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[Tweet Updates] New Revelations by HJ’s Attorney + More – 2015.05.17


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  • A journalist wrote that LeeJaeMan (HJ’s lawyer) is well-known for helping to enlighten unfair cases in entertainment industry. RT

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  • Kim Hyun Joong side, the former girlfriend and Jeju travel photos published (yeonyega relay) No scars in June 7 pics
  • “Yeonyega Relay” KHJ Side: Miscarriage is not mentioned in d [Choi’s] complaint.

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  • These pics were taken at Jeju on June 7, few days after supposed miscarriage

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It looks like many people are wondering why Kim Hyunjoong (김현중) settled and ended up giving 600MW to Ms. A (aka Ms. Choi), so pls read the following translations of KHJ’s atty’s statements:

1. This is Atty Lee’s (KHJ’s atty) interview clip (4:57~5:23) wherein he says the following:

“In regards to the alleged assault, KHJ admitted to the alleged assault at that time. The reason for it was because KHJ believed back then what Ms. Choi said to be true. She told him of her pregnancy and that his assault caused the miscarriage. Further, Ms. Choi threatened to expose him to the media, asking when he would like it to be. As Ms. Choi threatened him like that, he was so taken aback that he ended up giving 600MW which was what the other side wanted. He was in such a state of panic that he paid 600MW as is.”

폭행혐의 조차도 당시에는 김현중씨가 폭행협의를 인정했습니다. 그 인정한 이유는 그 당시에는 최 모씨가 말하는 임신과 폭행으로인한 유산을 사실로 믿고 그것을 언론에 터트리겠다 언제 터트려줄까? 이렇게 협박을 하니까 너무 놀라서 6 억원을 상대가 원하는 6억원을 그대로 지급할 정도로 상대가 원하는 그대로 줄 정도로 아주 정신적으로 곤황상태에 빠져 있었읍니다

2. Reporter: Why did KHJ give such a large sum of settlement money to Ms. Choi w/o any definite proof?

Atty Lee: KHJ didn’t have any atty representing him like the present, and therefore he had to deal with the incident all by himself. He understood (w/o proof such as a medical certificate) the pregnancy and the miscarriage to be true and was even charged with assault last August. After that, Ms. Choi threatened him with “I’ll expose you as a violent offender, who assaulted a pregnant woman, resulting in a miscarriage.” At the beginning, KHJ’s side offered 30 MW but ended up giving 600 MW as per request of Ms. Choi’s side.

-확실한 증거 없이, 김현중은 왜 최 씨에게 거액의 합의금을 줬나?

-지금처럼 법률대리인이 없었기 때문에 김현중이 사건을 혼자 감당해야 했다. (진단서와 같은 물증 없이도) 임신과 유산 이야기가 사실인 줄로만 알았고, 8월에 폭행으로 고소까지 당했다. 그 후 최 씨가 ‘임산부를 폭행해서 유산시킨 폭력범이라고 터뜨리겠다’고 협박을 했고, 처음에 김현중 측에서는 합의금으로 3천만 원을 제시했지만 결국 (최 씨 측의 요구대로) 6억 원을 줬다.

FYI: Pls feel free to use Atty Lee’s explanation as to why KHJ had to pay Ms. Choi the money even though he wasn’t guilty of the alleged assault for those who still question KHJ’s innocence. I swear this woman is her own worst enemy. Thank God she’s stupid enough to leave so many pieces of evidence to be used against her. I guess she made her bed, and it’s time for her to lie in it.

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Hyun-Joong Kim and ex-girlfriend photos revealed …
Miscarriage claims to refuted
‘연중’ 김현중 전 여친과 다정한 사진 공개..유산 주장 반박
[article excerpts]
Kim Hyun Joong & ex- girl friend’s affectionate photos attracted public attention amidst litigation cases.

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer said, “Choi looked fine at the photos taken just a few days after the June 7 assault in Jeju island, despite claims of assault on May 30.As seen in the two released pictures.

In response,Choi’s side is to argue that “there is enough text or data sent or received during the meeting had all the truth will be revealed in court.” .
Source: Star News Naver TV entertainment…

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: 김현중 측 최씨 멍도 없고 멀쩡! – 2015.05.16 연예가중계에서 김현중측 증거사진 공개!!!

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  1. KHJ’s Atty:  In the pics on June7 just a few days after May30 (alleged assault occurred), she has no scars in the face and no bruises in the arms.
  2. Thou she claimed miscarriage due to assault at that time, her complaint provides neither medical certificate for pregnancy nor docs for miscarriage treatment.

Kim Hyun Joong releases photo of ex-girlfriend with him from last June + refutes miscarriage rumors

May 16, 2015 @ 11:16 pm

Kim Hyun Joong‘s lawyers claimed that the accusation did not mention a miscarriage at all.

Kim Hyun Joong’s side released a photo of him and his girlfriend on June 7th at Jeju Island to KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, showing she was perfectly fine. His lawyers said, “If you see the photo taken at Jeju Island on June 7th, only a few days after she claimed ot be beaten on May 30th, she is perfectly fine. She claims that she miscarried the child after being beaten while pregnant, but the accusations do not say anything about a pregnancy or a miscarriage.

SEE ALSO: Kim Hyun Joong revealed to have relayed a handwritten letter to fans before enlistment

In response, Miss Choi’s side said, “There is plenty of proof, such as texts that they sent back and forth while they were dating. The truth will be revealed in court.

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  1. Atiq

    Oh gosh…this woman and her lawyer, aren’t they stupid idiot?? They think text messages can be a strong evidences in court? And by the way, thats the only their response to all these revealations?? LOL…

    Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 5:03 pm

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