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[Tweet Updates] Loyalty of Kim Hyun Joong’s fans plus Assorted (Late) Updates #neverleaveKHJ #Wating4KHJ #김현중

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Loyalty of Kim Hyun Joong’s fans


Thursday, May 14, 2015    

Even Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure is really relevant.

On Madame Tussauds Seoul’s instagram account, a photo of a staff dressing up Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure is uploaded.

The wax figure of the actor/singer who recently entered training camp on May 12th is standing lean and just. However, it appears like even the wax figure must be updated as well. Thus, they dressed it with a military uniform.

Written through the caption is, “Kim Hyun Joong-ssi you have to wear military uniform now. Madame Tussauds Seoul who worries about Kim Hyun Joong who enlisted yesterday put on his military uniform^^; Kim Hyun Joong-ssi please take care of your body’s health!”

Under the posts, comments read as “Oppa please take care.”,”Come back safely oppa!”, “We’ll wait for you.”,”Keep healthy.” and so on. Moreover, it is also reported that fans in group came to see Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure on the day of his enlistment and paid respect and salute him promising to patiently wait for his return.

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  • [김현중갤러리][펌] 헤네치아의 끝은 어디까지지? 일산 작살에 온 꽃 화환 콜롬비아 & 페루에서 온…..
  • 东方日报, 蘋果娛樂 김현중 입대 기사 “@meesojoong: China news cr.Fanny Au Yeung “

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  • It seems HJ played soccer today…A person who played with him told hj looks thinner than b4…source frm khj gallery
    *can’t wait to see a picture of him. His hair will be shorter than IG.
  • A person who saw him said hj’s hair was really short…

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[VOICE]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.5.13 行ってくるよ 待っててね(韓)

Tweeted by @501wanga

[trans] Seeing HJ at the soccer field.

(10/5) Today’s match is from 2pm to 4pm, didn’t know that there will be artiste around, was concentrating on playing soccer during round 1 cos I just like soccer, only noticed Kim Hyun Joong during round 2, it’s really Kim Hyun Joong! He look much taller in real than on TV, face is smaller, (I) kept thinking ‘artistes all look so handsome’ as i kept running on the field. Maybe cos he didn’t put in a goal during round 2, after round 2 he went to the bench and practised a lot with a ball, and lie down on the ground and joke with friends. He seem to be a forward (player position) on the field, even till end of round 3 he is running on the field, round 4 he didn’t play, sitting at the bench and chatting with the rest.

Blogger who posted this encounter said he only knew HJ is entering the army on 12/5 when he visited DC Gallery to share his posting, only then he knew why HJ’s hair was so short.

Credit DC Gallery + Chi trans by 倪嘉路Karenkim13 + eng trans by kelemama

Credit:  @0606_star  via  Deanna Dsc

“Kim Hyun-Joong, stay healthy, goodbye”
[2015.5.10] held by Henecia Kitakyushu congratulates Hyun Joong on his debut 10th anniversary –

Credit:  DS501 via Deanna Dsc

💖 this beautiful~sweet~creative gift for 💖 HYUN JOONG 💖

Credit:  @LuckyGuy的Henecia_Sasa via Deanna Dsc

[fan account – 2015.05.10]
Hyun Joong’s aunt said HJ wants to be low-key when we send him off into the army.
Aunt said HJ was not in a relationship.
So we asked his aunt to convey to HJ to always take care of himself & that we will be waiting for him to come back 😊

[Update from organizing team on 5Jun event] Due to overwhelming response to the event, Seokchon Jaksal may not be able to accommodate the event anymore! For safety precautionary reason the event is suspended till organizing team sort out the appropriate logistics.

(On behalf of 星空)
cr: @Princessmich123
Will share new updates when info is available. To avoid confusion, I’ve deleted my earlier tweets on the event.

Tweet/Translation Credit:  @illublue  

Translation of second half of FA by  @谢谢你折磨我-柯柯柯.

Sorry was a little long so started halfway.

Having successfully entered the venue for the enlistment ceremony, I stood behind the last row of chairs and started to look for him.
The new recruits were sitting, or standing around, listening to the basic instructions for new recruits.
Since he had arrived more than an hours earlier, I thought he’d already be seated.
As I looked around for him, there was a flurry of activity outside.
A group of reporters entered together with him from the side door.
I guess the heavens were looking down on me.
He walked straight to the last row and sat down. A crowd of bodyguards and friends sat on either side of him, or just stood around him.
Refusing to let people shoot, shielding him from the gaze of the cameras.
He sat in front of me, separated by 2 others.
People swarmed forward, hoping to take pictures, but were stopped by the staff.
I stood behind him to one side, and looked quietly upon him.
He wore a cap, with the front tilted low.
A little wan and sallow, I suddenly observed the hair at his temples, unexpectedly showing signs of whitening.
At that moment, my eyes heated; it seemed he had aged so much in just a flash.
Having gone through the instructions for the new recruits, they were required to congregate up front, to begin the ceremony.
He stood up, laughingly saying good bye to his friends, shaking hands, hugging.
Then quickly walking to the front, again shaking hands and hugging friends.
He stood approximately at the second row, close to the stage.
Family members were only permitted to stand at the right side and back, at this point I could no longer see him, despite trying my best.
How I wished at that moment that I were a 190cm giant. Then I’d be able to see him regardless of where I was.
They went through some simple oral exercises, the vow, speech.
Then it was time for the formal farewell to the parents.
It seemed normal practice for the recruits to go row by row up the stage and bow to the parents down below, before exiting toward the back of the stage to the training venue, followed by the training obligations in earnest.
Perhaps it was because his parents were not below the stage, also a private entry.
After the first row had gone up and made their bows, I saw him walk quickly up the stage, but didn’t perform this ritual. Instead, he walked straight towards the exit.
I mustered all my energy and shouted towards his retreating back, “Kim Hyun Joong fighting!” His friends also called out.
I don’t know if he heard me, but it was thus he entered the training camp.
I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer and cried, maybe it was because it had all gone by so quickly, or because I hadn’t had a good look at him.
I can only hope for his well being, fighting.

I was very fortunate to have been a witness to this moment of his enlistment.
Hoping that the chaos outside will come to an end quickly.
A not too distant afterwards
For us to start anew with him.

Something he once quoted, which I have always remembered.
What the eye sees is not always the truth; we need to look diligently.
What I have seen is not the whole, I have no way of seeing the whole, so I will not judge lightly.
I believe in him, in them, always.
I hope everyone will be able to do likewise, to believe in the happiness and yearnings of our youth

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For the curious :p

More videos HERE


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