Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[AngelJoong Article] [Article] Kim Hyun Joong Valentine 2015 and Global Support Project Video Release: What God has Bound Together, No Man on Earth can Tear Apart


A Story of Divine Inspiration Driven by A Burning Desperate Need to Tell the Love Story of Kim Hyun Joong and His Devoted Fans at a Time When He and They Needed it Most.


I want to tell you a Story of Epic and Biblical Proportions.  It is a Story that starts as a tiny spark of an Idea in the hearts of two women who had never met before.  The one knew of the other only because she had read the stories recorded in this blog.  She wondered about the author of those love stories and felt connected to her in the same way all fans feel connected in the World of Kim Hyun Joong.  We share a bond with him made of Pure Love and that love naturally spills over to one another.  Each woman had a small idea growing in her heart and forming shape in her mind.  Each one had a unique Calling by the Divine and could not shake the feeling of NEED to make a video and get it directly into the hands of this Beautiful Young Man we have all come to love as our own Family.  It felt desperate, that need.  As if some unseen force was pushing for it to be done.  As if each of us were possessed by the Spirit of God to make His Love for his Servant Kim Hyun Joong KNOWN.  Through that Driven Need we met on Facebook and we are now the closest of sisters.  We each have so many things in common and yet we live worlds apart.  It is a true miracle in itself because without Kim Hyun Joong, we would have never met.  My story with Seta, the creator and director of the Kim Hyun Joong Global Support Project is but one of many I could tell of countless friends and close sisters I have been privileged to meet in this Fan Family.  I am truly Blessed.
As Seta and I worked separately on our projects and together giving much needed support and advice, we sought to give back to this selfless laborer in God’s Kingdom named Kim Hyun Joong.  A man who has a Mission, whether he is aware or not, to bring Love, Unpolluted, Perfect, Pure LOVE to a Hurting World.  People of all walks of life have found Peace, Joy and Healing just by knowing his face and his smile.  Some may say that Kim Hyun Joong is compensated handsomely for the work he does… Yes, you can say that if you are only looking at the Material Aspect of what he does.  However, Kim Hyun Joong has proven time and again that he would do it even if he was getting nothing in return.  He is Driven to Perform and Entertain, to bring music, beauty, laughter and heart changing joy to the world.  It is not something he could just give up anytime he wants.  He has sacrificed so much to get where he is.  He has worked countless tireless hours to be the best artist he can be.  He wants to be his best no matter the cost.  He does not aspire to be ‘like’ anyone else.  He just wants to be the best version of himself.  What Inspiration he has given those who follow his story and are Blessed Beyond Measure by his art.

And so, this young person who has shouldered the burdens of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of fans worldwide needed to be told how much he is loved.  He needed to hear the tender voices of his fans letting him know they don’t just see a beautiful face, a perfect body, a charming voice.  He needed to know we love him in a way that few ever have the privilege of receiving.  We love him WITHOUT CONDITION.  We love him ALWAYS.  He is not a perfect person.  He has made many mistakes and stumbled often.  His mistakes are there for all of us to see.  However, we are not to judge.  We have seen the magnitude of his influence.  We have felt the DIFFERENCE for having known him in our lives.  We have been married to him in a Spiritual Way those from outside his influence cannot understand.  It is a Marriage of Souls.  It is a Union of Spirit that transcends all the insignificant worries of a Greed Driven and Material World.  It is because we feel this connection with him we can never be Driven Away.  We will never leave his side.  Let his Worst Secrets be exposed.  Let them show us his humanity and frailty.  It only draws us to him more.  Let all the Forces of Hell try to tear us apart.  It will never come to pass.  It is precisely because he is this humble, broken, REAL Human Being that we love him so much.  He will never have to weather this harsh life alone.  We are Always by His Side.

God’s hand was on the hearts of two women to make sure the fans had a Voice and could pass along their Messages of Love and Support for Kim Hyun Joong.  I could tell you of the countless attacks from the enemies of Our Only One who are not just Human but also Spiritual in Nature.  The projects we were conceiving and carefully growing to maturity were attacked by Storms, Electricity Outages, Technical Problems, Hours of Lost Work, Hours of Nail Biting Delays and Issues.  It seemed the projects were doomed to die as only a thought and a dream.  Only living for a brief moment as an idea that seemed so Urgent but would not make it to Kim Hyun Joong’s Hands, Eyes and Heart.  However, we were SO DRIVEN to MAKE IT HAPPEN even when we had no idea HOW.  God brought more of Kim Hyun Joong’s fans from all corners of the world to help.  They gave their support, promoted to the fans, tirelessly networked with their contacts and prepared the final package to be delivered.  Then, we had to wait.  God had opened many doors for one woman, Angela from Henecia Philippines to bring the beautiful gifts to Kim Hyun Joong from the heart of his fans.  At one point we did not even know which show she would attend on the Gemini Tour and her success was dependent upon whether she could approach Kim Hyun Joong’s Manager, Mister Seo, and press the gifts into his hands hoping he would deliver them to Kim Hyun Joong.

Although there were many unknowns, we all felt deep in our hearts that this was a Divine Mission and God would Make A Way.  Our faith, prayers and sleepless nights finally paid off.  Angela was able to attend the Concert on February 19th.  Miraculously, Kim Hyun Joong had added additional dates to his originally planned Schedule for the Gemini Tour and she was able to get time off, tickets, hotel everything at the last minute for the trip.  It was an unplanned trip.  It was obviously well planned by God.  At the concert, Kim Hyun Joong did his hi-touch event and Angela, brave soul and Angel on a Mission, went against the rules and handed those two DVDs directly into Kim Hyun Joong’s hands.  The celebration on facebook with the members of the Project Group were Tremendous and Joyful.  We had made a promise to Kim Hyun Joong’s beautiful fans around the world, 99+ fans from 36 countries entered the project for Global Support with their Recorded Messages of Support in English and Photos of Themselves and fans from 22+ countries sent in their Fan Art and Personal Love Messages to Kim Hyun Joong in their Native Languages for the Valentine Project.  Angela had a heavy burden in her hands with two small DVD Cases and 2 USB Drives.  A heavy responsibility weighed with expectation and anticipation.  God Delivered and those gifts, profound and inspired made it to him just before he finished his tour and headed back to S. Korea.

I will not give mention to what awaited him there because we all know too well.  His pain these past few days has been our agony.  We are confused, disappointed, worried and anxious.  He has stumbled once again, and the ones who want to not only clip his wings but cut them off and throw them into the fire are relentless in their evil attacks.  What they don’t understand is that they can expose him until every dirty little secret is made public.  It will not make one bit of difference.  We are by his side FOREVER.  As I mentioned this is a Marriage on the Spiritual Plane.  Our Souls have accepted him faults and everything and we embrace him UNCONDITIONALLY.  It will not matter what is happening now or what trials may come:  We will never be Broken.  Let the Titanic ship of Fools crash into the Iceberg FULL FORCE.  We have a Deep Foundation.  Our Union is built on LOVE that goes far down into the Stormy Waters.  They see only the surface, but are unaware of the Strength Lying Beneath.  We will withstand Every Attack and Kim Hyun Joong will Triumph Every Time.  Is his status as a Global Star Unsinkable?  Never Doubt It for a minute.  We are the Iceberg not the ship.  Let them believe they are the unsinkable ones.  Let them boast that not even God can sink their plans.  Let them go down to the deep just like that famous ‘unsinkable’ ship.  They will pay for their arrogance and greed.  They will go drown in their own evil deeds.

And now… the moment everyone has been waiting for:  The release of the Videos from your hearts to Kim Hyun Joong.  Valentine Project 2015 and Global Support Project 2015.  Watch here or go to YouTube.  I suggest you listen with a set of headphones if you have them to hear the full splendor of your voices saying you love him from your hearts.  He received them without a doubt and has given us the confirmation in his quiet way with the post on his Official Youtube and Facebook “‘To my fans whom I have not met…” and the latest message to Henecia apologizing for the pain of recent events.  Kim Hyun Joong, my love, my sweet, do not worry for your fans.  We are United and Strong.  We are here to Protect You Always.  Know you can lean on us for anything.  We will never leave your side.  We will Suffer with You and Carry Your Burdens as you have carried ours all of these years without knowing.  You have earned this.  You have invested yourself completely and we are completely invested.  Lean on Us.  Please, take back some of the blessings we have received.  We want to give you everything.  Our hearts, our Prayers, Our Voices, Our Love.  Take care of Yourself.  Be Healthy.  Be Happy.  Come back to us Refreshed.  We are Waiting, Always.  We are Holding the Vigil, Keeping the Candle Lit and Burning to Light your Way Home.

And so, I leave you with this thought:  Another Perfectly Timed Message From God:

Such wonderful things are coming to you.  Joy, Peace, Laughter.  The difficult way is nearly over.

Psalm 31:19 How abundant are the good things that You have stored up for those who fear You, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in You.

And the links to the beautiful videos that belong not only to the two women who created them and not only to the intended Recipient Kim Hyun Joong.  They also belong to you.  None of this would have been possible if you had not responded to our call to action.  If you had not been brave and spoken from your heart.  If you had not asked so many questions and voiced so many concerns and overcome the difficulty of communicating in the English Language which for some of you is your second or third language.  God broke down all walls and communication barriers.  Because of His Provision and Your Faith, Kim Hyun Joong received GOD’S MESSAGE of LOVE and it went straight to his heart where it was much needed.  I know he is feeling more confident that he will not have to walk this treacherous path of life alone.  He will NEVER be alone!  And now he KNOWS beyond a shadow of doubt.  He Is Truly and Deeply Loved.  Thank you so much for giving back to him what he has always given freely without thought:  Understanding and Love.  God’s Grace and Peace be upon you as you go into the Battle.  He will Provide a Way.  We will be Victorious.  We will Rejoice and Celebrate with Kim Hyun Joong when he is able to come back to us.  We will Comfort and give each other Strength as we wait.  Kim Hyun Joong and his Global Fans who are all United as Unbreakable Henecia. Follow us here on Facebook:   #UBKBHenica.  Trend it on Twitter and everywhere you go to express your thoughts.  United we Stand and We Will Never Fall.  I dedicate these Videos to the fans who have never wavered, to the friends and family of Kim Hyun Joong who are steadfast by his side, to his Professional Team who surrounds him with Success, Safety, Security and Protection, to His Future Family who will bring him untold Joy and Happiness, and to the future Unknown where we will meet him on the Moon for the Free Concert in Space of which he has always Dreamed.  We Love You, Kim Hyun Joong from Global Henecia.  We will See You Soon…

7 responses

  1. Bella

    Thank you so much. It’s so beautiful work. This is so perfect to light my heavy heart right now. i pray for Kim Hyun Joong to be well and be protected by god.

    Friday, February 27, 2015 at 12:20 am

  2. fanJoong

    Love him forever.
    Wish my prince to overcome the case.

    Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 6:19 pm

  3. emmy

    Aahh. Such a tearjerking article. But i totally agree with you. I am proud to be a fan of khj because of fans like you. He has made mistakes that had hurt him & so us but one thing i learned from our dear one – face it courageously & just like what he said in one of his phantasm concerts, “tomorrow is better than today.” Evry tomorrow i believe is a better day for our dear one becoz it brings with it healing & a chance to start again. To be happy again. As a fan, i think that khj maybe is so tired already battling all these recent issues. Let’s pray for him that he would always have inner strength to draw upon. And despite our distance from him, and though we don’t know each other personally, let us unite our hearts in praying for our dear khj that the truth will be revealed and that he would finally be happy. Also, that whatever is at the end of this new issue, let us remain positive & supportive of our dear one. ☺

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    • Angel Oliveen

      I totally agree! ^-^ I love how positive you are about all these recent issues! It’s terrible what people say about him in the comments of certain articles and how negative they are >..<

      Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 7:42 am

  4. Tessa

    Thank you it is so beautiful work. Can´t stop my tears from falling. Job well done.
    God bless him and the global henecia.

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 9:14 pm

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    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 4:52 pm

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