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[Tweet Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG NewsBits “KHJ’s Lawyer Interview” – 2015.05.11

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Chinese Trans of Today’s (TVDaily) news Fighting my dear. wish everything goes smooth!!! aza^^

[Revised] [Eng Trans of Chinese Translation on TVDaily report on today’s happenings shared by @KHJBelinda]

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HJ side’s official response “They will sue the ex-gf for defamation and blackmail”

On 11 May 2015, Lawyer Lee responded that the allegation of miscarriage due to assault was not true and they will take legal actions against such allegation.

Last August, Choi sued HJ for assault. The allegation now was that the ‘assault’ on 30 May 14 had led to her miscarriage on 30 June 2014. Lawyer Lee said that after the assault allegation was reported, Choi had continuously threatened HJ that she would report that he assaulted a pregnant woman to defame him publicly. HJ was scared of her threats and suggested a settlement amount of 300 million won. But Choi continued and demanded 600 million won! On 16 September 2014, HJ gave her the 600 million won and she withdrew the assault charges.

HJ’s lawyer added that the alleged miscarriage and current pregnancy were all one-sided allegation by Choi. When HJ went with her to the hospital, Choi would go in to the hospital alone while HJ could only wait in the car park. He can’t go in with her! It was only recently that the pregnancy report was received by HJ side.

And on the settlement agreement, it was stated that her taking of the 600 million won cannot be disclosed or made known publicly. Otherwise, she will sue them for breach of contract! Yet, Choi, on receiving the 600 million won on 16 September 2014, told the media publicly that it was because of her love for him that she withdrew the charges and claimed that she did not take any settlement money!!!

HJ lawyer added that what was settled last year was once again being raised. If what she had said is true then it would tantamount to defamation. If she lied then it would tantamount to blackmailing, especially when she took an amount of >500 million won. The legal penalty will be different.

HJ lawyer said that for Choi’s allegation, they will use legal proceedings to prove if it is true or not. … 8028698624

  • [Eng Trans] In gist, HJ lawyer explained that Choi had continuously alter the content of the apology letter. So the final apology letter released was in accordance to what she wanted! In the settlement agreement, there was a particular clause that stated that the 600mil won settlement sum cannot be disclosed to the public or there will be a penalty on HJ for the disclosure. Yet the first person to breach the clause was not HJ but Choi who upon receipt of the 600mil won of settlement money lied in her statement to the media that it was due to her love for him that she decided not to sue or settle for money. On this point, it is tantamount to defamation, HJ side will raise this as a breach!
  • [Eng Trans] Q2 and HJ lawyer’s reply. In gist, why did HJ paid out such a huge settlement amount of money to Choi was because HJ then did not have a lawyer to represent him and he was alone in dealing with her threats. Even without any medical report he thought her pregnancy & miscarriage were true. At last August when HJ was sued for the alleged assault care, Choi had threatened him that she will report him for assaulting a pregnant woman. Originally the settlement amount was 300 mil won but it was settled for 600 mil won eventually.
  • [Eng Trans] Q3 and HJ lawyer’s reply on whether there was any confirmation on what Choi claimed (pregnancy and miscarriage). HJ lawyer said that there was no confirmation at all. Choi messaged HJ about the miscarriage but there was no medical reports about her pregnancy or miscarriage produced to substantiate her claim. So from this point, it can be said that there is no pregnancy or miscarriage.

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  • My Korean Henecia friend sent me this, Hyun Joong choose a great lawyer 👍🏻

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  • KHJ lawyer ‘There’s no pregnancy, how to have miscarriage?’ Absurd

김현중 변호인 측, “임신이 아닌데 유산이 되나?” 황당 ㄷㅇ ㄴㅇㅂ

  • KHJ lawyer ‘Choi did not have miscarriage, she herself knew it’

김현중 변호인 “최씨 유산 없었다, 본인도 아는 사실” ㄷㅇ ㄴㅇㅂ

  • KHJ lawyer assurance ‘There’s no Pregnancy.Miscarriage’

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  1. Her allegations have not confirmed as facts. A sent text messages but never provided medical docs for miscarriage and pregnancy.

4 responses

  1. Tessa

    I don’t think I can blame key east because as I have previously rdone some news even hyun joong parents doesn’t know of these 60 m won settlement, this was settled between hyun joong and Ms choi alone. HJ got panic! And was manipulated cruelly with this evil woman. God bless my kim.

    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 11:44 pm

  2. Sandra Taylor

    I feel sorry for Kim cause his innocent, he was target in the beginning. Until I see the proof from the abuse case, first pregnancy, and the miscarriage. All this was a setup in the beginning of the so call relationship. Some people are saying Kim needs to grow up. He is grown up and living very well. I’ve never heard of Kim beating on anyone. Other then what happen in school. That isn’t who he is now. And I see Kim around for a long time. This man put up with her threats. About a baby that he thought he may have been the cause of her losing . This poor girl so abused she, went and had a contract draw up. With what she wanted in it and give it to Kim. So she could get money out of Kim in the sum of 547,000. And now she’s pregnant again. Won’t prove if he’s the father. Then she comes with the civil sue about the first baby, which she already gotten paid for. And on top of that she’s not only suing Kim but a news station and fans. She wants Kim to just sign another contract without proof. For 1.4 mill for a house for her and the kid. That she may or may not have. This man put up with a lot by himself. Without saying a word, he didn’t tell who she was. He was protecting her all the way to the end. In the mean while all she was doing is raping him of his business, his heart and soul, his images. Even if Kim gets back everything she took from him. People are going to still have that thought in the back of their minds that he was guilty. Cause once you get label with something like this, you can’t it back. Some people will never look at Kim in the same way before this happen. Kim stay strong, your fans will never let you fall. Keep your head up. Cause even after all she has done to Kim he is still standing. Still preparing for his future. What is she doing for her self. Other then make someone else life a living hell. Even if she gets away with what she has done. I still don’t believe her. She has used the system, and the public before why not now.

    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 2:53 pm

  3. bella

    Thank you so much for a very clear picture of what was going on in the past several months. It is so true that Hj’s fan are never wrong about him . They are also able to see through this woman ‘s ill -will since the started. This woman is not only a mental disorder but she is a real heartless professional blackmailer and a gold digger. She probably feel that she can get more from him.

    I really hope she will get penalty for the crime she deserves. I hope the SK outlet medias get penalty as well . I believe some of them are conspiracy for defamation toward Kim Hyun Joong.

    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 12:16 pm

  4. Cagome


    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 3:22 am

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