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Updating [Video + Eng Transcription] Midnite TV – 2015.05.28 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ Unbreakable Henecia

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  • [ENG-VIDEO] Midnite TV:   KHJ side required medical record 15.05.27 한밤-김현중측, 전여친 산부인과 기록 요청!(김현중 법률대리인 인터뷰)

  • Rank 0 news means news of dthe highest interests. It’s even higher than Rank 1.
  • ‘한밤’ 김현중 측 “법원에 前여친 임신·유산 사실조회 신청” 진실 밝혀지나? | 다음 연예 “…그 당시에 정말 임신한 사실이 있는지 유산에 대한 치료 내역이 있는지 여부를 사실조회 신청한거다”라고 설명했다

‘Midnite’ KHJ side “requested the court to serve statement of fact to clinics regarding former GF’s pregnancy/miscarriage”

  • 데일리중앙 모바일 사이트, 김현중 전여친… 임신 및 유산 여부 확인 진실은 과연? “총 5개 병원 중 어떤 병원에서 유산 진단을 받았고, 어떤 병원에서 임신 확진을 받았는지는 확인하지 못했다”고 전했다

KHJ in process of confirming former GF’s pregnancy and miscarriage…What’s truth? Waiting for response from 5 clinics inquired.

  • 김현중 전 여친과 진실공방, “산부인과 진단 기록 확인할 것” |다음연예 리스트를 전달받아 임신 및 유산 진단기록을 확인..유산으로 병원에서 치료받은적이 없다는것이 밝혀지면 공갈죄등 혐의로 법적대응를 준비할계획

KHJ-Former GF: true vs false: will confirm OB&G medical records” If false, KHJ side intends to take legal action.

  • 김현중 측 “전 여친 산부인과 기록 요청.. 임신-유산 여부가 쟁점” | 다음 연예 김현중의 법률대리인은 “이 소송의 핵심은 지난 해의 임신과 유산 여부가 진실인지 허위인지가 주요 쟁점이다”라고 말했다

KHJ side requests OB&G medical records:”the focal point of the case is whether pregnancy/miscarriage last year is fact or fabrication”

Credit:  @韩娱Doublek via Unbreakable Henecia

【Kim Hyun Joong launched legal counterattack against former girlfriend】
The Seoul Central District Court on the 25th Civil section 22 to the National Health Insurance group and 5 gynecological hospitals were served a “fact-finding request” Kim Hyun Joong side, said: “We have the right to know their pregnancy and abortion records .5 hospitals in which hospital she was diagnosed as miscarriage,
in which hospital was diagnosed with pregnancy is still unknown, we are waiting for the findings.”

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  • Translated from Chinese translation posted by 弥凌伊 at weibo. From interview with HJ’s parents

“Our son wished to enlist quietly, so we didn’t even go to the enlistment centre. After the ceremony, there was a rite where the recruits bow to their parents, but we didn’t go. While the other new recruits were performing this ritual to their parents, Hyun Joong seemed to have just stood there dumbly before going into the training centre. His friends told us,’dad, mum, you might as well have gone too.’After which we cried.” So said his heartbroken mother as she wiped her tears away…

女性東亜6月号:儿子希望安静入伍,所以我们连入伍现场也没有去。“入伍结束后,有一个环节是对父母鞠躬,可是我们没有去,其他的新兵在对父母进行这个仪 式时,贤重好像就呆呆的站着就进军营了。”贤重的朋友说“爸爸妈妈你们也去就好了。”之后我们就哭了。用手帕擦拭着泪水的妈妈心痛的说出了口


In case you’re curious about KHJ’s lawyer …… Here’s a video posted on 2014

Upload Credit: 세바시


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