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[News] Netizens side with Kim Hyun Joong in latest update in his legal dispute – 2015.05.26 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ Unbreakable Henecia

Netizens side with Kim Hyun Joong in latest update in his legal dispute

Posted on May 26, 2015

According to the legal officials on the 26th of May, the legal representatives of Kim Hyunjoong have requested the court to send out request of corroboration on the pregnancy and miscarriage that Choi has claimed she suffered from to the 5 gynecology clinics Choi has previously listed.

Choi is currently stating that she is currently pregnant with Kim Hyun Joong’s child and that she has also had a miscarriage last June as the result of Kim Hyun Joong physically assaulting her. Since as of this moment there is no solid proof of Choi having a miscarriage or having been impregnated previously, medical records should be the turning point of this case.

In a phone call with Korean media OSEN, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer stated, “Choi is currently of the position that her pregnancy last year ended with a miscarriage due to Kim Hyun Joong physically assaulting her. She could very easily hand in medical records which would corroborate her story but has failed to do so up to this point. A is saying she will hand the records into court but in case she fails to do so we have requested records from the 5 hospitals that she listed as the clinics she received treatment from.”

Kim’s lawyer also spoke about the possibility of settling the case saying, “If she returns the 600,000,000 Won she received from us for damages and comes forth with the truth in order to recover Kim Hyun Joong’s reputation a settlement is definitely possible. However at this point such a thing seems unlikely.”

[+ 13, – 0] The girl lies about taking back her case on Kim Hyun Joong as if she did a favor but actually took 600,000,000 Won. 2. Went to Jeju with Kim Hyun Joong 4 days after she claimed she was assaulted. No sign of bruising that she claimed to have a week ago. 3. Media plays herself to be a pregnant woman who knows only love that does not wish to lay any responsibilities on the father. While in the dark she requests 1,600,000,000 Won in mental damages. 4. March 12th she meets up saying she will confirm the pregnancy but refuses ultra sound, a photo of an ultrasound comes a week later 37 minutes after she claims to have entered the ultra sound room. What is she hiding?

[+ 11, – 0] If she can return the money and return Kim Hyun Joong’s image to the clean image it was at before settlement would be possible. But is is possible to return his image back to before 2014 August. He restrained himself and controlled himself so well for 10 years. Could she return it to the way it was? ㅠㅠ

[+ 6, – 0] I guess there is still hope for forgiveness if Choi realizes her fault and speaks the truth. I wonder if she will be able to take this last opportunity when she’s come so far..

Source: OSEN, Star Today


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