Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Tweet Bits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Enlistment Updates #Waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ

Arts Credit:  Ruku Bebe

Arts Credit: Hyun Joong Brazil

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Credit:  nmika19  via Deanna Dsc

  • KHJ voice 20150513
    “I’m going…wait for me!”

Controversial Kim Hyun Joong, enlisted accompanied by Bae Yong Joon and
@ Midnight TV Entertainment 20150513

Upload Credit:  entertainmentSBS

Upload Credit:  cozy jj

IG Update: Lucas_artmatic via

Fancam Credit:  ·  May 12

현중아~~ 건강하게 잘 지내…현중의 입소식 영상 150512 Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 – Enlistment : We’ll Wait for You 

 Fancams Credit:  KingHyunjoong

Reposted from Deanna Dsc

Flower arrangements from Peru,Colombian fans were sent to Jaksal Ilsan for KHJ’s enlistment
via @jamkkuleogihj

Credit:  玺鉞Nan via  

  • HJ friends,his Artmatic hyungs and Gemini band all were there yesterday when He Enlisted

Tweets Credit:  

  • Hyun Joong’s looking so handsome @ yesterday’s enlistment [GIF-2]
    Credit @Rukubebe唯爱贤
  • Hyun Joong’s salute @ yesterday’s enlistment [GIF-1] Credit @Rukubebe唯爱贤
  • Seems Hyun Joong took photos with his friends before entering MS yesterday!👌
    Credit:   Hong Lee Nok via Kai Joong

💚 wow great!! special cake for HJ’s enlistment〜💚

Tweets Credit: ·  May 12

  • 20150512 Kim Hyun joong enlisted Credit as tagged via 谢谢你折磨我-柯柯柯

Photo Credit:  忙到昏热的Joey via  

  • : Fan pic Kim Hyun joong enlisted

Photos Credit:   小許子變小瘦子了

Photos/Fan Acct Credit:  @pink_floccus via 倩倩

  • [Fan Account & photos] KHJ’s enlistment

2015.05.12. 김현중 입대 – ‘すぐに 戻るから’ – Good Bye!

Instagram Update by

Credit: @aki060206 via Deanna Dsc
  • ♡KHJ♡ UPCLOSE [short clip]
    @ MS enlistment ceremony

Reposted from:  Deanna Dsc

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  • [김현중에게 편지 보낼 주소] 입대동기들과 부대담당자들에게 폐가 되지 않도록 한번에 모아서 보내도록 합시다.

Attention HENECIANS:
For those who want to send letters to KHJ while he’s in MS…
Here is the EMAIL address to send them to:

 Credit:  @catgojump via DeannaDsc

  • At present the news about Kim Hyun Joong is the 3rd most
    widely-watched & commented on among the news in South Korea.
    헤네치아 최고!!! 현재 다음 댓글 많은 뉴스 3위, 공감 많은 뉴스 3위!…

 Tweet Credit:  ·  May 13

입대 선택한 김현중, '욘사마' 배용준이 배웅! | Daum tv팟


Tweet Credit:   ·  May 12

东方日报, 蘋果娛樂 김현중 입대 기사 “: China news cr.Fanny Au Yeung “


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