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[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: Choosing His Own Adventures + LDFS April 2015 Wallpaper Calendar #neverleaveKHJ #2015KHJPhoenix

Author:  AprilStarr  Pexers Write-Ups on Facebook

We’ve been told life is a mix bag of adventures with no clear cut keys to its endings.

Education creates the paths or is a pathfinder. However, outside of that institution lays a myriad of challenges and yes, opportunities. What one does without stepping foot in it or in spite of it is another story.

It is often said it is up to the individual to choose his own road or allow others to select for him/her.Some go for the well beaten avenues, others make their own ways never mind the dust, the road imperfections,the junctures and crossroads.

Kim Hyun Joong’s choices are not for everyone. Maybe some of those choices resulted to some bad judgement and miscalculations here and there. False reading and faulty insights led to certain conclusions. But who does it right all the time anyway?

Besides, there is a private and public life -and a world of difference between the two. Where the private life intrude into the public and vice versa incongruence occurs. Expectations may not be met at least to the eyes of his public.

Life scripts are not always written the way we want them to . Because there are many characters we have to consider -their own motives and agenda besides our own. When ours and others do not coincide and endings cannot be neatly tied by nice colored ribbons trouble begins. And because he is a public figure looming larger than life, it creates not ripples but waves of disturbances.

Rewatching throwback videos makes one wonder and wish what if and if only things can be rewind back and undo what has been done. Rewriting history to travel backward and make the necessary cure and correction.

Or to have the warning like the drama Mirae’s Choice where the main protagonist encountered her future self and that self warned her of consequences of her choices at present.

Alas, our man cannot have those means. He can perhaps only look back like the rest of us, chuckle, and say ‘If I only knew then what I know now’.

Life’s adventures are not always given to us like a well written fairytale book whose endings are predictable like living happily ever after. Or slaying the bloated monsters of the kingdom and for the prize-the hand of the princess or the affection of the prince But those endings are getting to be boring after a while.

Kim Hyun Joong ‘s life saga is not written in the books. Some may wish for him to pursue his life events in its”proper sequences”. But he doesn’t, thank you very much. Is he an enigma? So many are already playing psychologists, counselors, soothsayers, faith healers, quack fortune tellers and horoscope readers in the attempt to understand him and put his ‘life in order’.

However, whatever final order in the present disorder we desire for him, it’s his life. In his own uniqueness, he choose and will continue to make his own adventures. He will find his way out and as he will will find there are more adventures to meet. The roads to take are aplenty ahead.

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[Pexers Write-Ups] Street Tales: That Blank Space #neverleaveKHJ

Author:  AprilStarr

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We don’t treat spaces equally. Some spaces are treated with dignity and respect.They command high prices and have good press releases. Others are not. Trash and other unmentionables are thrown in it. Or occupy it. Though it then becomes a political issue more than an economic concern.

We are in agreement if you say yes to space being symbolic of what is or what’s not important to a society. It could be spaces on the ground or what stands above it. Cyberspace offer unlimited virtual spaces.

Our senses specially the eyes have been so accustomed to focus on what’s in the spaces more than what is missing. It is called perception. Artists have discovered that certain arrangement of objects can show depth and distance.Photographers discovered that nature have a lot of it to offer.

Man-made spaces have created great cities, quaint towns, elegant and simple households. They have become iconic and landmarks. Companies and offices can show through their public spaces what they stand for, their prized possessions, their accomplishments.

One such office in Seoul show posters on their artists’ unforgettable and outstanding works. But lately an observation was made that allegedly one poster – that of Inspiring Generation is missing in its gallery. To the eyes of those sensitive to movements of any kind it indicated what they have been suspecting already happened. The beginning of an end of a relationship. One of these days. It is the Ides of March- a turning point. But for whom?

It is the case of what is no longer there.

If the rumoured parting of the ways this month (end of contract, non renewing of contract) has already began, it saddens the heart. The home is no longer a home? It was the nest that saw one artist (need I mention his name?)grew and develop his potentials. Outsiders think they saw relationships turned sour. Many had looked to ominous signs and yet wished in their heart of hearts that it isn’t so.

If parting really occurred it should be amicable and still sweet.Though it is the flowing waters under the bridge, the bridge shouldn’t be burned. The entertainment world is not that big. That blank space should no longer be there. That poster should be returned to the space it once occupied not only for old times’ sake but for the work it represented and once displayed with pride was done with the best of the best efforts.

Out of the nest in spite of the storm out there a bird will use the strength of his own wings.An empty nest means it has done its job.

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[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: The Sound of Silence

Author:  AprilStarr

Have you ever awaken to a persistent phone call ? Then you reached for your phone in half opened eyes only to hear a ‘pitch black’ vacuum of nothing?

That is one kind of an annoying silence because it disturbed you and you didn’t get anything in return.

For all you know the other party wanted to just test your alertness. Or was a wrong number call and decided to drop it when he/she realized it wasn’t you he wanted. Anyway, you can always call back and with adeptness to return the favor of nothingness.

Silence is also when people do not respond to your queries and totally ignore you. As If you do not exist at all.

Or totally chaotic noises and then suddenly no one is talking or if ever they are talking it seem to just be a recycling of everything that has been said. Though now grounded every last byte for further analysis or even meta analysis. Does this remind you of the ruckus that raised the roof on Kim Hyun Joong and the other party?

Silence is said to be deafening- negative decibels of sounds of different kinds. It is a figure of speech.But it drives home the point. We cannot tolerate silence for a long time.

Humans want to be in the know and have learned to distinguish between sounds. The human ears and other organs are fed with stimuli from its environment. We are very good in environmental sensing particularly what affects persons of interest. Or of persons we are interested in.

WE are interested in Kim Hyun Joong’s MS enlistment.We are interested in his continuing saga with his personal life and issues. We are interested in his career if there will be twists and turns post-MS. The WE includes not only the fans but also the anti-fans,the Press, the entertainment world and all the other associated interested parties.He isn’t popular for nothing.

The silence on the whatabouts of KHJ is driving some people crazy. Or most. Although it was what some of his supporters are saying -not to use media as conduit of discussion of personal affairs. So it must not have fallen on deaf ears.

Is no news good news? Hopefully it does. Will you be happy to know that the silence mean he has already entered MS? Or that he has reconciled with you know who? I have to bite my lips lest I type ‘heaven forbid’.

In the meantime enjoy the silence, smell the roses and hear the chirping of the birds.

[Pexers Write-Ups] My Love Is Leaving

Author:    AprilStarr

My love is leaving
I couldn’t even say goodbye
The rains came but didn’t
wash my tears away.
My love wouldn’t look back
If he look back
he would see me here
drowning in my sorrows
pains etched in my heart.
My love is leaving
to a faraway land
even crickets couldn’t chirp
only blades of grass are waving.
He told me not to be sad
he’s coming back
wait through the seasons coming
and going, the moon giving its wink.
Though my love is leaving
memories of moments
I know will linger to last
till he find his way back.

[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: Street Tales : Who is Deep Throat ? #‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

Tamra Judge‘s photo.

Nobody wants to be left behind in making the announcement regarding Kim Hyun Joong’s enlistment for MS end of March this year.

It must have been a race who could put out the first news. The others must have been just contented to be the echo of the others.

The articles were trying to milk the news dry and just for “good measure” added the case which had been already resolved last year. Why still continuously rub it in ad nauseam? Have they not humiliated him enough?

The news gets to be additionally coloured and flavoured with his current “personal issues” as if people will not read without mentioning them.

Now the shift of attention is on who leaked the information to the press when HJ said he wants to enter the MS quietly and his fans respected his wishes.

Who is the mystery info leaker? What is his/her purpose? The plot thickens.

Anyway,one thing is certain. Kim Hyun Joong makes the news.

 Sincere and Touching  THANK YOU!!!

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20150220 GEMINI in Makuhari 고맙다

Full Fancam:  lovejoong0606

The winter spell is broken with the blooming of the tulips. May the winter of your despair be over. Like the tulips of spring may you experience the renewed cycle of growth. There’s always pain as we grow,but we learn to overcome. Enjoy what life has to offer.

[Photo/Voice]김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update – 2015.03.13 #‎neverleaveKHJ‬


[VOICE]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.3.11 君のために作ったよ、どう?(韓)

[Info] FAREWELL, KIM HYUN-JOONG (Programa de Radio) – 2015.03.13


Programa especial de 4 horas, donde haremos una despedida a Kim Hyun-joong, por su enlistamiento militar. Escucharemos toda su música, hablaremos mucho de él y enviaremos mensajes de las fans deseándole lo mejor…

Special 4 hour program, in which we will say farewell to Kim Hyun-joong for his military enlistment.
We will listen all of his music, we will talk a lot about him and send him messages from fans wishing him the best…

1) Los mensajes no deben ser mayores a 10 segundos
2) Grabarlos en la mejor calidad de audio posible y sin editar
3) El mensaje debe estar dicho en tu lengua natal (cualquier idioma)
4) Enviarlos a junto con el texto original transcrito de lo que se ha grabado (en el idioma original sin traducir)
5) Enviarlos desde ya, hasta el domingo 22 de Marzo

Los mensajes que no cumplan los requisitos o que no estén en buena calidad de audio, no serán considerados.

Nota: Si quieres que tu nombre, país o fanclub aparezca mencionado, debes grabar el mensaje con esa información también.



1) Messages should be no longer than 10 seconds
2) Record the messages in the best possible audio quality and without editing
3) Message should be recorded in your original language (any language)
4) Send it to with the original text transcription of the audio recorded (in the original language without translation)
5) Send it starting today, until Sunday, March 22.

Messages that do not comply with this simple rules, or in bad audio quality, will not be considered.

Note: if you want your name, country or fanclub mentioned in the message, you need to record the message with that information.