Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Tweet Updates] KHJ’s Parents Interview on Various Magazines – 2015.05.25 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

I am praying that this ordeal will be over soon.  I PRAY for the KIM family to have peace of mind .  THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE and it’s just about time to reveal the truth.   They had been suffering long enough, emotionally and mentally.  

As for KHJ, you are not alone …………. we will always be here for you no matter what….  HENECIA believe in you ……… 

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  • Seems Hyun Joong parents were interviewed in various magazines ….
  • Hj’s parents had interviews with various magazine.reporters on the next day of enlistment day.Lets see what they are going to reveal..
  • Mag. released on 21 and 22 May…omg they’ve been already out!!

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  • 잡지가 나오나 보네… 여성동아 6월호 [김현중 부모가 처음 밝히는 ‘그녀의 의혹들’] 읽어 보고 싶다..

  • Styler 주부생활 6월호 SCOOP [16억 손배소 김현중 군대 보낸 다음 날 부모 직접 만났다] 곁에서 지켜보신 부모님 말씀이라서 꼭 읽어 보고 싶네… 언제 나올려나…

  • Queen 6월호 “김현중 아버지 퀸과 직접 인터뷰”

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  • Ms Choi’s parents annoyed and said “our daughter never been pregnant last yr.This is 1st time.why are you making up the story?
  • When both parents met, Ms Choi’s mom called and asked about that but she said ” I swear I’ve never been pregnant before”
  • Text messages she revealed were all edited and made up the story..Hyun Joong had really hard time because of this – from the father interview
  • Hyun Joong originally planned free 10th anniversary concert for fans who supported him for 10 yrs in April and enter the army..- mag interview
  • Her parents are out of contact after they’ve met..

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  • 주부생활 김현중 부모님 인터뷰 내용 중…

HJ said not to worry about him and he will solve this problem peacefully and truth will reveal later but dad told he cant accept this situation.  I don’t care if you can’t continue to live as celebrities but you need to recover your damaged reputation

  •  김현중 측 이재만 변호사 유산폭행 사건에 대해 당시 임신여부를 확인할 수 없다고 주장하는 근거는?
She submitted two weeks medical record assulted by kim with x-ray dated 31 May. How is it possible pregnant women exposed x-ray?
She submitted two weeks medical record assaulted by kim with x-ray dated 31 May.  How is it possible pegnant women exposed x-ray?
  • His mom: HJ  stays 24 hrs at home with no lights..  one candle.. because some people told not to go outside.. Ms Choi might be waiting for him..
  • So she had to bring lawyer to his house (because he was so much depressed) after lawyer saw his status he told don’t leave him alone..
  • But after he had consult with lawyer he became somewhat stable and drew strength.

More Translations:

  • When both parents met, Ms A’s parents didn’t know she miscarriage before so later his dad asked HJ what happened?  Hj said with tears that she blackmailed HJ, that she will sue him for attacking pregnant woman so he gave money although its not true.
  • 벼랑끝에 홀로서서 세상과 싸우는기분이라고 HJ’s mom said their family feels like standing alone on the edge of precipice against the world..
  • From the parents interview, they heard that HJ hv never been “beat” or “attack” anyone although there was some “push” during the argument..

Tweet Credit:Translation Credit: Marta Plaza

김현중 이번 임신 건…3월 12일 이후 일주일 뒤에 받은 초음파 사진이 시간이 안 맞아!!!! 대박!!!!!!! 여자 이거 뭐야?

According to HJ’s parents there’s no name on the sonograms & the time doesn’t match.Also sent the wrong time on ultrasound photos!

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Credit:  cozy via  

English Translation via Deanna Dsc

주부생활 Scoop 6월호 – 16 억 손배소 김현중 군대 보낸 다음날 부모 직접 만났다

Housewives Scoop 6 월호 life – Kim Hyun Joong 1.6 billion case
army met the next day sent directly to parents

여성동아 6월호 – 김현중 부모가 처음 밝히는 ‘그녀의 의혹들

Dong women in June – for the first time Kim Hyun Joong’s parents says, her doubts

QUEEN 6월호 – 폭행과 임신 공방 속 말없이 입대한 김현중 아버지 퀸과 직접 인터뷰

QUEEN 6 월호 – assault and pregnancy, Kim Hyun Joong was quietly joined his father in the workshop & direct interviews


  • I am so upset and angry! Glad HJ’s parents did these interviews to tell the real story. This woman brings out the worse in us. For HJ’s dad to say that he doesn’t care if HJ will no longer be a star but it was important for him to salvage his reputation. I totally agree with you, Mr Kim. We wanted him to say something. But you and I know that your son is too kind most times…. too naive for his own good. He wants to fix things himself… and quietly. And I’m sure he thought he could fix the problem. But he’s dealing with the worst kind.. He needed someone like you to help him and we, his fans, are relieved that you have stepped in. May God bless you and Mrs. Kim and help you throughout this ordeal. Know that we will always support your son. We all love him.


  • Hyun Joong ah..  stay strong ok? Henecia will never leave you…we are behind you and will always support you..

  • ~Keeping all your scars, pain & heartaches to yourself…all this time…
    ~~makes us feel how you’ve suffered silently for the last 9 months…
    Our belief & loyalty for you, has never wavered…Hyun Joong heart emoticon
    But more than that…it makes us even PROUDER to be your fans..
    We are here for you…until the end!
    Ms. D

  • We’ll be here, standing by your side, loving you. We took your hand and we’ll NEVER leave. Cause you’re our ONLY ONE.
  • 😘😘😘Hyun Joong.. tonight my heart hurts..
    I just want to HUG you closely tonight, Hyun Joong 💚
    And gently say to you: “Everything will be alright,”
    We believe you, support and love you 💞💞💞


  • [D628] Pls don’t ever suffer in silence on your own againHJ Your family & fans are here for you always Cr photo owner

9 responses

  1. fanJoong

    So a good man.
    All of his fans can feel the deep pain.
    Cannot keep my tears.
    My poor boy.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 11:53 am

  2. emmy

    It’s such heartbreaking to know how he had suffered. Trying to bear everything being the good person that he is. Maybe because he believes that somehow ms. Choi will stop. That the ordeal will end. But, ms. Choi is unstoppable. Analyzing everything, i can’t understand her desire to ruin khj. Why, ms. Choi? Why? Is the money worth it to destroy someone who has lived his life with dignity? Who never hurt anyone? Imagining khj living with only one candle & so terrified. That is heartwrenching. 😥How could she do that?
    As a fan, i wish i could fast track the time & make this all end. But the fight is yet to start. & though we may not know each other personally, i know that every moment of our life, in our hearts we are always united for khj. Let’s put up a good fight for our dear khj! May we be his good ambassadors of truth. Defending not just his name but the person that he is. ☺

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 10:07 am

  3. Before this i used the translate to read the cozy magazine..all so jumbled up.nThank you for translating properly. So sad to hear what he had gone thru.. to even be afraid of this bitch. Should have told his parents earlier. I cried reading this. No wonder he has white hair now and looked sick. He was so depressed going thru hell. To think how your career go down like that n it is not true. His heart much be in much agony to read all the bashing by netizens. Also he is so professional to be able to sing during all these ordeal. I wish I can get hold of the Gemini DVD.

    PLEASE can someone post all these in Alkpop, Koreaboo , Seoulbeat etc…. Let the antis feel guilty n apologize for bashing him without proof. There are many die hard antis there. Keep bashing even within evidences released

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 9:37 am

  4. C-Elle

    This whole thing just breaks my heart. The Kim family is so undeserving of having to endure this mess, having to say these personal and private things in a public forum in defense of their beloved son who is so kind and good. I hope that Hyun Joong knows in his heart just how much people do love him, not as an idol, but as a human being. I hope that he will be able to trust again and find happiness. I hate the thought of him being distraught and worried. His heart is tender and he is so kind. Will love him always and support him till my dying day.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 6:36 am

  5. The interesting part is that this story is playing out exactly as his fans have known all along. His fans are smart and intuitive. We could never be fooled. Even Hyun Joong had learned that now as he stated in his farewell letter that the fans even predicted the parts he could not know himself. Also, the love of the fans ran far more deep and true being based on who he was and his value as a human being not just a good looking idol star. Even non fans have noticed this as a commenter on allKpop pointed out that our comments were full of love and encouragement not talking about his good looks at all. I believe this will all come out to show the world his innocence and just how greatly and truly he is loved. All the conspiring will be brought out. Someone with power and money wanted to ruin him. They will now be caught and pay the consequences.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 3:44 am

  6. Ann

    My heart is aching for him and his family. Let us continue to pray for them as they go through this ordeal. As fans, we are already greatly affected with this, more so with KHJ and his family. Im happy that the Henecia family is there to be a pillar of strength for the Kim family in this difficult time.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 2:28 am

  7. Seta Sarkissian

    Reading the interviews today and HJ’s parents revealing his state of mind these past 9 months and especially in the aftermath of this latest accusation, everything makes sense now…when he appeared during Gemini, the look in his eyes…the pain…the loneliness…the grief…his body language said it all…the hunger and thirst for affection from his fans…it was all there…his breakdown that last day during his last concert…those tears…like a deluge though he was trying to control it so bravely…we understand it all better now…I hope our words during those times through our projects of support acted like panacea for his wounds…let’s continue the healing process…let’s continue what we started…

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 2:25 am



    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 2:06 am

  9. HJ is blessed with goodly parents who help him, support him and stand by his side. I am especially touched when his mother went to his home with the lawyer to make him face it, and his father’s words that doesn’t care whether he can still be a celebrity but he has to clear his own name. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Kim, and be strong HJ, your parents will help you to fight this!

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 1:36 am

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