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[Pexers Write-Ups] Public Opinion,Mass Media and Celebrities – Part 1 #‎neverleaverKHJ‬ ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

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Part 1

Such a heavy topic worthy of a 3 units college course. Or a textbook. With celebrated cases as a book it is a sure best seller (sounds like one being peddled online by Google and Amazon).

But I’ll try to make it simple and direct. There is a love -hate relationship between and among them. Certainly, they feed on each other.

Celebrities need mass media for obvious reasons.They or their handlers and talent agencies seek the attention from mass media specially at the time of their launching. Their public persona or images need exposure and publicity. Medias’ favours are courted early on. The celebrity wannabe needs to be in the right time and place where mass media crowd will also be present. But when the celebrities become rich and famous aka high profile mass media can turn into something obnoxious.

As the celebrity crave for their privacy, the more they become hot meal ticket for every reporter, paparazzi, media outlet.Can you imagine what happens when a scandal erupts, real, imagined or invented?

Mass media also called Fifth Estate refers to blogs,websites,media outlets needs content or materials to work on, personalities, timely issues, even the usual classic topics such as environment, science, health care, education, science, cooking, etc. What infuses blood on anaemic mass media stronger than pure caffeine is when they can smell something burning…if it is appropriate to call them vampiric feeding on the blood of their victims or personalities that needed to be castigated in public anyway. But most of the times their news / articles are meant to survive in the jungle of infotainment. They can be mouthpieces,too of special interest groups.

Entertainment mass media is not all that bad. As mentioned above they provide infotainment for the general public and those entertainment starved ones. Gossips and scandals can be its most salacious menu. Thus, it can be biased, opinionated, sensationalised and can perpetuate lies which are against ethics of reporting. Many times suspected to be in the payroll of entertainment agencies. Or exist independently as tabloid as it has its own reading public. Or some engaged in it for their own pleasure or to share with like minded individuals.

On the other hand, the public or a portion of it may have its opinion shaped by media to a certain extent or they can assert their right to overturn the deluge of misreporting. We have heard of the “court of public opinion” where a personality or a group of them are “tried and lynched”. Just the same, there is a saying the ” tide of public opinion has turned” meaning it also changes.

Part 2 to be continued -KHJ case


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