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[Tweet Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG’s Lawyer Interview Part 2 – 2015.05.12 #Waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ

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Pls help spread this video with HJ lawyer’s response to case. In the vid HJ lawyer mentioned HJ is thankful to fans

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According to video clip, HJ’s lawyer conveys that hj really appreciates to fans fr believing him no matter what..

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer claims that Ms.Choi didn’t have a miscarriage 김현중 측 “최씨 16억 주택자금 요구”

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In gist HJ was afraid that the media may hear about Choibitch’s threat. Without telling anyone he paid her the 600 mil won.

After the closure of that matter, HJ was informed of the alleged pregnancy earlier this year.

They met on 5 Jan 2015. Although the earlier 600 mil won given would be more than sufficient for her & the alleged baby but she wanted to buy a house so demanded double (1.2 billion won). Then later revised it to 1.6 billion won!!

After that, HJ side tried to seek confirmation of the pregnancy & paternity before taking the responsibility. But the meeting date kept being postponed until 2 months later (when they met in March). Yet HJ’s mom was denied access to enter the ultrasound scan room with her on that day so unable to have direct confirmation of the alleged pregnancy whatsoever.

Then end-March/ early April she kept pushing HJ to make the decision (to pay the 1.6 billion won demand).

As of now, HJ lawyer is expecting Choibitch to provide evidences on her last May’s so-called pregnancy & miscarriage and not any SMS messages as proof!!

[Eng Trans for @Miyokolovekhj ‘s tweet on HJ lawyer’s TV interview on OBS News broadcast on 13 May 2015]

In the lodge report filed by Choibitch, she had stated that doctor had clarified that she was not pregnant and advised her to go to the hospital for another check-up. But following that she wrote that it was a miscarriage. But how could one has a miscarriage if one has yet to prove to be pregnant. Her so-called proof of pregnancy was merely those handphone message exchanges.

There is no correlation between the so-called miscarriage and the alleged assault. During the alleged assault case, HJ admitted partially to the charge and paid the settlement money to her as Choibitch had continuously threatened him that she would go public that he was a violent criminal that assaulted pregnant woman as well as when she would go to the media. Under such coercion & threats, HJ was so scared & afraid that if he did not oblige to her demand (for money) she would not let the matter rest at all. Hence, even without any proof of pregnancy, he believed her pretense of miscarriage and hastily gave the 600 million won as settlement.

But after getting the settlement money and then announced to the public that it was due to her love for HJ that she withdrew the charges, her actions had badly damaged HJ’s reputation and public image (as it had misled the public to believe that he was a bad man who assaulted a kind woman like her who did not take a single cent of settlement money!) Her actions would tantamount to defamation.

Therefore, upon the completion of evidences gathering and confirmation that Choibitch was not pregnant at all, it would be expected that lawsuit will be filed to sue Choibitch for blackmail as well as civil lawsuit against her for compensation. There is no room for settlement at all!

Like last year’s situation, the 1.6 billion won lawsuit came about because Choibitch had used similar threat tactics to extort money from HJ. Again she would send messages to pressurize him. But because she did not succeed in getting any money that she resorted to filing a lawsuit against HJ.

Initially she claimed that due to her pregnancy she needed money to buy a house for the baby, and double the amount to 1.2 billion won. Then she said it was not enough and up the amount to 1.6 billion won! But when her threats did not get her any money she demanded, she then sued under the basis of psychological damage for 1 billion won plus another 600 million won for breach of the earlier settlement contract!

HJ lawyer stated that there is no ground for any settlement at all.

To his fans who have continued to believe in him till the end HJ expressed his deepest gratitude. Lawyer Lee said that this is what HJ has wanted to convey to his fans.

Separately, on questions relating to the baby, it will have to wait till the baby is born and after a firm confirmation from paternity test will assume the responsibility accordingly.

  • Pls help spread articles on HJ lawyer on Choi’s fake pregnancy, by clicking on link & RT link

  • HJ lawyer : No pregnancy in the first place how cld there be a miscarriage? 김현중 변호인 측, “임신이 아닌데 유산이 되나?” 황당 | 다음 연예
  • HJ lawyer : Ex-gf Choi lied! 김현중 변호인 “전 여친 최 씨는 거짓말하고 있다” | 다음 연예
  • HJ lawyer’s responses – always based on facts & legality of matter👍👍👍Choi lawyer’s responses – like hooligan’s threats & lies 👎👎👎
  • It hurts to find out HJ suffered in silence all by himself for so long 김현중 측 “부모도 몰랐던 6억..김현중 고소 의지 강해” | 다음 연예

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  • Even HJ’s parents didn’t know HJ has given 600 million won to her because HJ was in panic. KHJ has a strong will for sue her

  • Q: how is
    I couldn’t confirmed but her acquaintance told it’s hard to tell whether she is pregnant.or not even though its 5 month pregnancy.
  • Laywer:  because of her continuous interview HJ suffered severely.  Normal people don’t act like that if he is real father

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  • A’s complaint shows her visit to clinic last year with no pregnancy diagnosis. No pregnancy, no miscarriage! She knows it too.

  • [KHJ] on Jan5/15 A said “pregnant again. Need 1.6MW to buy house to live with baby.””last year’s 6MW isn’t enough to buy house”

  • [pregnancy/miscarriage]

    1.   A’s complaint says she was unable to confirm pregnancy and then claimed miscarriage.

2.  (HJ’s Lawyer) Requested medical docs related to pregnancy and miscarriage but haven’t received them yet. A’s only evidence is phone text messages.

  • [Why HJ settled wth large sum w/o evidence]

    1.  When (A) threatened to go public with miscarriage, HJ fell into utter panic

2.  As money was demanded, HJ offered 300MW, which was deemed way too little, and eventually had to settle with 600MW as demanded.

  • [Reason of A’s new revelation1] It’s deemed to be her lawsuit tactic to pressure HJ to end lawsuit early and get settlement.

  • [A new Revltn 2] If A’s allegation is false, suit for 1.6BW will be dismissed. 600MW settlement stays effective and suit ends.

  • Q1 Truth about assault/miscarriage by assault]

    1.  Assault and miscarriage are separate.

2.  HJ admitted assault at that time, because he believed A’s allegation of pregnancy and miscarriage by assault is true.

  • [Q1-2] 1.  A threatened to expose miscarriage by assault to media. When should it be exposed? The threats got HJ to total panic state.

2.  HJ was in such a panic state as to agree to pay 600MW.

  • [Why pay 600MW w/o real proof 1] 1 He paid 600MW because of (A’s) threats of exposing miscarriage by assault.

    2.  So HJ was blackmailed with false facts n paid 600MW.

  • [no proof 2] 1.  When final proof of no pregnancy to be found, it is considered as extracting 600MW by blackmail.

2.  Then criminal charge against blackmail wl b taken n civil action wl b taken for damage compensation.

  • [Q2 A’s statement about no settlement compensation 1]

    1.  In settlement agreement made by A, there’s violation clause of no revelation

    2.  It was prohibited to reveal to public whether or not compensation was made. But A violated it by saying first she didn’t receive any compensation.

  • [Q2-2]1.  A said to public that she withdrew charges w/o compensation, even thou she got it in fact.

2.  A projected her image for public to see as a good person, who didn’t get compensation even after being assaulted.

  1. [Q2-3] A projected HJ as bad person, abusing good person, who even didn’t ask 4money. She violated settlement clause and defamed HJ.

    [Q3 Why 1.6BW suit now?] With intention to press HJ out of court and get paid like last year, she filed for civil suit first.

    Claiming pregnant A asked for money to buy house to live with baby. Saying 600MW not enough, A demanded 1.2BW then 1.6B

    Getting no response after coercing quick decision as father, on Apr 1, A textid her intention for legal resolution and sued on Apr 7.

    May 14, 2015 Updates

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    ‘Midnight’ Kim Hyun Joong side, “former girlfriend can not confirm pregnancy, miscarriage, and only an excuse.”


5 responses

  1. Sara

    If this lawyer act sooner and asked court for make her to prove pregnancy, and pregnancy by KHJ with Blood tests, Ultrasound and DNA TEST , she was earlier disclosed with substantial proof. I am not sure but I think there would be another test to prove that wether she was pregnant or not. The lawyer should immediately consult a doctor and take necessary actions.

    Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 1:29 pm

  2. I m glad all these are out . Otherwise i m not sure whether he will get bashed up over there too

    Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 1:24 am

  3. bella

    Thank you so much for the information.

    I feel deeply sad for HJ what he has been through for the last several months. He has lost so much. However I’m sure he has gained and will gain much more than he has lost.

    I feel really thankful for his lawyer .

    God will always be with you Kim Hyun Joong and The lawyer lee.

    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 12:48 pm

  4. carito

    Las personas ambiciosas no tienen limites para dañar a los demás. Espero que KHJ pueda limpiar su imagen y se sepa toda la verdad. Fuerza KHJ, tus fans te seguiremos apoyando por siempre.

    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 10:36 am

  5. I hope this mr Lee will defend with success and this birch will go to jail

    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 8:14 am

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