pm

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