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[News] OBS KHJ’s Lawyer’s Interview – 2015.05.05 (plus related news)

Credit:    SuperfandeKhj

[Eng translation based on the Chinese translation by @倪嘉路Karenkim13 & @Miyokolovekhj ‘s tweet on Mbn video report]
Translation Credit:
Choi, accompanied by HJ & HJ’s parents, went to the hospital as selected by Choi, for check-up. But Choi did not allow HJ’s mom to go into the ultrascan room with her. Choi went in alone and later provided them with the pregnancy report after the check-up. As of now, it is confirmed that she is pregnant but there is no confirmation on the paternity of the baby and that the baby is really HJ’s. This is still a contentious point on both sides.

HJ’s lawyer said that HJ had indicated that after the baby is born, it must undergo paternity test to confirm that baby is indeed his first. Upon such confirmation then he will bear the responsibility of raising the child, etc.

But as of now, baby is not even born yet but Choi has hurriedly filed a lawsuit of 1.6 Billion won for compensation. From a legal point of view, this is unduly excessive because even in any normal situation such as a traffic accident which resulted in death, the compensation for any psychological suffering (arising from death of person) would not exceed 100 million won! Although in different situations, the compensation figure could be negotiated by both parties but in this case, Choi’s demand is obviously way out of any negotiable parameters. Hence, they will prepare to go through the legal proceedings in respond to the lawsuit from Choi.

Brief translation for OBS video
Translation Credit:  @Keiranai via @st01love

Choi didn’t let HJ’s mum get into the room where she did the ultrasound check so they cannot confirm whether Choi is really pregnant or not.
Choi was trying to make her relationship with HJ’s side look good by saying that they went to the hospital together.
Choi kept on asking HJ how he would take up the responsibility as the father of the baby.
HJ said he’d take up the responsibility when they have the DNA test done (after baby’s birth).
But after that Choi sued HJ and asked for 1.6 billion won.
Two other lawyers were interviewed. They said 1.6 billion is too much. Even for cases involving deaths, the compensation will not exceed 100 million.
HJ’s lawyer said even HJ will soon be in the army, the lawsuit will not be affected.
What HJ wants is the fact.He wants to confirm whether Choi is really pregnant and after doing the DNA test he can take up the responsibility.
He wanted to wait quietly until the baby is born but Choi kept on creating confusing news.
As a result, Hyun Joong is now having a very hard time. -END-

  • HJ’s lawyer: “almost done gathering all the evidence materials, trial is scheduled for 3rd of June.” 화이팅!!
  • HJ’s side: “will take responsibility raising the kid after confirming paternity test. Right now, no intention for any agreement/settlement.”

Credit: via Deanna Dsc


Kim Hyun Joong counsel “attorney even enlisted the litigation in progress, but I do not think they want a responsible parenting agreement.”

Court date for Ms. Choi’s civil suit against Kim Hyun Joong set for June


The court date for Ms. Choi‘s civil suit against Kim Hyun Joong has been set for June 3. It was previously revealed that the singer-actor’s ex-girlfriend is suing him for 1.6 billion KRW (~ 1.4 million USD) in compensation for psychological and emotional stress during her pregnancy.

SEE ALSO: Kim Hyun Joong reported to be enlisting on May 12
On May 6, Kim Hyun Joong’s legal representation stated, “Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend’s civil suit court date has been set. Currently, we have collected all the evidence internally. We’ll attend the planned trial.” Though Kim Hyun Joong will not be able to attend due to the start of his man


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  1. Tity

    Very well said Mrs Hamm. Should publicize your comments for everyone …haters and non fans to read.

    Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 2:46 pm



    Friday, May 8, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    • CAGOME


      Friday, May 8, 2015 at 2:20 pm

  3. ottiaf

    Please I am confused. top article says it HS BEEN CONFIRMED…. 2nd article says it CANNOT BE CONFIRMED….WHICH ONE IS RIGHT

    Date: Thu, 7 May 2015 05:07:27 +0000

    Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 5:58 pm

  4. I just want to share this comment …. Credit as Tagged

    It’s almost a year, if not over, that this issue between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend (Choi) came out. Since then it’s been so many stories/news or other, accusations over accusations. The dirty laundry that was supposed to be private became public, ex-girlfriend turned from an abused victim to a pregnant victim as she claimed. And when we thought the issues or enough dirt has been aired already; we read another bombshell on May 4, 2015, this same woman (Choi) suing the almost 2,000 plus Netizens that made comments on the web about her issues, how on earth do you sue people whom you don’t even know?

    These commenters are from all over the world; if I could remember, you made this issue a public one the moment you started giving interviews, aired text messages and accused him of an abuse. If you really were not expecting anyone to comment, then you shouldn’t have gone to the press or were you expecting the commenters/netizens to say more positive things about you, but unfortunately it didn’t happened as you wish.

    As if suing the fans are not enough, an hour later, boom! You’re suing Kim Hyun Joong, wow! Don’t you get tired of playing all this manipulative and shameful game? Kim Hyun Joong and his family receives so many blames and hate comments, but they stay quiet even at the expense of his career, he never gave an interview or post any text messages between both of you to the media, he took the heats from every corner and never for once releases your identity or trash you. So, MS (Choi) are they all not enough for you? This is a man that lost a lot because of your accusations, but yet you still not had enough, I thought you once loved this man? Man and woman do fall in love and break up when they’re not compatible, is not a big deal, but why is yours so different? If you really don’t know, I will tell you that you’re now a laughing stock even to the people that once supported you.

    My message to the media in South Korea is that they really need to always double CHECK there stories from both angles before publishing or passing judgements. Do you news outlets still believe that this woman is still a victim? You’re the media(the ears and eyes of everyone), if you dig deeper into her BACKGROUND, you’ll see that this is not her first time of blackmailing or accusing men into making money and destroying them. The only reason why this is different is because he’s a celebrity which she can milk more money from.

    I want South Koreans to know that people get to know more about you worldwide because of KPOP and KDRAMA ( worldwide known celebrity like Park Si Hoo, KIM HYUN JOONG, Lee Byung-hun, Rain and so on.) So, why are you allowing these lazy, desperate and gold digging women to ruin them? These men (celebrities) are the building blocks, representatives of your culture that makes foreigners rush or wants to learn more about your culture. What happened when these building blocks are been removed or destroyed? It’s high time that you people need to stand up against blackmail and supports your ‘sons’, if you did not stop all this women from blackmailing and destroying your reputation, sooner or later nobody will know or heard anything about your culture, tourism, KPOP,KDRAMA and also foreigner will be afraid of coming to your country because just a little CONTACT with this women might lead to lawsuit or blackmail.

    To those who supported her claim of an abused, do you still believes that she’s a victim? Do you think the best thing for her to do since she said she’s expecting his baby and wants to be a single MOTHER is to sue him for $1.48million? How did he cause her a “psychological harm”? She’s the only one doing the talking, interviews and airing of text messages. So, is he supposed to be liable for that? (I could remember the interview she gave that she wasn’t interested in his money, but now she does. Actually, this is all she wanted all along.).

    I, as a 58years old woman,MOTHER, and grandmother will never wish a woman like her for my sons, because she said kim hyun joong is the father of her unborn child, and all she does is trying to destroy him totally; so what happened when the child grows up, heard the story of how the MOTHER destroy the father’s life. What will she tell him/her?

    What even baffles me is that her parents couldn’t even give her a good parental advice. Why did they keep quiet? Why did they allowed her to shame them and the entire womanhood with all her framing, manipulative and desperate games?

    Now it’s not too late for her parent to talk some senses into her, because nemesis will catch up with her one day. Madam choi, please think twice before you destroy some else’s life; one day you’ll be a MOTHER and how would you feel if a woman does the same to your son? Remember, what goes around, comes around. What you sow, you shall reap.

    If my article will cause me to be sued by you, please don’t hesitate to, but please at least include a planeTICKET with it.

    I am appealing to all the good women of South Korean to not allow these lazy and gold digging women to destroy your reputation; please end this blackmailing and disgusting ways of all this mentally unstable women like her.

    Kim hyun joong, I have sons older and about your age, my advice to you is that next time you want to date a woman, please be careful and know a little bit about their background and mental state before you proceed. People makes mistake in life, but one mistake is enough for you to learn. This woman is that mistake, a bitter mistake in your life.”

    As for madam and whosever is aiding her in destroying kim hyun joong, I think both of you need to think twice and remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. Both of you need to stop now; haven’t you done enough damages already? Do you have conscience? A word is enough for the wise. (That’s if she’s wise).

    Conclusion: you’re after money right from the beginning; you only execute your plans step by step. You mapped it out right from beginning.”

    Thank You


    Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 2:01 pm

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